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The UK Border Agency is pushing ahead with further Immigration Rule changes coming into effect on 4 July 2011, which will have serious consequences for Tier 4 students studying at private colleges.

From 4 July the UK Border Agency will:

  • restrict work entitlements to migrants studying at higher educational institutions (HEIs) and publicly funded further education colleges only;
  • restrict the sponsorship of dependants to those studying at postgraduate level at HEIs on courses lasting at least 12 months, and government-sponsored students on courses lasting at least 6 months;
  • require education providers to vouch that a new course represents genuine academic progression;
  • ensure that maintenance funds are genuinely available to the applicant, by introducing a declaration on the visa application form;
  • commit to publish a list of financial institutions that we consider, on the basis of experience, do not verify financial statements to our satisfaction in more than 50 per cent of a sample of cases;
  • introduce a streamlined application process for low-risk nationals applying to attend courses with Highly Trusted Sponsors;
  • extend the list of courses for which students must receive ATAS clearance;
  • restrict the ability to deliver accountancy courses accredited by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) to those sponsors accorded platinum or gold status by ACCA; and
  • clarify the position of overseas universities with campuses in the UK.

How does this affect you?

This means that if you renew your visa for a private college or change college after 4 July 2011, you will not be able to work and you will not be able to sponsor your dependant. 

A revised version of policy guidance document for Tier 4 migrants, and a statement of intent summarising the new student visa policy, can also be downloaded from UKBA website. 

How does this affect current students in the UK who have valid student visas?  

No need to panic.  If you already have valid leave or visa, you will not be affected by the new rules. However, if you transfer college from 4th July, you will follow the new rules. 

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  1. viji001@hotmail.com'

    I have finished bachelor degree in uk, now I’m in psw. I’m planing to study acca fully 14 papers.
    I’m in nqf level 6. If I switch to acca will they give visa for that?
    Acca is what nqf level from the start ?

  2. hzimal@yahoo.com'

    im a current student in uk and i have applied to my visa end of march 2011 and recieved it buy may 2012.i want to know i can bring my wife as a dependent to uk.pleas give me an answer for this thanx

  3. Bhavin_112@hotmail.com'
    Bhavin_112@hotmail.com'Bhavin says :

    Hi I’ve been here from sep 2008
    Will be finishing my ba hons applied accounting this June.
    Which gives me exemption for the functional papers of acca
    Also I was planning to do acca for the remaining professional paper.
    But I heard that its hard to get a visa since I’ve been here for 5 years as my visa expires this August.
    Is it a rumour or a fact. Will appreciate your answer

  4. euukimmigration@gmail.com'

    You can still try. It is up to the university to decide if you qualify.

  5. selkartamang1@hotmail.com'
    selkartamang1@hotmail.com'selkar tamang says :

    I would like to apply for the student visa but my study is about 2 years gap and I wanna join degree sir what i do sir apply or not sir

  6. hazi99@rediffmail.com'

    hi,I m already in uk and I m gonna do ACCA from a university. So m I able to bring my wife(fiance)or not.please reply ASAP.

  7. sadiajunaid2011@hotmail.com'

    Hi i want to know if i am getting admission in Acca course in bpp university is work will b allowed to me and my husband (dependent)or not. I hv been complete my postgraduate level 7 pgd course from Manchester college and now wang to get admission in bpp. plz reply me quickly. thankz

  8. hunjra1991@hotmail.com'
    hunjra1991@hotmail.com'Ahmed Ali says :

    I am waiting for my tier 4 for visa application answer. I want to ask you that can i work during this period my old visa is finished already. I have taken admis in highly trusted college. I am also taking classes. I was working 10 hours on my old visa can i work same hours.


    hello sir,iam student of ACCA but my college finished the course and not infrom me because i was pregnant.they are saying that u are illegal after 24 oct 2012 but i have a valid visa till 5th may2014.sir can i change a college or not.secondly can i apply bussiness visa

  10. blink182_rockstheworld@yahoo.com'
    blink182_rockstheworld@yahoo.com'prashant gautam says :

    i m student at tier 4 visa.i am a bachelor level student at university of west london.at the time of applying my visa i had showed i m married.my course last for 3 years.can i call my wife over here in uk as my dependent?

  11. olaniyi_olayemi@yahoo.com'

    I Have just completed my Masters programme in Finance and Investment Mgt in the UK and I will like to do ACCA program and extend my tier4 visa and my spouse’s dependant visa. Will I be given right to work for 20hrs and wii my dependant be able to work?

  12. vikasdoshi_901@yahoo.com'
    vikasdoshi_901@yahoo.com'vikas doshi says :

    I finished my mba with university of wells.
    After that i did post study work permit. It will be finsh soon.
    But now i want to do a ACCA from highly trusted collage.
    So i want to know that my spouse can get dependent vissa on that base?

  13. e_ali2755@yahoo.com'
    e_ali2755@yahoo.com'Khaza Jakir Hossain says :

    Dear Sir,

    I was refused 2006 – 320 (21) Case as student visa.

    Now i want to apply as a dependent visa with my wife.

    we both are now in Bangladesh. My wife will apply in NQF level 7 course. So can i apply with her as a spouse.

    Thank you

  14. jit_param@hotmail.com'
    jit_param@hotmail.com'Paramjit Singh says :

    I had applied my study visa tier 4 general in june 2012 .But they had refused my visa because my study document had not verified and i had received my refusal letter on on last date of june. After that I had applied for appeal in july and they have given me visa in july 2012. But they have mention on my visa work is prohibited.Can i appeal some where else.

