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What students should do when their college Tier 4 Licence is suspended | Immigration Matters

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What should an international student do if the college they have applied to has their Tier 4 Sponsors licence suspended or withdrawn by the UK Border Agency? 

Immigration Matters receives a large number of enquiries from students who have obtained visas or are already studying at a college which was approved by the UK Border Agency (UKBA) but later had its licence suspended. 

It is estimated that thousands of students are studying at colleges which previously appeared on the UKBA Tier 4 Sponsors Register, but were later suspended. 

The realisation that your college name no longer appears on the list of approved sponsors can send a wave of panic throughout the campus. But do you need to change college immediately?

Many students bolt and hurriedly join another college, in many cases only to later discover that their new college also receives a suspension. 

What are the immigration rules?

The UKBA publishes the following guidance on the ‘Studying in the UK’ section its website: 

Tier 4 licence suspended

Licence suspended What will happen
Before you apply to come You can still apply for permission to come to the United Kingdom but we will hold your application until the suspension is resolved.
Before you travel to the United Kingdom If you have a visa letter that you got before your approved education provider’s license was suspended, and have already been granted permission to enter the United Kingdom, but you have not yet travelled, we will try and contact you to tell you not to come until we have resolved the suspension.
If you do travel to the United Kingdom If you do travel to the United Kingdom, you will be allowed to enter and start studying with your approved education provider.
If you are already in the United Kingdom studying If you are already in the United Kingdom and studying with your approved education provider, we will not tell you if we suspend their licence. However, if the result of the suspension is that your approved education provider loses their licence, we will tell you and your permission to stay will be limited. 
If you are extending your stay You can still apply to extend your permission to stay if it runs out when your approved education provider’s licence is suspended, as long as you already have your visa letter. However, we will hold your application until the suspension is resolved.

 Tier 4 licence is withdrawn

Licence withdrawn What will happen
Before you apply to come If your approved education provider’s licence is withdrawn, your visa letter will become invalid and you will not be able to use it to support any application for leave to come to the United Kingdom. Any applications made using an invalid visa letter will be refused.
Before you travel to the United Kingdom If you have been given permission to come but have not travelled yet, your permission to come is cancelled.
If you travel to the United Kingdom, you will not be allowed to enter.
If you are already in the United Kingdom studying We will limit your permission to stay:to 60 days if you were not involved in the reasons why your approved education provider had their licence withdrawn (we will not limit your permission to stay if you have less than six months left. You may want to apply for permission to stay with another approved education provider during this time);immediately if we think you were involved in the reasons why your sponsor’s licence was withdrawn.

For further information check the UKBA website or seek advice from a registered immigration adviser or immigration lawyer.

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97 Responses to “What students should do when their college Tier 4 Licence is suspended”
Read them below or add one

  1. There is no official balcklist. The college is either suspended/revoked or on the Tier 4 sponsors register.
    There is no official list of suspended/revoked colleges only unreliable and unofficial websites claiming to have a list.
    If suspended, existing Tier 4 students are safe unless the licence is revoked.
    Check with the college and find out what is going on.

  2. Hi . Sir/madam

    I am tier4 student in uk from last 5 months i went my college on 2nd july & he gave me a registration letter then he told me u ill come on 25 august & i went then i saw my has been suspend ( blacklisted ) then I send it letter to ukba regarding my college he can’t send me any letter or email & no any other response so tell me plzzzzz what should I do in this situation plzzzzz help me

  3. Hi . Sir
    My college is in licence rebook list . I have apply my visa for extension but still I didn’t get any result . My all document is in home office . I want to apply for work permit . Meant changing from tire 4 to tire 2 . But my all doc is in home office is iit possible to apply work permit without document coz all document is already in home office . Can u suggest me what can I do and what I have to do ,

  4. You need to take professional advice from an appeal specialist or lawyer. See OISC site or try calling Bison UK which has handled hundreds of visa appeals – 0208 905 1822.

  5. Hi Sir

    I was refused visa for because I cant prove that I studied n the college which has been closed and they dont reply the emails and phone to home office as well because there is no one avialable so should I go for appeal or not?

  6. You need to find out the status of the college. A Tier suspension normally only prevents the college from recruiting new non-EU tier 4 students.

  7. hi

    just my my uk leicester collage is suspended from ukba but my collage says that they have applied for QAA. what i can do in this matter my cource has finished in june 2012 just 2 months left ?????????????

  8. If I already send a visa on a college ,and then because of some reasons ukba refuse my application .but after the refusal if I apply for appeal and during in appeal duration, my college got suspended than what I have to do,

  9. Go to their office

  10. Hi,Hope someone can help me.
    I am not a student any longer, but studied in a college which now has been suspended. My problem is now I need a school certificate from that college. Does someone know how can I get that?
    The college doesn’t answer emails or phone!

