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UKBA publish new forms for applications under the points-based system | Immigration Matters

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The UK Border Agency has this month published yet another set of new versions of forms, for various applications under the points-based system.

The new forms apply to applicants already in the UK, and should be used for any applications made, on or after 1 October 2012.

The new application forms are:

  • Tier 1 (Exceptional talent);
  • Tier 1 (Investor);
  • Tier 1 (Graduate entrepreneur);
  • Tier 1 (Entrepreneur);
  • Tier 1 (General);
  • Tier 2;
  • Tier 4 (Child);
  • Tier 4 (General); and
  • Tier 5 (Temporary worker).

In addition, the PBS Dependant form has now been replaced with 2 separate forms:

  • PBS Dependant form for Tier 1, 2 or 5 dependants
  • PBS Dependant form for Tier 4 dependants

The agency, in line with paragraph 34(i) of the Immigration Rules, will continue to accept applications made on the previous version of these forms up to and including 22 October 2012. Source: UK Border Agency.

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2 Responses to “UKBA publish new forms for applications under the points-based system”
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  1. margaret louise webber says :

    I unfortunately overstayed my Ancestoral Visa permit, and have for the Past 11 months sent ppeals and have been turned down twice, and my permission to Appeal application has been turned down, although im not clear as to why – on my letter of rejection they also sent me forms to Apply to the Upper Tribunal to appeal.
    I am a lady of 61yrs old, and have a husband, son, two daughters and 4 grandchildren all living in the U.K. We actually left South Africa to be with my children and grandchildren. My health is not good, and am treated by Doctors for Severe depression, sleep depravation, and C.O.P.D. I have got into trouble with my breathing, which often gets shallow and needs immediate attention. My Doctor is up the road from me, and all I have to do is phone him and he puts me on Steroids to enlarge the lungs, and because of this I also suffer with Chest infections quite often, which is also treated with Anti Biotics straight away.I would not be able to receive this attention in South Africa as I would have to attend a Government Hospital which is not the healthiest of places. I can receive medication from then IF and WHEN they have it. To attend a Government Hospital you have to be there at 4 am, to queue. You mostly do get to see the Doctor, and get a prescription, which you have to queue up for again. You would be lucky to leave there at 4pm. Should they not have your medication you have to return the next day.
    As I do not have any friends or family still living in South Africa I would be homeless. The crime is also at its Peek, and have information of that in my possession.
    All in all they are willing to send a 61 yr old lady back to a Country which in not safe, plus take me away from my whole family. My grandchildren are my life and it is unimaginable to think of waking up in South Africa wherever I may be and not have any family members there. I have sent everything possible to the Courts, even letters from my Children and Grandchildren.
    Here is the letter my 7 yr old Granddaughter wrote.
    My other granddaughter is 2 yrs old and my two grandsons are 17 and 14 yrs old, and my step-grandaughter is also 17.
    So all in all, despite my health, safety and nowhere to live in SA I have been denied the right to live in the U.K. with my family. All this information has been produced but the Judge still insists on sending me back.
    A couple were allowed to continue staying in the U.K because they had a pet cat, and recently a Refugee who raped a 12yr old girl won his battle to stay in the U.K.
    (IMMIGRANT BRANDED A RISK TO GIRLS HAS HUMAN RIGHTS TOO, SAYS JUDGE.). So what would my human rights be????

  2. Hon’ble concerned authorities,

    I dont have any words to say as i have been not only working but also being the victum of human trafficling(very dirty game plan of those unsuccessful professionals who are jealous from my exceptional talent and professional ethics)on the subject of Immoral Human Trafficling by some unscrouplus sources including travel agents.

