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X-factor Gamu’s family to appeal against visa refusal | Immigration Matters

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Lawyers acting for the family of ousted X Factor contestant Gamu Nhengu will appeal against a Home Office decision to send them back to Zimbabwe, the BBC reports.

Frances Farrell said she had intended to seek a judicial review, but now believes there are grounds to appeal directly to the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal (AIT).

Gamu’s mother, Nokuthula Ngazana, who has been living in Clackmannanshire for eight years, was refused permission to stay in the UK after her visa expired in August.

Her daughter was controversially eliminated from ITV’s X Factor by judge Cheryl Cole on Sunday. The show’s bosses have denied reports that the decision was influenced by fears that Gamu’s visa was about to run out.

Almost 250,000 people have joined a Facebook campaign calling for Gamu’s return to the show.

Family lawyer Mrs Farrell said the situation had been “very upsetting for all the family” and deplored the leaking of confidential details of the case to some newspapers.

“We believe there is a right of appeal against the decision and we’re going to be lodging an appeal with the immigration tribunal as soon as possible,” she said.

“My client has been in this country for about eight years now, absolutely legally all the time.”

She also said she would refute claims that the family had claimed benefits illegally, contending that Gamu’s mother Nokutula Ngazana had been advised by the Inland Revenue that she could claim Working Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit.

The visa extension was turned down on the grounds there was an administrative error in the application.

The family’s solicitors said the error was due to Mrs Ngazana giving the wrong bank details, so the fee for the application could not be taken.

The application was judged “out of time” as a result, but the lawyers said it was lodged in time.

A crowd of about 150 people gathered outside the family’s home in Tillicoultry to show their support after news of the visa refusal was made public.

Many of them where pupils at Alva Academy, where Gamu used to be a pupil.

And locals have now started a campaign against the decision by the UK Border Agency. More than 1,100 people have signed the appeal started by John Locke, the pastor of the evangelical church that Gamu and her family attend.

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5 Responses to “X-factor Gamu’s family to appeal against visa refusal”
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  1. […] X-factor Gamu’s family to appeal against visa refusal […]

  2. […] X-factor Gamu’s family to appeal against visa refusal […]

  3. Allan Reynolds says :

    Per my comment posted….
    The UK government always state that Foreign Nationals with skills benefit the UK..I concur that.
    Gamu mother is a nurse trained in the UK.
    Zimbabwe can benefit from her skills on a change of Zimbabwe government.I am sure many Zimbabwe people would appreicate her skills if she is ever sent back to Zimbabwe!
    The question is what work will Gamu`s mother do now?
    Staff nurses RGN (D) grade genral nurses are no longer on the skill shortage list.
    Should Gamu`s mother be allowed to take employment in nursing in a nursing home or wherever depriving a British or EU citizen from a job?
    Just some thoughts…..

  4. Allan Reynolds says :

    Are we honestly expected to beleive by the UKBA that Gamu and her family would be sent back to Zimbabwe?
    If I am correct people from Zimbabwe are never removed from the UK and given temporary leave to remain for 4/5years or then granted exceptional leave to remain?
    I guess the mother came here as an Asylum seeker,went to university to get her nursing degree courtesy of the UK tax payer.Once obtained work brought her family here.
    As much as I admire the way Gamu`s mother has done to improve her life why should she be allowed to stay here?
    Many foreign nationals come to the UK the correct way and some go through lots of hasstle to acheive coming to work and live in the UK legally.
    Sure,let her remain in the UK till the Zimbabwe government changes,then she should be sent back to Zimbabwe with all the other Asylum seekers from this country.Gamu,her family and others then can look back with gratitude that the UK government gave them refuge.
    Now more tax payers money is going to be wasted in legal fees to the lawyer and AIT hearing…When the result will be an extention of leave granted.
    Why does the UKBA waste tax payers money like this?

  5. they should be given a chance to stay here, they’re not bad once that causing trouble or just relying for goverment support infact shes got a potential to become a popular singer, i really like her thatswhy im a bit sad she was eliminated…

    pls give chance….

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