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UKBA announce new computer database to track down 150,000 illegal immigrants | Immigration Matters

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An immigration computer database is being set up to track down the 150,000 people who are overstaying or remaining in UK illegally, it was revealed this week.

The project will be launched next month to help deal with the huge backlog of foreign nationals who have overstayed their student or temporary work visas.

Letters will be sent to those in the ‘migration refusal pool’ warning that they will be deported and barred from entering the UK if they do not leave within 28 days.

In a new move private companies are being invited to tender for the multi-million pound contract.

Potential UKBA partners include G4S, the controversial security firm which failed to deliver enough staff for the Olympic Games forcing the organisers to call in the Armed Forces.

A private security firm was actually employing illegal workers before the games started.

Passenger records held in the e-borders database, which covers details of all flights outside Europe to and from Britain, will be checked and there will be careful monitoring of the 100 immigrants whose visas expire daily.

The measures come after it was revealed last month that 40 per cent of immigrants who have been refused leave to stay in the country have not been sent the forms demanding they leave.

Tens of thousands of these lapsed visa cases date back more than five years and are a legacy of Labour’s catastrophic mismanagement of Britain’s immigration system.

Conservative Immigration Minister Damian Green said he hoped the new scheme would allow Border Agency staff more time to carry out enforcement operations and reduce the backlog.

He said: ‘We’re concentrating much more on enforcement. From debrief interviews we’ve found that a third of people decide to overstay at the point their visa expires.

‘If we can send these people letters warning of the consequences of illegally overstaying then I’m sure we can reduce the total number deciding to remain.’

The move follows a UKBA summer-long drive to remove visa ‘overstayers’ that has led to thousands being removed, with 2,000 of those being in London alone.

The majority of those targeted entered the country on student visas which have now expired. Mr Green said they mainly came from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, Brazil and Nigeria and were now working illegally.

An operation in the capital on Monday resulted in three arrests. Two Pakistani nationals and an Iranian man were arrested in Walworth and Brixton, South London, for allegedly working illegally.

One 28-year-old Iranian was arrested by the same immigration officer at a Halal butchers three years ago. Another Pakistani man smirked as he was led away in handcuffs in what was his third arrest by UKBA staff.

The chief inspector of immigration, John Vine, criticised the UKBA for not having a strategy for reducing the pool of overstayers last month.

The only guidance staff were given for dealing with cases in this 150,000-strong group was that the total size of the pool should not be allowed to increase.

Vine said his greatest concern during his inspection of the Hampshire and Isle of Wight immigration team was over the ‘150,000-plus cases nationally that are sitting in a migration refusal pool’.

The chief inspector concluded that UKBA staff reported it being impossible to know whether the 150,000 were still in Britain or had left voluntarily.

In total, the UKBA faces an enormous backlog of 276,000 immigration cases. The growing total includes asylum seekers, foreign criminals and illegal migrants and is equivalent to the population of Newcastle.

MPs sitting on the Commons Home Affairs Committee said the UK has become a ‘Bermuda Triangle’ for migrants, a country where it is ‘easy to get in, but impossible to keep track of everyone, let alone get them out.’

In addition, around 21,000 new asylum cases have built up because officials were able to process only 63 per cent of last year’s applications.

There are also 3,900 foreign criminals living in the community and free to commit more crimes, including more than 800 who have been at large for five years or more. Source: Daily Mail.

There are between 500,000 to 700,000 people living in the UK illegally, which the think tank ippr estimated would take 20 years at a cost of £5 billion to remove.

If you are here on a student, working or tourist visa it is your responsibility to ensure that you do not overstay on an expired visa. If you break the rules you could face a 10 year ban from returning to the UK.

The UK Border Agency advises applicants with limited leave to remain to ensure they apply to extend visa in time – before the visa expires.

However, there are circumstances where migrants have little choice but to overstay – a relationship with an EEA or UK National, a child or simply because they have run out of money

What should you do if you have overstayed your visa or leave to remain and need advice?

The UK Border Agency recently announced important changes to the way applications from visa overstayers will be treated.

