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The UK Border Agency is pushing ahead with further Immigration Rule changes coming into effect on 4 July 2011, which will have serious consequences for Tier 4 students studying at private colleges.

From 4 July the UK Border Agency will:

  • restrict work entitlements to migrants studying at higher educational institutions (HEIs) and publicly funded further education colleges only;
  • restrict the sponsorship of dependants to those studying at postgraduate level at HEIs on courses lasting at least 12 months, and government-sponsored students on courses lasting at least 6 months;
  • require education providers to vouch that a new course represents genuine academic progression;
  • ensure that maintenance funds are genuinely available to the applicant, by introducing a declaration on the visa application form;
  • commit to publish a list of financial institutions that we consider, on the basis of experience, do not verify financial statements to our satisfaction in more than 50 per cent of a sample of cases;
  • introduce a streamlined application process for low-risk nationals applying to attend courses with Highly Trusted Sponsors;
  • extend the list of courses for which students must receive ATAS clearance;
  • restrict the ability to deliver accountancy courses accredited by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) to those sponsors accorded platinum or gold status by ACCA; and
  • clarify the position of overseas universities with campuses in the UK.

How does this affect you?

This means that if you renew your visa for a private college or change college after 4 July 2011, you will not be able to work and you will not be able to sponsor your dependant. 

A revised version of policy guidance document for Tier 4 migrants, and a statement of intent summarising the new student visa policy, can also be downloaded from UKBA website. 

How does this affect current students in the UK who have valid student visas?  

No need to panic.  If you already have valid leave or visa, you will not be affected by the new rules. However, if you transfer college from 4th July, you will follow the new rules. 

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  1.''Dr. Omar says:

    Anyone who is here for the pupose of working under the mask of studentship, should go back home without any delay. It is free advice and i am sure if you follow me, you would be benefitted.

  2.''Amir says:

    dear sir.
    i’m pakistan and want to come uk for study please tell me can i get work permission or not?? and if i study in governments college in manchester than can i get work permission? please inform me

  3.''nimesh says:

    my que? visa document check fingur print after ya befor?

  4.''sugra says:

    I am studying ACCA level 5 in private college from last 3 months ..n i have student visa till to March 2013 . but now i am planning to apply for dependent from Pakistan… it possible for me..?

  5.''sugra says:

    my husban has gone to uk on study visa in(ACCA)NQF 5.he went UK(16-4-2011). can I get dependent visa what is rule for level 5 student visa from 4July 2011

  6.''joe says:

    Hello sir My college is in B rated college. Will my college will be suspension. If my college will be in suspension and change college my visa status will also change?

  7. Almost all Universities in the UK are publically funded. Your university can verify this and advise you further.

  8.''caroline says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am an international student and just completed my postgraduate certificate (NQF level 7)in London. I am planning to take ACCA (2,5 years) and my visa will be ended on September 2011. My questions are:
    Which universities are publicly funded?
    if i’m applying at University of Westminster for ACCA, can i work part time during my term time?(as i got info it is not a private university).
    Please guide me.

    Thank you

    Kind regards,


  9.''akmal ilyas says:

    dear sir may viza fineshe in feb 2012 am tir 4 student if i extand viza u allowed work me? plz inform me plz >>> thanks to much.
    akmal ilyas

  10.''tanoo says:

    Hi, i applied for visa extension for ACCA course in june 2011. my college told me they can issue me CAS letter as the new rules will be implemented from 4th of july 2011. but later Home Office refused my visa on the basis my college is not an approved Gold or Platinum status college by ACCA so can’t issue CAS for ACCA. when i talked with my college they insisted that this is a mistake by Home Office and my application was submitted before 4 july 2011. But i am not so sure. I will be grateful if someone could provide me with correct information regarding this matter. Thanks in advance.

  11.''sareen patel says:

    ukba is misusing foreign students, wn they want money, they are opening door for them. now they are closing doors as Olympic in next yr. no human concern…because, u should ukba should have informed all students regarding up coming changes when they applied for student visa…ukba is not respecting the human rights….senseless rules they r bringing in. u look at the India and learn something from other countries’s immigration rules. the UK is depending upon the people from other countries. if they have decision taking ability, the would have looked at quality of colleges. ukba should hv restricted colleges not no of restricted which will happen ultimately….it is completely common sense…..u should have given us enough time to maintain bank balance to apply for tier 4 dependant visa. completly senseless dicision. dont thing that it sur cleverness and rulingover other other. it shows that u r down in economy…learn wt is grouth and hard work from the countries like india and china..

  12. Dear sir,
    MY vise is finishing in feb 2012 so if i dont change the college then the new rule will effect me or not?

  13.''Ankit says:

    I am studying ACCA level 6 in private college(A rated) from last 4 months ..n i extend my visa on april 2011…but now i am planning to get married n i wanna apply for dependent from india… it possible for me..?

  14.''Talha says:

    I want to know about dependent student visa tier 4 LQF Level 7 One year diploma. I get my CAS letter before 4th July 2011. Please tell me will new policy affect me or not.


