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Refusals withdrawn prior to full AIT hearing say advisers 

Leading appeal specialists, Bison UK, have reported a sharp rise in the number of entry clearance refusals, involving student visas and family cases, overturned by Entry Clearance Managers (ECM’s) at the British Embassy in Manila. 

Previously, Bison UK had to take most appeals all the way to hearing stage at the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal (AIT), where over 95% of their cases were successful. 

But in the last month, a number of clients in the Philippines have been contacted by the British Embassy to come and get their visas. 

Managers at the company are not sure why the Embassy seems to have had a change of heart, but are none the less delighted to see the notification from the AIT that the “respondent has withdrawn”.  

Most of the refusal grounds for student visas, which have since become obsolete under Tier 4 of the Points Based System, are based on “intention” to return home or study.  

Entry Clearance Officers (ECO’s) should no longer refuse on subjective grounds such as: “on the balance of probabilities you are unlikely to return home at the end of your studies” or “your real intention is to work in the UK rather than study”. 

Visa applicants still have the right of appeal on refusals based on previous Rules, however, refusals under Tier 4 applications (made after 31 March 2009) will be dealt with by an in-house ‘Administrative Review’ system.

Immigration Matters would be interested to hear about your experience with visa appeals – please add your comments below.

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216 Responses to “Visa refusals overturned by British Embassy”
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  1. euukimmigration@gmail.com'

    If you require specific advice, I can refer you to one of our appeal specialist advisers in the London area who can help you, and advise you. I would strongly urge you to take professional advice before moving forward.
    If you would like us to arrange an appointment for a consultation, for which the advise makes a small charge of £60, please call 0208 905 1822

  2. cathchiller@ymail.com'
    cathchiller@ymail.com'catherine skerratt says :

    where can i get an advice or appeals specialist?

  3. euukimmigration@gmail.com'

    You should take legal advice before taking action. You need to go through all the paperwork and options with an appeal specialist before you submit any applications for appeal or admin review.

  4. cathchiller@ymail.com'

    hi there,,i am married to birtish citizen and applying a family visitor visa for one year but they refused because of they not satisfied of my application and subjective grounds on the balance of probabilities,,what will i do?will i appeal using administrative review,,i want to be with my husband this coming christmas pls give me advice asap

  5. euukimmigration@gmail.com'

    For advice on appeals (following a refusal) you need to talk to appeal specialist who can help you. I would strongly urge you to take professional advice before moving forward.
    You can find a list of OISC registered advisers on the OISC website: http://oisc.homeoffice.gov.uk/
    If you would like us to arrange an appointment for a consultation, please call Bison UK (Level 3 Immigration Advisers) 0208 905 1822 or email info@immigrationmatters.co.uk

  6. fazwani.narmeen@gmail.com'
    fazwani.narmeen@gmail.com'Frustrated says :

    Hello Aswath

    The exactly same case as yours happened to me too today my uk student visa got refused on the basis that they said i have put funds in my account for one day where as my bank statement clearly shows the funds have been put for the 28 day period. They gave me an option for administrative review but i dont know if i should go for that or make a new application since my classes start in ten days. Please tell me what are you doing about it. It IS really frustrating

  7. pyro_simbu@yahoo.co.in'
    pyro_simbu@yahoo.co.in'Aswath says :

    Hey im from chennai and i applied for visa this Aug 25th 2011 and i received my mail on the 6th Sept stating refusal of clearance.. i had a additional document stating one administrative review and another document stating that the fees that i have shows is not sufficient.. when i went through the bank details i saw that the person who processed my visa had seen only the loan sanctioned amount and not the marginal amount already in the bank and it is clearly mentioned in the bank format statement that total amount is more than 15 lakhs which is like 20k + pounds which is more than sufficient enough please advise me should i go for admin review cuz it says it will take 3 weeks and my uni starts in the next week and moreover after 3 weeks only they said will give reply should i apply for review or put in a new application.. it is so frustrating that something like this could happen after giving 20k Indian cash for visa processing how can they be so careless :( im confused frustrated and pised)

  8. Marander4u@live.co.uk'

    Hi I received a phone call from the british embassy at turkey regarding my husband settlement visa two weeks ago, now I want to go for a holiday but I dont want to leave incase they come to work because I heard that they go to check work places is that true? Should I wait or go for holiday,

  9. euukimmigration@gmail.com'

    You need to see an immigration appeal specialist to go through all the papers and appeal.

