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Refusals withdrawn prior to full AIT hearing say advisers 

Leading appeal specialists, Bison UK, have reported a sharp rise in the number of entry clearance refusals, involving student visas and family cases, overturned by Entry Clearance Managers (ECM’s) at the British Embassy in Manila. 

Previously, Bison UK had to take most appeals all the way to hearing stage at the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal (AIT), where over 95% of their cases were successful. 

But in the last month, a number of clients in the Philippines have been contacted by the British Embassy to come and get their visas. 

Managers at the company are not sure why the Embassy seems to have had a change of heart, but are none the less delighted to see the notification from the AIT that the “respondent has withdrawn”.  

Most of the refusal grounds for student visas, which have since become obsolete under Tier 4 of the Points Based System, are based on “intention” to return home or study.  

Entry Clearance Officers (ECO’s) should no longer refuse on subjective grounds such as: “on the balance of probabilities you are unlikely to return home at the end of your studies” or “your real intention is to work in the UK rather than study”. 

Visa applicants still have the right of appeal on refusals based on previous Rules, however, refusals under Tier 4 applications (made after 31 March 2009) will be dealt with by an in-house ‘Administrative Review’ system.

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216 Responses to “Visa refusals overturned by British Embassy”
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  1. b.rajesh472@gmail.com'
    b.rajesh472@gmail.com'Rajesh says :

    In my passport my father Name is printed as “Venkatramana”,
    In my degree certificate it printed as “Venkataramana”,one “a” is extra in my certificate,will it be problem for me to get UK VISA.
    please help me

  2. shettyrashmi_1@rediffmail.com'

    hi, this is regarding my 10 months old daughter’s UK settlement visa. my husband is a british citizen and i have Indefinte Leave to remain. we applied for her visa in india in first week of january, and in second week of march it got refused with right to appeal. as appeal takes quite long time, the solicitor suggested reapplying the same from UK. Can u tell me how much does reapplying takes??? will it be considered as completely new application or will they also refer the old application for things that were alright??? will it take same 60-90 days time slot again??? please help

  3. euukimmigration@gmail.com'

    Spouse/Fiance visa. Remember the new UKBA minimum income rules £18,600.

  4. faja_2724@hotmail.com'
    faja_2724@hotmail.com'soraya says :

    hi, I m thinking to apply for a spouse visa to go to UK live with my boyfriend. I was intending to go for a general visitor visa but I heard it s the most hadrest to get. I am an impatient person & hate long procedures when it comes to legal papers. I think that spouse visa is the best for us, because Im a moroccan girl, Im born as a muslim but Im a non religious, I dont like the idea to have a religious marriage & especially force my boyfriend to convert to islam which Im not believig in. I would like to know your advices to me.

  5. shresthasarita@yahoo.com'
    shresthasarita@yahoo.com'Sarita Shrestha says :

    *she got a refusal letter couple days ago.

  6. shresthasarita@yahoo.com'
    shresthasarita@yahoo.com'Sarita Shrestha says :

    My sister applied for student visa on mid December 2012 and she got a refusal letter couple weeks ago.All the information(date of birth,nationality,reference number,program of study) included in the refusal letter is wrong.The reasons provided by the entry clearance officer for the visa refusal doesn’t match my sister’s information at all.She went to British Embassy in Nepal to show the error made on the refusal based on somebody else’s information but nobody is willing to help.Even the vfs who charges so much for the application doesn’t want to help.Who does she go and ask for help.If an applicant forgets to sign an application,it is returned to them.What does the applicant do when the Entry clearance officer makes wrong decision based on someone else’s information.She is gone in depression cause of the mistake made by British High Commission, India.She has already paid for her one year of tuition fee.How can they do such a big mix-up?Please provide suggestion on who she should seek help from?Thank you!

  7. shresthasarita@yahoo.com'
    shresthasarita@yahoo.com'Sarita Shrestha says :


  8. haiabdul@hotmail.co.uk'

    hi. I sponsored my sister and her two children, their visa application was refused. I challenged the decision and in the hearing Home Office representative withdrawn the appeal and I was told that British High Commission will take decission again but its almost three months now did not recieved any decission. I emailed embassy about 6 weeks ago in reply they said we are doing some checks and after that we will response you but did not hear anyting after that. could you please advise me what should I do.

  9. Prakash.patel0502@gmail.com'
    Prakash.patel0502@gmail.com'Prakash Patel says :

    I had sponsored a few people from India for a family visit including a 64 year old Aunt-in-Law and they were all refused visas and I appealed. The British High Commission (BHC) had a change of mind and my Aunt-in-law was then granted the visa just as mentioned by Bison UK “come and get the visa”.
    The second set of people was a mother and child we sponsored and went to appeal and I won the appeal and was refunded my appeal cost and they had to get the visa from BHC in India.
    However, they were also given a letter to report personally back to the BHC upon their return to India. I was furious when I saw that letter and raised the issue of compensation with BHC and that there should be an easier way of monitoring this. On receipt of my enquiry, they have now back tracked and said that my sponsors do not need personally go back to BHC in Mumbai but, can email a copy of the passport imigration stamp as proof of their return.
    I strongly believe BHC should be giving this option in their original letter as, this is the best and viable option for the majority of visitors.

  10. mikkioko@yahoo.co.uk'

    am making enquiring with college in uk tuition fee of 2000 pound per a year, and you will be ask to pay 1000 Pound for the issue of cas letter to take to the Embassy for visa.
    Will the embassy asset that payment to grant visa, because i have got a college which i want to apply to and the tuition fee is 2000 pound and asking me to make a payment of 1000 pound for cas letter.

  11. euukimmigration@gmail.com'

    In family visa cases a previous deprotation or ban should not matter. For advice call appeal specialist Bison Immigration Advisers on 0208 905 1822.

  12. muhammadayaz87@hotmail.com'

    i applied for spouse visa in 2011 but my application refused after two months because i was depot from uk but this time im not applied vist visa if i applied agian for spouse visa with article 8 that should be ok or not

  13. euukimmigration@gmail.com'

    There is no right of appeal against a Tier 4 student visa refusal. You can ask for a administrative review.

  14. m_aryan21@yahoo.com'
    m_aryan21@yahoo.com'Mir.... says :

    I am from Afghanistan and I apply for Tier UK Visa but after the interview they Refuse my Visa, I gain 40 points but they are Claiming that you are not a genuine student and now I want to have appeal against them.
    If I appeal how long it will take until the result??????
    Pls help me….

  15. vkmutte@gmail.com'
    vkmutte@gmail.com'Vijay Kumar says :

    Hi, i have applied for my tier 2 ICT visa on fast track process on 30th october 2012 from Bangalore.its almost 13 working days finished till now ,but i did not receive my passports yet!!!!when i mailed to chennai visa enquiry regarding this for the first time, they replied that they my passports are sent to entry clearance officer,then after 2 days i mailed to them again ,after this i dint receive any mails from them. The only concern is that my company has choosen 22 members to this project to send to UK along with me.all have applied visas along with me,everybody has got the visas and have reached UK, but i am the only one left.i just want to know the reason regarding my delay of the passports.i will be very thankful u if anyone could really help me regarding this.

    Thanks in advance,
    Vijay Kumar.

  16. tangeladonaldson@gmail.com'

    Nice post. I was checking constantly this blog and I’m impressed! Very helpful info specifically the last part 🙂 I care for such information much. I was looking for this particular information for a very long time. Thank you and good luck.

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