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VFS Global Update – NVQ Appointments Changed | Immigration Matters

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There has been further developments last week on the VFS Global backlog in Manila.

Immigration Matters has received reports that several NVQ student visa candidates from Majestic College with appointments booked in April have been contacted by VFS staff to re-book the appointment before the end of March. This despite the fact that new callers are still being told that there are no appointments available until May 2009.

Meanwhile, a number of Immigration Advisers have pointed out that the British Embassy are required under Immigration Rule 34 to accept VAF Student Visa applications and documents by Registered Mail or Post. This would appear to contradict advice from VFS Global’s, the British Embassy’s partner in Manila, that NVQ Student candidates will only be seen by appointment.

Do you have any experience with VFS Global or the British Embassy you would like to share with Immigration Maters?

Your comments would be appreciated.

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39 Responses to “VFS Global Update – NVQ Appointments Changed”
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  1. I am Phil/Australian citizen and my husband is British/Australian citizen. I am currently using my Australian passport now,……….. My question is DO YOU THINK I AM ALLOWED TO START MY APPLICATION FOR A BRITISH SPOUSE VISA IN MANILA SINCE I AM AUSTRALIAN CITIZEN NOW?


  2. Pls. help me. I am Phil/ Australian citizen my husband is British citizen, now I would like to apply for a spouse visa. DO YOU THINK I AM ALLOW TO START MY APPLICATION IN MANILA SINCE I AM USING MY AUSTRALIAN PASSPORT?


  3. VFS You C*** Sucking, C***/A** Licking, Corrupt Lazy RETARDS

  4. joy basco says :

    pls kindly hold the flight of Mrs. ************** going to Milan,Italy today or tomorrow,case unsolve for re-invistigation purposes…

  5. All I can say is that on college, Majestic College, received a large number of visas last week on applications submitted in Jan and Feb this year.
    If a college is still waiting for an inspection it could be months before they appear on the Tier 4 Register of Sponsors.
    You can check the Sponsors Register on the ‘Sponsoring students under the points-based system for immigration‘ of the UKBA website.

    See also:

  6. thank you so much for the quick just dont know how you made me happy.i did speak to the principal and he is waiting hopefully to hear from the british embassy accreditation this week to visit the school premises.more power to you sir.sir one more thing,any idea how long my sister have to wait for the visa result coz its been nearly 8 months now since she handed her application in makati and the visa section has not replied any of our emails.thanks so so much.

  7. You applied under the old rules, so in theory it should not affect your student visa application. However, I would ask the college why they are not on the UK Border Agency’s sponsors register.

  8. leofel canete says :

    hi sister lodged her nvq3 application in makati manila last jan 27,2009,unfortunately until now there is no result .my concern is that the school that i enrolled her to is still applying for a license to become a sponsor.will her chance to get a visa be affected eventhough she applied before the new sponsor ruling?hope you could help me with this matter.thank you very much.

  9. The embassy are still working on a backlog going back to January. A large number of student visas for NVQ courses have recently been issued for VAF applications made in Jan/Feb.

  10. Marlene says :

    Hi! any update about visa application? I was able to submit my documents in vfs last feb. 18, 2009. It’s more than 6 months now.. what’s happening? is the processing random? why some visa application submitted march is already in process or for bank statement verification as i have read in other chat forum?

  11. hi can i hear from you?? when can i possibly have the result of my uk visa application ive submmitted at vfs makati last feb 3,2009?until now i dont have the result yet.i came to worry much now as well as my british sponsors

  12. From what we hear that does not seem to be the case. People are also being refused for petty reasons or because a word is missing from the Tier 4 visa letter.

  13. Hope the Embassy in the Philippines can make processing more faster. (NVQ)

  14. Hi Mr. Kelly,

    i just want to ask if what month is being process this time for student visa? lodge my application last january 21, 2009 in Manila and until now i dont have the result.. pls help me. im worried.

    thank you.

  15. hi!
    I and my two friends applying for a student visa,unfortunately have been refused entry to UK by the Entry Clearance Officer at the British Embassy-Manila last November 2008. We lodge our appeal directly at the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal in the UK.They recieve our documents December 1,2008.We receive our Notice of Pending Appeal last December 24, 2008. Luckily 1 of us got her visa this month. I just want to find out about the progress of out appeal. Is their a chance to grant our student visa? How long will it take? Thank you.

  16. been wondering what happened to my student visa application submitted last feb. 9, 2009 at vfs manila? until now i am still waiting for the result. is this normal???
    how long really shall i wait for student visa application result?
    i really hope i can get an answer.