  10. Shola_10@hotmail.co.uk'
    Shola_10@hotmail.co.uk'C.Rouis says :

    My husband is Tunisian and got refused his visa to the UK for the birth of his child! I am 4 and a half months pregnant.
    He was refused his visa becoz we originally applied for a 2 year visa, he went to the British embassy in tunis with the correct fee stated on the top of his visa application to be told he had to pay more – which he didn’t Hav the extra amount at the time. So he was advised to reduce it to 6 months, making any supporting letters not co-inside with visa. So they refused on the grounds that they feel he wudnt return after the 6months! I have appealed the decision but have been told it can take anything up to 11 weeks :-( do u think it’s worth re applying and keeping the appeal open as soon we will be running out of time :( thanks.

  11. vick12347@yahoo.com'
    vick12347@yahoo.com'manjit singh says :

    dear sir i hv applied visitor visa along with my wife Last year ..but i could nt get it.. nw hv lost my refusal letter ,hw can i get my refusal letter with reasons..

  12. mooh_263@hotmail.com'

    hi guys i’m looking for advice but let’s just say help :
    anyway i’m been refused for student visa exactly student visitor & for descrip my situation it was a 2months request exactly & for you know i’m computer technician in a good company
    i request for student visitor for studying english language for 2months because actuality i need it for speaking with costumers infact i’m from algeria & alot of our costumers are from Europe and generally they speaking english and the embassy sent a refusal litter which it worte on it at the last lines this next words:

    your application does not attract a full right of appeal
    under a section 82(1) of the nationality immigration and
    asylum act 2002. your right to appeal is limited to any or
    all of the grounds referred to in se

    the decision is unlawful 84(1)(b) of the nationality. immigration and asylum act 2002 namely:

    b) the decision is unlawful under section 6 of human rights act 1998 (c.42) (public authorty not to act contrary to human rights convention) as being incompatible with the appellant’s convention rights .

  13. nalla079@yahoo.co.uk'

    hello good afternoon. i have applied to sponcer my wife in 2010.then the highcommision refused the visa that not enough document. we sent an appeal in 14 days then we got a reply in june 02/2011 saying decision overturn and bring this letter with your passbook to the embassy. after we submit 4 days later we got a letter from courts with a letter for hearing in october 2011. whats happing to this case. and do u know is ther a link between home office and tribunals services. please help me thanks

  14. pamelaann7@yahoo.com'
    pamelaann7@yahoo.com'pamela chick says :

    have just been through appeal for my husbands settlement visa which was refused in november 2010.Hes an egyptian living in egypt im british living in england. he was refused on the grounds we didnt have enough contact. i supplied telephone bills and skype records that show we talk everyday. how are we suppose to have contact when they refuse to allow him a visa. i go to egypt every three months, thats using up all my holiday entitlement from work. what more can i do?

  15. randeepkr9@gmail.com'
    randeepkr9@gmail.com'randeep says :

    i have applied for uk visiter visa but it has been refused now i want to know that in how many days we can again apply for visiter visa. because i don’t want to do appeal i just want to direct apply with required fullfillments so please tell me in how many days we can again apply after refusal (without appeal)

  16. greenday129@hotmail.com'
    greenday129@hotmail.com'prishita says :

    I live in UK.I got my tier 4 visa from june 2010 until oct 2011.My visa is cancelled because my college was asking for more money which i couldn’t pay on time and i missed 10 of my classes as i was very sick. but i have informed my college over the phone but i didn’t have any written documents with me. But i got an appealing right so i have appeal for it. My husband has 3 years student visa which is expires on 2014. Actually we were planning to switch my visa in my husbands dependent but now as i am appealing i cannot switch my visa until i win my case or i withdraw my case. And the problem is we have to go back to our country this june for a very important stuff so i dont have that much time to wait until i get the my hearing. And i have heard that if i withdarw my case i can go back and apply on my husbands dependent straight away and come back again. Is that true.I just wanted to know if i withdraw my case and go back will i be ban for a year to apply or can i apply as soon as i get there. Please help me. I cannot decide at this point.