  11. Have you asked the college?

  12. Hey

    I am a tier4 student in UK from last 1 years. I was not going to my college from last three month due to my some personal problem. But now i want to go college. But when I check about college in UKBA college list. I did not find the college name in there. Its mean my college is suspended or close? Should I need to apply for another visa with another uni or college? how could I know what happend with my college? Because I am afraid to go to college now.

    Please give me the right solution.


  13. Hi Sir

    My problem is my college is going to withdraw my sponcership for some reasons. I just want to know if UKBA gave me time to make another application or they just send me back to my country or Will they gave me 60 days period?????

  14. umar khan says :

    hi sir
    my college closed down and i dont to want any new admission and my question is that can i stay more than 60 days or i have some grace days to leave the country if it is over 60 days.

  15. Attn: Student in UK

    1. If your College Suspend
    > Normally college dont inform student if college suspend. Dont worry if your college suspended. Carry on your class and exam. If you stop going to class and exam then you antecedence will be fall down and you will miss exam. Once college suspend withdrawn by UKBA then it will effect your study.

    2. College Licence Revoked
    > If college licence revoked by UKBA then you must have to get admission into new college within 60 Days. If you fail to do then you are in trouble.

  16. I applied for my visa extension and I got refusal today saying that CAS letter has been withdrawn from College and you have not achieve 30 points and due to that the CAS is invalid we can not take information from CAS and could not assess funds required. I have right to appeal. What should I do. If college issue me new VALID CAS, Should I got for Appeal or Just send letter to Home office that my visa was refuse, or should I go to the HOME OFFICE in personal and tell them the issue. What should I do…

    please advice.

    Thank you

  17. Students that have had their visas refused, because their tier 4 sponsor was revoked whilst their applications are pending are doomed.
    I appealed my refusal only for UKBA to withdraw the case. They did not even turn up in court.
    The Judge in court said I should have been given 60 days to find another sponsor before my application was returned as refused.
    I did not receive any documented communication from UKBA after the Tribunal. My solicitor has written to UKBA thrice regarding this issue, but no reply.
    Without permission from UKBA or a valid Visa I cannot get a place at any college.
    I have tried to get another school, but no school will take me because I have no valid visa…and my immigration status is in doubt.
    I have lost a year’s tuition fees and my legal fees are piling up.
    There isnt enough information outthere for those of us that have been affected by school suspensions and closures.

  18. Hussain says :

    My college has been suspend(closed)now i want to apply another college ….i just want to ask you how much bank statment will be required for new visa ?i do not have my previous college attendes report…..i just have just my previous college CAS LETTER

  19. hi i want to know what is time period for students of blacklisted colleges? Now Is it 60 days 0r 120 days? please clear it to me immediately.

  20. My cousin applied online visa and paid the fee aswell from Greece to come Uk but he’s in other nationality the passport expired he need to extented his passport if want to cancel the visa can he get the fee or not? Thank you for your time.

  21. birju raval says :

    i was studying in my college since 5 months. suddenly it’s suspended …..i want to take addmission in another college or uni. so can i get?….and which step i have to take plz…..suggest me…..

  22. Call Immigration Adviser Cynthia Barker at Bison UK 0208 905 1822 for free advice.

  23. Call Immigration Adviser Cynthia Barker at Bison UK 0208 905 1822 for free advice

  24. Call Cynthia Barker at Bison UK 0208 905 1822 for free advice

  25. mohamed rizwan says :

    my college has been revoked by home office two weeks ago,after that the college went for a legal action against home office this case do I need to change the college immediately or I can wait until the court decision. please let me know as soon as possible.


  26. Nadeem Akhtar says :

    I entered UK on 3rd may 2011 as a tier 4 student.
    Unfortunately my college’s( Victoria College Nottingham) licence has been suspended by UKBA before my entery.I joined my college and started my classes(English Language Leading to ACCA).I paid 2000 GBP to my college in advance.Now on 6/10/11 my College Licence has been withdrawn by UKBA.
    I did not receive any letter from UKBA yet.plz tell me that 60 days startsfrom the cancellation ofthe collge’s licence or when I receive UKBA’s letter and
    When I get admision in new college.

    1# Will new rules apply on my case

    2# can I refund my tution fee(2000 GBP)

    3# Can I get CAS before recevng UKBA’s letter and apply

    4# Will I have to show bankstatment if yes then How much

    5# 60 days will start from the date when college’s. Licence withdrawn or when I receive UKBA’s letter

    Your sincerely,
    Nadeem Akhtar

  27. Hello sir, I want to know that i came in UK on jan 2011,i start my studies here , after couple of weeks, my college was suspended and after suspension my college is withdrawn. now i want to know that my college is not giving my fee back, i want to take my admission to another college, also i have a limited period of time for taking admission, so kindly tell me now what i need to do, i will take admission in other college then i need to send my passport to Home office ? or what are the procedures and fees of home office. thanks

  28. susheel kumar gaddam masireddy says :

    hi im worried coz my college is suspended frm ukba list,wht do i do now?plz help me

  29. KALPONA says :

    i am student of West End college. uk. now it is rebook. i have paid all fees. comming december will exam. now what we will do. please give me advice for getting back my tution fees.
    my college still didn’t give any update at their website.what we do now.