    There are several kind of such sources which are engaged in mal practices by using different ways that are too dirty to say,even it came to my knowledge that in gurdaspur district of punjab,where illegal practices are legal.
    I have started my profession from an Airline company having salary pack of only Rs.5000.00,but after a struggle of around 4 years (study corres),a professional given me aan office to prove my talent,that was those days when enclosing the documents like land deeds,crop receipts and even bank accounts in fake,fabricated form were not checked by British High commission with the method now border agency has adoted or going to be adopted,I never ever advertised in any newspaper or other media and remain honest towards the profession and no one can emagine that in a period of only 18 months I capurted the whole market,that was just because of my very genuine rate services and my clients made my mouth advertisement,everything was good enough,I even taken or started my independant office,where I were used to attend around 30-40 customers daily.
    One of my employee who once requested me with folded hands for job,started mal practices(started charging advance amount like Rs.10,000-Rs.15000,but luckily by the grace of that almighty GOD ,It came to my knowledge through one of sponsor of one applicant,I never,I repeat all the bank of data of customers can prove you that what type of person I am?my intellectual property having unique identity(people and clients says).
    To be in short,my emplooyee beg my pardon and I forgiven him from my heart,but that person did a very heneous crime,I had undergone a surgery,and remain admitted for 10 days and else 15-20 days I stayed in office with a seperate rest room,I were also in feaver and animea ,so doctor’s assistant managed dip(glucose) in office seperate portion,that person(forgiven employee) again played a game (rivals tempted him to make me addict) he mixed norphen injections in dip,he knows something about this as he was in medical representative job ,before joining me,any ways as I stayed in office around 16 days ,after my recovery(I started feeling very well and no pain.I never sit in society of any such persons as I belong to a spirtually rich family,I am being made addict of the same and i am being told the same to be a MVI(multi vitamin Infusion,my blind faith made me blind,after 2-3 month my parents came to know,then I went to a rehabitalisation centre I remain untouched from my clients,as I ,my father and mother are living together ,in my absence,a new employee with the reference of some known person was deputed,everything was again right and my father joined the office to tell the clients about my rehab(by not telling the whereabout)as my father were advised by the rehab centre owner,I joind NA(narcotic anonymous),afte 8 months I came back,I feel very happy initially as most of my clients know the expected date of my arrival,they came to meet me informally,but after three months I came to know that rivals played a game plan with me,in my absence a huge amount has been charged in a special office(taken on rent by these fraudies).
    I am much concerned about the same,that was the third shock to me,all these acts made a drastic bad effect on my mother’s health and till today she is not well,I have reported the police,police arrested him on the complaint of a client,
    Our great punjab police let him go with a security of 3 lac(I need not to tell ,everybody knows the reputation of pp,
    I also decided to stop the professional services due to my mother and even father’s health,the odd time that I cannot explain,clients loves me ,they came to my native village and given condolence and make me feel proud that they were exploited also,but as I was ill and in rehab,so they waited me to tell the reality.
    So know Today the circumstances are like this,that since 8 october 2010 I am struggling and struggling,sold my car,again started travelling in train,clients are still with me,but I am struggling hard for the justice,but everyeffort is followed by a threat from anti social elements,even I agained collected evidences against them ,but all these crooks have overnight earned money and police need the same.

    I dont have any personal commercial benefit behind it,but just want or wish with the hope that I will get justice,even I have not married,everything is bad with my home,my punjab,I know I alone cannot bring revolution,but go through the history each revolution has been initiated by a single person.
    I will be most happy when I will get that honor and respect which is more than millions ,each word of mine is true and even my Uncle who is in UK and being recently awarded by hon’ble queen,I think MBE award,I pround of my Uncle.
    If yourself or the governance of British High commission can help me on my humble request to send this message to the NGO’s,so that in future no any Bhupinder sharma whom people given several name,someone with Bhupinder Singh sharma.
    I will provide you with hundeds of ideas to nab such sources and even new ideas that can develop more economical relations of Indo England,I dont need a single penny from any obe,bevause i have seen the odd time,I dont want to be a part and parcel of this society,I am not asking for any help,I am just requesting you to save the punjab from these frauds,I again repeat that I dont want anything ,but I want the next generation of punjab should not be exploited,I dont want the birth of bhupinder sharma,you have the good governance,If you will ask me to provide the plans I can,but even scared from these sources due to my parents health,otherwise you can examine me ,can send some witness expert and after checking my testimonials.
    I need a award of Rs.101 only,on that day I will feel satisfaction,but first of all check my testimonials,


    Thanking you in anticipation with a hope.
    (My website is under upgradation,as through same i want to provide knowledge and awareness among innocent punjabi people.

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