  17. alanbowman69@hotmail.com'

    my fiance has just been refused in manila,we have been together for more than 1 year and half, i feel my government is corrupt and cheats,its a money machine ,nothing else,im devastated

  18. parks11122001@yahoo.com'

    HI….just wanna ask how long will it be to get a decision from UK high court regarding a contested visa refusal case? …reply is very much appreciated..thnx

  19. honelette_ruiz@yahoo.com'

    …..after reading all the comments above regarding different cases and results in appeals..it is very evident that british embassy are employed of INCOMPETENT employees who dont do their jobs mainly because ..95 percent of appeals are being won in Courts overturning their original decision of refusal. They should suffer also the consequences of their mistakes or even loose their jobs so they will not contaminate other remaining good workers in the embassy…My question is….Do they have administrative sanction policy to those review officers who decided wrongly to refuse a visa after being overturned by the High Court…? They should be fined for wasted efforts , time and money…. Your reply is very much appreciated

  20. honelette_ruiz@yahoo.com'

    after reading all the comments above regarding different cases and results in appeals..it is very evident that british embassy are employed of INCOMPETENT employees who dont do their jobs mainly because ..95 percent of appeals are being won in Courts overturning their original decision of refusal. They should suffer also the consequences of their mistakes or even loose their jobs so they will not contaminate other remaining good workers in the embassy…My question is….Do they have administrative sanction policy to those review officers who decided wrongly to refuse a visa after being overturned by the High Court…? They should be fined for wasted efforts , time and money…. Your reply is very much appreciated

  21. homobee@yahoo.com'

    I was refused visa and I have limited right to appeal(it is a general visitor visa application). Reason for refusal is non disclosure of sponsors fund and that been unemployed it is not credible that I intend to spend 1000 pounds during my 3 week holiday. How do I appeal under breach of human right. Can I even appeal at all

  22. euukimmigration@gmail.com'

    You would normally hear within a few weeks. You can chase them up if you still get no response.

  23. sjoynu@yahoo.com'

    hello.my fiance visa had been refused..we appeal and got allowed letter from AIT in UK.stated that they ask the embassy manila to overturned the decision and wait till march 30th if its not they will bring it to court?my questions is how many possible weeks to get a reply from the british embassy manila?

  24. tuazonmaryanne@yahoo.com'

    hi.. im applied for a student visa tier 4 and got a result of denied. stating that i gave a false bank statements? can anyone help me about it. ihave a genuine bank account.. how could it possibly be fake? how the embassy check it?

  25. afisoyinlola@yahoo.co.uk'

    Hi, I really need your advice sir, I’m a student in uk and my visa was refused now I’m ready to file appeal against secretary of state. The reason for the refusal is because my college didn’t ensure that I’m competent in English on common European framew
    ork. This is the only reason and I’m going to sit for IELTS test which I’m sure I’m going to pass plus letter from college that I’m competent in English which the assessment method which I score 61 and is on B2. But I just want to knw if I win my appeal will I need to show evidence of funds as I received letter from my bank stating that they ve recently undertaken a review of the banking arrangements that I ve with them and that with regret, they ve reached the conclusion that they will no longer provide these facilities for me. Please I need your advice urgently. Thanks

  26. wandile84@hotmail.com'

    I was refused a student visa in 2008,attend the appeal court in 2009.
    I am told my case closed,my family is here and all have indefenite leave to Remain status!
    I am considering to reapply as a dependant over 18 ILR. I
    Was just wandering if I stand a chance?

  27. imran_khan_52@yahoo.com'

    Dear Sir,

    This is Imran Khan from Pakistan and I heard much about you and now I am writing with confidence that my all points will clear after your cooperation.

    I applied for a student visa and got refused and then I won the appeal in last December 2009 and recieved my call letter from embassy on 22-03-2010 that I can submit my passport but I could not submit my passport because of following reasons:
    My course was Msc/PGD in Information Technology with E-Business at the time of my application for visa into embassy in 2009 but my college and not any other college in UK is now offering this course till today so what I do now???
    Actually the awarding body of aforementioned course was my college but after the launching of point based system, colleges are not allowed to award any degrees/Diplomas except awarding bodies organized by UKBA. Is is not my fault so what I do now???
    Embassy said I cannot change the course.
    Please clear me these points as soon as possible so that I be able to take further steps before any further delays.

    With Best Regards,
    Imran Khan

  28. euukimmigration@gmail.com'

    Read the letter in full. You should hear from the British Embassy and can also chase them up in a week or two.