  30. KALPONA says :

    i am student of West Eand college. uk. now it is rebook. i have paid all fees. comming december will exam. now what we will do. please give me advice for getting back my tution fees.

  31. tamanna says :

    Hi there,
    I am a student of The central college of london.My problem is that I came to know that the licence of the college is revoked by the please guide me what step should I take further??As Its been just 5 months that I have come here and my visa is still for 2014,how could i change the college??Do I have to reapply for the visa again??I have paid my full fees also so do I get any refund?How do I receive 60 days notice from ukba??If i reapplied for the visa will I get the working hour??Please reply me to guide as soon as possible.Its urgent because I need to take the step as soon as possible.please please do reply me soon.Thank you

  32. dilbar dar says :

    please can u tell me that my college is closed or college is STRATFORD COLLEGE OF MANAGEMENT ILFORD CAMPUSE.i shall be very thankfull to you.

  33. Dear sir/madam i have a question?i am a student on tier4 general .i had applied for extension 6 months before but due to my college supension they hold my application for six months and now college is permanent close what steps do i need to take .will UKBA contact me or i hav to send them new college enrollment letter to get extension .and one more thing at that time ielts was not nessesary but now it is do i need to sit for english test ?please help me out thanks

  34. i studied in royal london college but it was suspended last month what should i do now give advices thanx alot

  35. Not sure what the situation is with your college. If the college has closed you have little chance of getting your money back especially if the company/college has gone bust.
    You will have to find another college and should have had a letter from the UKBA giving you 60 days? OISC registered Immigration Advisers Bison UK are offering students free consultations. Call them on 0208 905 1822 or drop in for a free consultation.

  36. MUSTAJAB says :

    I am student of graduate diploma in business & Markeitting as a tire 4 sponser Royal LOndon College, 2 Abbey Road Barking. now the sitution is the college licenced has been declera revoced by the ukba , what can we do in this sitution, while our sesion stsart from 23 march 2011 but the course not start properly , we attend classes with Mix Courses exampel with esol student or a introduction classes.
    please advice me what can i do in this sitution:

    if their posibility the college return our fee?
    if there any chance to appeal?
    i have valid visa till april 2013 , what willbe status of this visa.

    please reply urgently and breifly


  37. Hello sir, I want to know that i came in UK on sep 2010,i start my studies and finish in June 2011 and i got certificate from awarding body but after couple of days , my college was suspended and after suspension my college is withdrawn. and i have visa till May 2012 . could youx please guide me whats should be next step from my side ..

    pleases reply sir .. its quite critical for my carrier

    Thanks and awauting for your valuable response

  38. sir my colleg is not in liste ukba my study is possibal in this colleg wiche way in use becuse my study is countnew i am depress

  39. hi i a am student of highgate academy college in newhaven east susex this college was close.
    1. please can you tell me whats the reason to close?
    2. i have still 5 month visa what can i do?
    3. is it possible to change college?
    4.please can you tell me what can i do to study in next college?
    i hope i will get my answer.

  40. You do not have to leave if the college is suspended. It may be a minor issue. We are getting more and more reports of colleges closing down ater being suspended perhaps because they see no hope of being able to gain HTS status or recruiting sufficient student numbers in the future following 4 July tier 4 changes.

  41. i just extend my visa and now my collge is suspended so what should i do next?is it necessary to change college and extend my visa or not? thanks

  42. sabina says :

    my collge is suspended, what will be happen next? do i need to change collge?? if i change college do i need to re-apply my visa??

  43. Vipal dave says :

    hi there,
    i have applied for my visa extention under tier 4 base,two months ago, and i have found out my college has been suspended and still i was waiting , but when i went to the college, the college is shut , nobody was there.
    now i can understand what am i supposed to do? as my visa has been expired last week.
    now may i need to go with another good college? if yes what is the procedure for that? how can i go with them?
    and is there any legal chances to get back my tution fees from that college?
    please advice me ,, i will be gracefull by your help.
    thanks a lot..

  44. Kinjal says :

    Hi, i am looking for some guidance and suggestion in case where i had taken admission in a college and had paid the fees, now the college licence is cancelled and so stands my visa too. i have to take admission in another college and re apply for the visa. Being a student i cant afford such a huge amount and have approached colleges to
    refund the fees paid and they deny. i want to take legal action in this regard and not sure where to start and seek some help and guidance. please throw some light immediately as i have not much time.

  45. If you have paid your fees you have nothing to worry about.

  46. Chanuka says :

    Who’s doing what about fees i have paid for my college?I didn’t see anybody talking about fees that i have paid.If a college looses their licence does that means i loose my money.??

  47. If the suspended college cannot issue a new CAS (to enable you to renew your visa/LTR) you have to find another college!

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