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Here is an email enquiry that we received today and it’s typical of many failed applications:

I’m hoping you can shed some light on a question i have regarding my Visa appeal.

My fiance and I submitted my Fiance visa application July 7th 2014. We received an email asking for more information on sept 1st. They asked for my sponsors self assessment( did not specify which year) with supplemental records since he is self employed and preliminary wedding arrangements. We sent in 2012-2013 self assessment as we had not completed the 2013-2014 assessment as of yet(in part due to the recent passing of my sponsors mother and it not being required due) with all relevant info. We received a refusal sept 10,2014 citing that we failed to meet the financial requirements and that we should have sent the 2014 self assessment and that they could not validate he was still self employed.
We immediately applied for the appeal and included the 2014 self assessment on sept 15,2014. Ive been told recently that the appeal may be denied since we have submitted new information and we may be better served to apply for a new application with the new information.

Can you please let me know if there is any truth to the fact that the new information is not welcome in an appeal ?”

Why is this enquiry typical of many failed applications? PROFESSIONAL HELP NEEDED EARLIER!!!

Do you have immigration problems that directly affect your young family? Perhaps you were born here, but your partner is illegal? Perhaps your family is split between here and other countries in Africa, Europe, Asia, Mexico or South America.

If you are experiencing these or other problems, let me know.

We are currently doing research on immigration reform. We’re not sure just how much we can help with individual problems, but let’s talk . . .

All responses will be totally confidential… Call Tony on 07950 458 464

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