  15.''Jay says:


    I want to know about dependent student visa tier 4 LQF Level & One year. I get my CAS letter before 4th July 2011. Please tell me will new policy affect me or not.


  16.''husnain says:

    i want to change my college, i am studying CIMA in highly trusted college but i did not have any progress from last 10 months, but i want to go other college which is A rated in the undergraduate course, so can i easily change my college and if UKBA do not allow me to change the college than what happen, and can i allow the working hours, and could you please tell me from where and how can i know about the government colleges.
    the last point is this that can we allow to work only in highly trusted colleges or not … ?
    thank you

  17.''Ammar Raja says:

    Hi i am doing ACCA and i want to know that after 4 july 2011 if i extend my visa whether i would be allowed to work or not

  18.''jc says:

    I’m really confused about this statement “No need to panic. If you already have valid leave or visa, you will not be affected by the new rules. However, if you transfer college from 4th July, you will follow the new rules.” I my case. my renewal month of Visa(tier4) is December 2011. I’m still studying in the same college but different course so is it applicable in my case this changes that I can not have a part time job or above statement. which is which…

  19.''amit says:

    Dear sir,
    I just want to confirm that i took the admission in university so can I get the permission for part time work in UK

  20.''Mohammad Azad says:

    Whoever will apply for UK Visa after 4th of july 2011,they can do work during holiday.Is that true or false?
    Please let me know.

  21.''SURINDER SINGH says:




  22.''josna says:

    Here i would like to know, if i am join for a new course in highly trusted college,this new changes will effect on me.and i would like to get the names of the college which can be join for new course.

    thak you

  23.''Seetal Bhalani says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    My Visa is going to expire in Oct 2011 and i m currently studying in london school of commerce for my Degree in BABS studies and i m enrolled with University of Cardiff, Wales(UWIC). I have my husband as a my dependent and i had my son born in this country in Feb 2011, which i have processed for his Tanzanian passport as i m from the same country. Please can you give me guidance that when i keep my extension file which will be on 1st Sep 2011 can i apply for my husband and son as my dependent as i have not yet finished my course and it’s still running the same since i came in UK. My course is going to finish in Jan 2012, so we are confused as what will be our status when we apply for extension after 4th July 2011. Please guide us.

    Thanks & Regards

  24.''Davinder says:

    Dear Sir,

    I want to confirm that my wife applied for student visa third time under tier 4, second time her visa file refused under section 320 by ukba.

    After discussion with visa officer she applied visa under tier 4 in ukba third time, now she is still waiting for her visa since two months.

    Could you tell me please why it is happening that ukba is taking so much time ?

    Her course started date is 02.07.2010.

    Davinder mann

  25.''Nimesh Patel says:

    I have dependent visa and my son also up to june 2012
    so when i want to apply for my wife student visa after that me and my son can get dependent visa and can i work on that visa and my son can go in school

  26.''chris men says:

    I am (B.A) degree course student in U.K with private college,can i bring my wife after 4th july since i am not going to renew my visa.Will this changes affect me.

  27.''haseeb says:

    hi there,
    I have just completed my post graduate diploma(level 7)from college.i have applied for advance research Programe in UWIC and my admission is confirmed.Do i need to inform UKBA?
    My visa is valid untill december.Iam transfering from trusted sponsor to highly trusted sponsor.
    should be thankfull to you if assist me in this regard..many thanks

  28.''sheeba says:

    Hi, I joined A trusted college for MBA in August 2010 and completed 6months PGADMS and will start with MBA in August,i had to actually start MBA in April 2011 itself but got postponed due to medical reasons.Now my VISA expires in May 2012 and it is also told that due to postponement of my MBA i might not finish MBA by may 2012 and will have to extend VISA.As i am married and my husband is also student whose course finishes by October 2011 and VISA expires by January 2012 we planned for making him dependant.Now due to changes by UKBA we are worried about VISA extensions and also the idea of Dependant status.Please help me with this.Thank you

  29.''SAHA says:

    I am studying post graduation diploma in highly trusted clollege which is NQF 7 level in the uk. Is it possible to bring my dependant if she apply after 4th July.

  30.''Grace says:

    I am still confused about the post study work permit. Please, Kelly, clarify

  31.''heer says:

    hi, does this policy affect the students, who are going to extend their visa after 4th july?

  32.''Naseeb Gul says:

    I think these are best rules because mostly students can
    Get proper education in the Uk

  33.''Lizzie says:

    Dear Sir or Madam,
    I’m a student who is waiting for my visa result to study in UK.My school is private school and the course I’m going to studying equal to NQF level 7 .What I’d like to know is that from 4 July , if the tier 4 students like me are allowed to work .And if so, I wonder the maximum hours.In the old immigration rules,the students are entitled to work 20 hrs per week.

    Best Regards,

  34.''KOOL says:

    I’ve sent my visa application before the 4th of July, and I will receive the answer after.
    also, my studies will start on September.
    Do the new changes affect me?

  35.''anila says:

    i am a student in uk doing NVQ 4 in a highly trusted college SO i need to ask if i am countinuing this status can i sponser my depentant?the new changes affect it or not?

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