  29. sjoynu@yahoo.com'

    i have get a letter from AIT of UK immigration and stated that they overturned the decision of my refused fiance visa.What will happen next to that after knowing that it was overturned?

  30. euukimmigration@gmail.com'

    Your case will be decided ‘on papers’ (based on whatever you send to the AIT) before the Judge unless you or your Fiance attend the hearing or have representation in court.
    You should have received instructions from the AIT by now?
    See also: http://visaappeals.com/

  31. sjoynu@yahoo.com'

    hi,i have applied a fiance visa on October 2010 .and i receive refusal notice which they state on the notice of immigration decision that i stated on my application form that we first meet my fiance or sponsor on March 1,2010 which did not coincide with the stamped passport of my fiance/sponsor which date stamped is May 27,2010.but before i submitted my application form i photocopied it and found out that on my application form i clearly stated that we first meet the sponsor on May 27,2010.and by this i filed an appeal immediately to the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal to the Loughborough United Kingdom,by this i would like to know if i have a chance that it will be corrected and get an entry clearance or fiance visa?pls give me an advice..thnx

  32. info_emon2010@yahoo.com'
    info_emon2010@yahoo.com'emon costa says :

    hi,i was in uk on student visa from aug 2008.in sep 2009 i applied for leave to remain as student..but they refused my application …..i appealed and appeal got rejected..then i appealed to upper tribunal …it was getting late and i was runnig out of living expense money….so i returned to bangladesh on june 2010…then i got my uuper tribunal appeal result and i won that appeal…now the ukba has sent me an email that they have the Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) of mine and they want to deliver it to my uk address….waht can i do now…i want to be back in uk…..

  33. afolabi572003@yahoo.com'
    afolabi572003@yahoo.com'Afolabi says :

    My wife was refuse a visa to join me by the embassy in Nigeria for not providing enough photograph , evidence of communication and for me not to have visited her after the marriage in Nigeria . I am currently working full time and British citizen what should I do, we have 28 days to appeal

  34. happylife423@hotmail.com'

    few years ago i applied for student visa for uk,unfortunately my visa aplication was rejected and they mentoned this article 320(21)so plz let me know what should i do for apply the study visa again plz tell me as soon as posible

  35. jkemasylv@yahoo.com'
    jkemasylv@yahoo.com'Jenny Kadhila says :


    I am correcting the second line in my first paragraph that the Home office should inform the employers to be patient because it is not the students fault not to get their visas back on time and also that the Home office is based in the UK but not abroad.

    There must be clear information to the employers how to deal with students waiting for the renewal for their visas.

    Please give me any idea or any web info that indicates we are allowed to work whilst waiting for our visas so that next time when i renew, i have a solid information or refference.

  36. jkemasylv@yahoo.com'
    jkemasylv@yahoo.com'Jenny Kadhila says :


    Why is the home office keeping student visa extension too long, and students are now being threatened by employers that they will stop them working?

    I think the home office need to inform the employers to be patient because it is not the students fault and the Home office is in the UK abroad. The home office should provide a page of information that if a student is waiting for their visa to be renewed they can still work.

    The other thing is that some times a student want to travel or visit your family but you cant, some of us are single mothers and have not seen our families for 3 to 4 years especially our kids please the Home office must have a heart to feel for us and give us a chance to visit or invite our families whilst waiting for our visas. This is just like u are in prison, how can i even study if i dont see my family? it is hard and affects our performance please the Home office should do something about this because it is not fair. Even prisoners are allowed to see their loved ones.

  37. abid7@mail.com'
    abid7@mail.com'Rana Abid says :

    i have lost my uk refusal latter
    i applied for study visa in 2006
    now again i wana go uk for visit.kindly tell me how can i get my refusal letter back from uk embassy in pakistan

  38. nenahot23@yahoo.com'

    i will like to know if there is a certain amount of money my invitee is supposed to have in his account to be able to invite me bcos i was refused visa by the uk embassy that my invitee account is too low.