  15. ibizugbeikponmwen@yahoo.com'
    ibizugbeikponmwen@yahoo.com'ikponmwen ibizugbe says :

    Good day Sir,
    I am a student of salford university in uk, i am on tier4 student visa which is run out very soon, but i have a re-site exam to write and a graduation for the following year and my plan is to extend my visa to the next year. pls tell me what to do and the rule of extend a tier4 visa thank.

  16. pr_rosy143@yahoo.com'

    hello sir
    i am a student of health and social care and i have got general tier 4 student visa. i applied my visa on march 2011 and i am here since sep 2011. but as this course is new for me it is being very difficult to pass my assignment. so that i am thinking of changing my course in same private college where i am studying now. does this new rule affect my visa status or do i have to apply for new visa.

  17. euukimmigration@gmail.com'

    It depends on your visa and when it was issued. Suggest you talk to an immigration adviser

  18. ali.asgor.shohel@gmail.com'

    I’m Ali & I’m student of a university.study in Level 5 so can I bring my dependent in UK?abd can she get work permit.can you tell me please.

  19. yogeshramnah@yahoo.com'
    yogeshramnah@yahoo.com'yogesh says :

    Dear Sir,
    I am planning to complete my ACCA level 3 in London and i wish to know how much hours will I be allowed to work as a full time student.

  20. sonikrunal81@yahoo.com'

    can someone tell me that if i will take acca full time full course then how long will i get visa and can dependant work full time on this visa?


  21. kuljinder87@gmail.com'
    kuljinder87@gmail.com'kuljinder says :

    hi, I came as dependent in 2011 and now want to extend visa with my child and wife in ACCA Govt. college. Will I get work permission and how much money we have to show? My visa is expiring in august.

  22. saggi.brar@gmail.com'

    hi ,I came as a student in level 7(p.g diploma in strategic mgmt and leadership)at BIC college in Birmingham.But this college is blacklisted and they haven’t given any of document.I have no proof.how should I take admission again now.will dependent get work in ACCA in govt college.pls do reply m in great trouble.

  23. saggi.brar@gmail.com'

    hi ,I came as a student in level 7(p.g diploma in strategic mgmt and leadership)at BIC college in Birmingham.But this college is blacklisted and they havent given any of document.I have no proof.how should I take admission again now.will dependent get work in ACCA in govt college.pls do reply m in great trouble.

  24. awaishafeez@hotmail.com'

    hi, I m new student in level 6 course (BSc (Comp). my institute is highly trusted s. I didnt got work allow, some of my friend in my class got work allow… is there any possibility dat i can get work allow or appeal for that. I was in uk in march and applied for visa in feb. I have come to know that this no work allow law applies on students coming after april. Please guide me if there is any possibility.

  25. euukimmigration@gmail.com'

    Only if it is government owned

  26. imran.sandra@yahoo.com'
    imran.sandra@yahoo.com'Sandra imran says :

    Hi sir
    im studying in level 7 but my college is not highly trusted can i apply for dependent.

  27. reetz7@live.co.uk'

    dear sir / madam
    i have extended my visa in last april 2011 from A rated college in ACCA accounting, but i want to change my course with in same college . do i have to apply for new visa and what are the procedures to change my course of study.
    many thankyou

  28. Adaptingphono@yahoo.com'
    Adaptingphono@yahoo.com'Abdul Hameed says :

    I have Tier 4 general student visa with “work prohibited” status since oct 2011 and upto now I had enough money to support myself here in Uk, but unfortunately there in my home country my family had some critical financial crisis and I’ve send the remaining money to them, now I need to support myself in this situation and want to find some job, will they give me the work permission for my remaining stay as Iam in great need,
    plz reply me with some solution I’ll be very greatful

  29. mouritanath@ymail.com'
    mouritanath@ymail.com'Mourita says :

    I am studying in a highly trusted college. I got my visa but I don’t have work permission. After I got college declared now they are a part of university and they can give work permission. So can I change my working status? Can uI get work permission?

  30. jessica_kansakar@hotmail.com'
    jessica_kansakar@hotmail.com'Jesika Kansakar says :


    I am doing Msc. Accounting and Finance which would be complete by this September 2012 and I want to do ACCA course further. Hence, I would like to know if my dependent can stay and work here.

    I look forward hearing from you soon.


  31. shakil_ustc@yahoo.com'
    shakil_ustc@yahoo.com'shakil says :


  32. rawish@hotmail.co.uk'

    hi i have applied for tier 4 and because of administration error home office missed out one of the documents and visa was refused.But i had a right to appeal and my appeal was allowed and after 3 months i have received call letter i want to ask that i am finishing my course in this June in my college and would be going to the university for my last year.What can i do?will i have to reapply or should i inform home office that i have finished my course and last year will be doing from the university as i was doing foundation degree.Thanks

  33. rastutgt@yahoo.com'
    rastutgt@yahoo.com'Richard says :

    Thank you, But how best can i stop this sham marriage because its clearly for the purpose of extendiging leave to remain.

  34. eighteenspeedpete@gmail.com'
    eighteenspeedpete@gmail.com'USA Student says :

    Can I study abroad in the U.K for Spring and then Fall semesters in that order?
    I am unable to locate any information online to time restrictions between semesters with a Tier 4 Visa… because there will be roughly 4 to 5 months between semesters.
    I will have no problem submitting maintenance fees at any time, and will only work if I’m allowed to under the new scheme.

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