  17. im maria do you have an idea when i recieve my student visa. i pass my genuine document last jan 26,2009 in british embassy manila how long to process my application i feel nervous right now about my visa

  18. Please contact your visa agent. If your VAF application is in there is not much more you can do at this stage.

  19. hi Mr. charles Kelly,, we lodged it at VFS manila. Any idea sir? thanks

  20. Is the English certification really needed? I did not take IELTS or TOEFL. I only have my Transcript of record attached in the documents needed. Is it still necessary for me to get an English Certification from my College School?Thank you!

  21. It depends on what documents and where you lodged them. See also:

  22. hi me and my friend had lodged our documents last feb. 3 and 4, 2009 respectively,,, to when do you think the result of our application will be released? thanks

  23. HI!
    Is the English certification really needed? I did not take IELTS or TOEFL. I only have my Transcript of record attached in the documents needed. Is it still necessary for me to get an English Certification from my College School?Thank you!

  24. The Embassy are only just issuing student visas for VAF aplications submitted last November. I assume you have submitted your documents at VFS?

  25. i am applying for a student visa .my sister enrolled me at Majestic College.i submitted my application at vfs in manila last dec. 3, 2008 and until now i am still waiting for the result of my application. when i submitted my application they told me it will take 60 working days maximum for the processing and its way beyond 60 working days now. i always check the tracking your application site and they only tell me it has been forwarded to british high commission.i also tried calling VFS Call center contact number but i cant get through their system unlike back in JAnuary 2009 so right now i am in a limbo not knowing what to do and how to follow up my application. i hope you can help me with my problem. thank you very much

  26. British Embassy or the center where she submitted her paper based student visa applications. Thanks for the infos. At least we have an idea where we or my sister stand at the moment if the embassy is issuing visa for November applications. I supposed we just have to wait patiently.

  27. You have to go back

  28. Milagros Lachica says :

    I am a visit visa here in u.k until May 28,and decided to apply for a student visa,i am already accepted at majestic college,you said that the last resort to have an appointment in British Embassy Manila is by courier,but in my case some of my documents/requirements are in the philippines,and i can not make the visa fee through managers check because i’m still in u.k,i already completed the on line application but i can not really get an appointment i tried many times,is the college acceptance issued last february 25 still be valid even i’ll take the risk to have an appointment/apply first week of june whether under old or new system?Please guide me,thank you

  29. If you have made your VAF application online, the appointment to complete the process is now in the hands of VFS Global (not the Embassy) to sort out. The ball is in their court, although you have to keep calling for an appointment.

    Keep pressing them for an appointment or go to their offices and wait until they see you. You could also try posting your documents to the British Embassy by registered MAIL, with a copy to VFS. I suggest you complain to VFS and UK Visas.
    Recently, many of my clients have been called by VFS to bring forward appointments set in April – presumably to clear the backlog. Don’t give up!

  30. Hi! I would like to ask your opinion about our situation. Me and my 2 brothers has already completed the online application last february 24, 2009 and paid the visa fees on 20th of february 2009. Our parents enrolled us in Majestic College and paid the course fee. We did expect that it would be easier to book an appointment after we finished the online application and pay the fees. But unfortunately, when we phoned the embassy they said that there’s no available appointment at this time. What are we supposed to do? How can we send the application and document needed? How can we send it through registered mail? Can we still refund the visa fee? How long are we gonna wait for the next schedule of appointments?
    I hope you can help us. Thank You!

  31. I assume you have completed the VAF online? You will need to submit paper based documents and your biometrics. Contact your nearest British Embassy or their visa handling partner, or check the website for instructions.

  32. catherine says :

    i have submitted my necessary documents for nvq student visa last febuary 24,2009. do i have to schedule an appointment in order to work my application?

  33. Which Embassy and what type of visa? The British Embassy in Manila are only just issuing visas this week for student visa clients we submitted last November. Some recent VAF applications are being dealt with more quickly.

  34. Hello! Do you have an idea as to when the embassy will release the result of my sister’s application submitted last 21st January? Is it true that the backlog is wayback 2 months in processing all the applications for student? She’s been told at the time she submitted her applications that the embassy is still processing applications wayback October.

  35. Ron Hoppe says :

    This article is about the re-booking of appointments made recently by the British embassy which Charles already mentioned to us last Saturday.

    With this new development, VFS informed us that they will be trying to insert our waitlisted students for March/April and might turn out to be successful this time.

  36. We are talking about making sure the application is submitted before 31 March. Immigration rule 34 allows for submission by registered mail. An online VAF, it could be argued, also count as submission. If you have a problem with VFS Global you should take it up with their complaints section or complain to UK Visas direct.

  37. Hi,

    Thank you for all the updates you are providing us.
    We found it very useful in conducting our business.

    Do you really think that our students will not have a problem if they submit their application via registered mail? How about the biometrics?, when can they do it?

    We hope that you can enlighten us on this matter as to solve the problem of NVQ students.

    Thank you.

    Warm regards,


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