  39. crwemms@yahoo.com'
    crwemms@yahoo.com'Emevie Crow says :

    Hi!!!im married to British national. I applied for visit visa last July 2010 and after 1week i got all the original documents that i submit to UKVAC as well as the photo copies. And i also receive a appeal form. Unfortunately my application was refused. My husband already submit the appeal. How long are we going to wait before we can get the appeal result? Hope you will able to help me..thank you

  40. Hafizmuhammadshafi@hotmail.com'
    Hafizmuhammadshafi@hotmail.com'Hafiz Muhammad Shafi says :

    Respected Sir,
    I put appeal on 2nd of February 2008.I am unsatisfied because My appeal is pending.
    Why is my appeal pending? I am waiting your kind response.Please help me.

  41. euukimmigration@gmail.com'

    Try your local British Embassy website or UK Border Agency – http://www.ind.homeoffice.gov.uk/

  42. yasmina7373@hotmail.fr'
    yasmina7373@hotmail.fr'Grace Faiwe says :

    Dear Sir
    I just come accross your website as I’m preparing to go to the UK for a business trip.Unfortunately I can’t see any where on the website any infortion related to.
    So I would like to ask you kindly if you could possibly inform me by giving me the your most valuable advice.
    For information I’m living I the Ivory coast and I’m also Ivorian national.
    Thanks a lot


  43. desa@aol.com'
    desa@aol.com'desmond says :

    Dear friends,
    I read through and really understood that immigration rules are becoming more complex.
    Instead of the British authorities to work on internal control modalities to manage and control migration, they are fight each other and under such circumstances the ECO have all become wounded leopards read to kill you psychologically. They are not real professionals. They are like wild animals that are programmed to reap people’s money.

    Objective judgement is not part of their culture but who is to blame….the government of course. It’s rather unfortunate but that Island is sinking and even not already cursed, would be a cursed Island soon and everything on it will be cursed. They only give visas to corrupt people like themselves. How can you determine who is genuine or not. It is absolutely rediculous. Tier 4….rubbish!
    Never trust them, would be my professional advice but if you want to apply safely go through a British legal firm.ONLY BRITISH TO BRITISH CAN UNDERSTAND THE BRITISH. NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW WHAT THEY HAVE SIGNED UNDER THE TABLE. BUT any one risking to apply, thinking they have every thing that is put on paper does not work. Even you can be refused for not crossing you ‘t’ or putting a dot above your eye. Then you have the opportunity to appeal.By the time the decision is taken you find out was it really necessary to go all through this. Anyway experience is a good teach though a bad master. Good luck to all future applicants. Nevertheless just make such you go through an acknowledged migration lawyer, otherwise you can get a heavy blow between the eyes. Cheers…dessy boy…British

  44. john@aol.com'
    john@aol.com'Jose Ade John says :

    Hi All,

    All applicants be aware of the UK Boarder Agency!!!!. They are abusing their office. Even if you provide them with all required information, they still love to see you refused. They are making fun out of people and creating avenues for other sources of income creation. Its a game lottery. One will only understand by experience. Hear say is not as effective as becoming a victim of UK visa refusal.

    Most refusals are not based on facts but rather feelings.

    My advice, is that the UK is not progressing. Educational standards are falling, the system is corrupt and chaotic. Only idiots still believe that the UK is still like before. It is no more. Once you get in after going through hell, then you realize it is all not worthy.

  45. giajee59@yahoo.com'

    hi im fizza and im woman
    im live in pakistan . im refusal and i want to go uk for my children’s better future plz can u help me about it

  46. giajee59@yahoo.com'

    im live in pakistan . im refusal and i want to go uk for my children’s better future plz can u help me about it

  47. kowusu62@yahoo.com'

    i have recieved a call forward letter from the British Army.What visa should i apply for and what processes should i go through before i would be given the visa

  48. fkazmy@btinternet.com'
    fkazmy@btinternet.com'Fazil Kazmy says :

    I am british citizen and married to my wife who has indefinate stay in uk. Her mother, sister and her brother in law and their baby daughter waants to come to uk for 2/3 weeks holiday and stay with us. I am self employed and my business is brilliant and I also own my own house. How much money do I need to show to immigration in my bank account to sponser my wife `s family ?

    I hope I can get some guidnace

    Thnak you

  49. euukimmigration@gmail.com'

    Tier 4 student visa holders can bring dependants (children, spouse/civil partners) provided they meet the requirements.

  50. msamanthag1227@yahoo.com'

    If I am to apply for the Tier 4 visa from the Philippines and I want to bring my 5 year old daughter will I be able to bring her along immediately? I have full custody of her and her father has no contact with her as stated by the Philippine courts and there is no one here to take care of her.

