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By Cynthia Barker

During a recent spate of UK Colleges closing down or going bust, I have been flooded with calls from anxious international students left high and dry after the collapse of their educational providers.

First there was Affinity, where hundreds of Filipino student visa holders were marooned when the high profile NVQ college went bust in July. Some had paid thousands to Affinity just weeks before the company went into administration.

Since then a number of smaller colleges have either gone under or been closed down by the Home Office.

This week I met five students, all from Mindanao, who had been studying at London School of Management but the college was apparently raided by Home Office officials after a series of complaints that they were not providing adequate educational services.

The students from Mindanao were a bit distressed and had been searching for a college where they could be sure of a warm welcome and more importantly a stable environment in which to continue their studies.

Students on student visa who find themselves stranded without a place to study must enrol in a bona fide DUIS approved educational provider as soon as possible. Failure to do so could result in the cancellation of their student visa.

Due to the urgency of their case and this was at 6pm on a Friday night, I was able to convince Joanna Garlitos, College Administrator for Majestic College, to arrange for them to be assessed and enrolled straight away. The Home Office has since been informed of the change of their circumstances. At Majestic College, a DIUS approved college in Borehamwood, part of a 10 year old group, I was confident that they would be safe.

Joanna said: “The students were happy and relieved to have received their admission letters and ID’s and they are all looking forward to starting classes on Monday. We have to ensure that they are attending lectures straight away to avoid any further delay with their study”.

Under current rules students are allowed to switch courses and those taking sandwich courses, such as NVQ’s can work as part of their studies to gain practical knowledge.

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11 Responses to “Filipino students rescued as colleges feel the crunch”
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  1. Saddique_smarty1975@yahoo.com'
    Saddique_smarty1975@yahoo.com'Muhammad Saddique says :

    Dear Ahmad what was the out come of your visa application after an allowed appeal do reply as i want to change the course and college do reply as it is very urgent

  2. Saddique_smarty1975@yahoo.com'
    Saddique_smarty1975@yahoo.com'Muhammad Saddique says :

    Dear sir i applied for uk student visa in feb 2009 on higher national diploma (HND) in business managment course but i was refused,then i appeal against the decision in AIT the decision was in my favour,now sir i have received my embassy call in letter to apply for visa,now my question to you is that can i change my course or not or i will have to get admission in hnd in business managment course only and then apply for visa do reply sir as it has become a great confusion for me and lastly can i also change my college or not do reply as every one his giving different opinions from Muhammad Saddique Pakistan
    If anyone from all of you can help me in regard i will be thankful to you all.

  3. callayyaz@hotmail.com'

    Hi.my student visa appeal has been allowed in August09 and got my call in letter last week in which they asked for fresh acceptance letter.
    i already changed my college before my hearing date and my solicitor in U.K mentioned this to AIT judge because my old college was not listed under TIER4.
    But my new collge is not conducting that particular course from Jan09 but willing to transfer me in to same type of course which is for business studies.
    please advise should i change college or course before submitting my passport?
    waiting for your reply.

  4. johny_quest6@yahoo.com'

    Hi,i’ve got the UK student visa last month after following an allowed appeal but my visa doesn’t mension any license number and Tier 4 however i took admission in a liecense college so now i want to change my college,can i change my college without taking permission from UKBA,bcoz i got old visa so that means the old visa rules still applies on me, actually i want to take admission in NVQ (health & social care),could u plz tell me can i change my college without UKBA permission???im waiting for your reply.

  5. euukimmigration@gmail.com'

    Ask the school to show you their registration on the Tier 4 Sponsors Register. They will need to be registered soon in order to recruit overseas students and for existing students to be able to renew their visas.
    See: Make sure your college is on the Tier 4 Sponsors Register before renewing your visa

  6. arlynn_22@yahoo.com'
    arlynn_22@yahoo.com'arlynn says :

    hi,im on a student visa and my visa would expire next year.im a little worried coz i learned from my friend wid desame skul that our skul is not registered.i checked it on the internet and its not there but when i call them they insist that they are registered.can you help me renew my visa and maybe to enroll in a new registered skul?im taking up nvq 2 and 3.thank you,hope to hear from you soon.

  7. meck_082003@yahoo.com'
    meck_082003@yahoo.com'kathlene says :

    hi mr charles,

    I am processing on my student visa right now and have already received my visa letter. with this, i would like to ask how many hours of work will a student allowed. thank you

  8. euukimmigration@gmail.com'

    You are allowed to change courses and providers, but take advice as your previous study record will affect your application to renew a visa.

  9. johny_quest6@yahoo.com'

    Hi,im on student visa (tier 4) in UK and my visa will be expire after 1 year and 8 months and currently im studying a certificate course in Business Management but i want to switch my Course and i also want to change my education provider,im interested in NVQ’s health & social care at Majestic College,could u tell me plz can i change my course and education provider,is it possible? im waiting for your reply.

  10. euukimmigration@gmail.com'

    You cannot switch in country from a tourist visa, but could go home and apply to come back as a student under Tier 4.

  11. prettygem6@yahoo.com'
    prettygem6@yahoo.com'gem torre says :

    if ever i have a tourist visa.is their any obstacle change my status,to student visa NVQ COURSE.

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