  51. ramya_reddy00@yahoo.co.in'

    hi can i get the information about the student visa. I have applied to the college and that college license was cancelled by uk embassy, now what is the status i will get. what embessy was going todo. please respond me.

  52. topet_batman@yahoo.com'
    topet_batman@yahoo.com'joseph fajardo says :

    Good Day, I’am a Registered Nurse in the Philippines and I have been refused twice. My first refusal I can say that the fault was on me due to lack of supporting documents from my sponsor to the UK, but on my second re application I have provided the necessary supporting documents from my sponsor but the result made by ECO was still denied. My sponsor went here in the Philippines and went to the British Embassy and made a fax asking for an appointment but they never answered back and never made a schedule appointment.

  53. pr8196@gmail.com'
    pr8196@gmail.com'Cancel spuse Visa says :

    I am on Tier 1 visa and I am heading for separation and but my wife (on dependant visa) is not willing to leave UK. My wife is working at the moment. How can I cancel her visa or ask home office explaining my situation to cancel her visa and legally force her to go back to india.


  54. johanjohn4374@gmail.com'
    johanjohn4374@gmail.com'Johan John says :

    i’m a registred male nurse working in in india,i dont have ielts,now i’m planing to go London under NVQ 4 HELTHCARE&SOCIAL CARE PROGRAMME,understudent visa..when i reach in U.K medical insurance is available for me or not?

  55. akawifielusha@hotmail.co.uk'
    akawifielusha@hotmail.co.uk'kathy lusha says :

    hi im a English citizen and my husband is albanian we applied for a visa for him to come to England and it was refused because they didn’t believe my mum wrote the sponsor letter even tho they didn’t phone her to follow it up we have 3 kids together that aint seen there dad for a year and its heart braking! we are going to appeal but after reading these comments and see 1 that said they been waiting a year and they still aint heard nank back i dont fill that hopeful . it makes me so mad to here all these refusals and how immergration think they got a right to keep people away from there children and love ones and have to pay for visas and lawyers to be reunited even tho we haven’t got the money. i would like to know if my husband will get legal aid for a lawyer if he is out the country and if not as we are married can i get legal aid for 1 on his behalf?

  56. jethwahitesh@yahoo.com'
    jethwahitesh@yahoo.com'HITESH says :

    hello sir: im from india and working in israel with work parmit an last year i aaply in uk working maker holiyday an i refush last year so i make aapily again last 4 week befor i recv paper from uk so i want too know about my apily i have recv paper from immigaration jouge befor 4 weeks but i call in embccy in israel they tel me about my appeal need to chack in internet so i don t know how too check about my visa pls help me

  57. shyviki@yahoo.com'

    Dear Alls,
    let me explain i had applied for student visa on 12/2/208 unfortunatily my maternal uncle supponsor me but embssy Had rejected me on account of false Bank statment submission and imposed 320(7A) on me. it is not mine mistake it was my uncle mistake but why embassy restricted me for teen yrs.
    i can apply under Tier 4 policy with genuion documents.

  58. euukimmigration@gmail.com'

    Contact the UK Border Agency and you should be able to obtain a reprint.

  59. bengbr@hotmail.com'
    bengbr@hotmail.com'ben jones says :

    Hello. I am a Uk employer who has been acting on behalf of our employee. After a successful work permit application we received a 60 month work permit back in December’08. But upon application for a visa in his home country our employee made a mistake on his form and it was rejected. After a lengthy appeal process we finally won our appeal by a senior immigration judge. we were overjoyed as you can imagine. But now the embassy want a new work permit because they say our permit has expired!! Will i be able to get a re print, am I in time? and if so what is the way of contacting that department? Many Thanks for listening.

  60. morfi16@yahoo.co.uk'

    Hi. Our visit visa was recently refused. we appealed and it turns out that the ECO has withdrawn his refusal. They have asked for the passports and tentative dates to visit. Can the ECO deny a visa again when we send our passports? do we have to send any more documents with the passport such as an airticket etc? Also, we had paid the visa fees in full (for a 5 yr multiple entry visa) – can the ECO give a shorter duration visa? We already had a 6 months visa stamped last year and travelled on it too. How long do they take for granting a visa

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