Starting 1 October 2012, if you have overstayed your leave or permission to stay in the UK by more than 28 days any application for further leave will be automatically refused.

Immigration Advisers Bison Management has dealt with many cases of migrants who have overstayed their visa period. Bison Immigration Adviser Cynthia Barker said:

‘Overstaying applicants are normally automatically refused unless there is a strong case for a human rights appeal or where they are in a relationship or have a child with British or EEA national.

‘Many of the cases are dealt with on an ‘outside the rules’ basis or go to a full appeal at the First Tier Tribunal.

‘The changes to the immigration rules will set out more clearly when a refusal will be issued.

‘The important thing is for a good immigration adviser to ‘think outside the box’ and look beyond the cold facts.’

Employers who employ migrant workers on working or students visas should have a system in place to monitor visa expiry dates.

Overseas students should also be monitored to ensure they are actually studying as well as working for the correct number of hours.

Bulgarian and Romanian citizens are subject to restrictions on working in the UK and cannot be employed in the same way as other EEA nationals. UK work restrictions on Bulgarian and Romanian nationals, were extended until the end of 2013 by the government last November.

Employers who fail to carry out the proper checks on migrant workers, including Bulgarians and Romanians, risk a fine of up to £10,000.

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14 Responses to “UKBA announce new computer database to track down 150,000 illegal immigrants”
Read them below or add one

  1. I have read a lot about overstaying people, the border agency and their bounty hunter agency called Capita. But after reading about most of the cases I feel that yes there is a minority percentage who abuse the system, but majority of the so called over stayed are honest people.

    These people who apply for extension, their documents and passport are sent to home office or what ever department they are suppose to send. Sometimes they do not receive acknowledgements for months, and their passports are held for years and not returned and then they are branded as criminals and handed over to border agency or their bounty hunters.

    I would suggest to home office to stop wasting tax payers money with the bounty hunters. and adopted the following methods and the over stayers will reduce in Britain.

    1) when peoples submit papers they should be photocopied passport stamped with review for extension, and returned to the applicant with letter stating pending out come
    2) Then they should be monitored with their movements with monthly reporting to local police or local immigration office and failing this should be arrested and deported.

    I feel while this review is taking place many people want to go back but can not for Home Office do not return passports, once these people who apply for extension leave the country the ECO in their country should refuse re-entry visa without guidance from home office.

    There have been instances when passports have expired and they have not been returned to applicants for renewal, and refused even when the applicant request that the passport be sent to their consular but instead the applicants are hounded by border agency or their bounty hunters “ Capita”. I have expressed my concern, regarding this but just been ignored.

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  3. Did you get a sec 320 ban?

  4. bydrli says :

    hi there i was overstayed my student visa in UK for 18 months and i came back to India voluntarily, though i had sent my visa application for renewal there was shortage of money so they sent my passport back to me. Unfortunately i did not get my passport in time, i got it after 18 months. my visa was expired in feb.2007 and came back in nov.2009. now i am looking forward for work visa am i eligible to obtain visa or not. any information regarding the above said matter thanks.

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  6. peter o omon says :

    Uk conservative government will continue to destroy the economy as long as they continue to destroy their sources of income to the economy. Example, The largest industry education is virtully declining compared to other advanced countries, becausee of the activities of anti-students admissionor foreign students.
    Same goes to other industries in the UK. They are all struggling because of irrational decisions of government. UK economy needs the immigrants to survive, just as it relied on their fore fathers to survived to this day. Mark my word.

  7. hi i just want to ask you my friend came here in 2007on visit visa but he didnot gi back he illegale here niw wat he can do now any advice dor him many thanks

  8. its a hard fact that ukba is not vigilant enough or they are under staffed to remove the illegals from uk. the legal people are really suffering because of illegals. these illegals are ready to work on cheaper wages and employers prefer them on legal people to save money. to remove illegals ukba should make a website and ask everybody to give information regarding illegals and on such leads they can get the culprits.

  9. Natalie says :

    They are fooling people in a lot of ways it’s all propaganda . What about the families that are been torn apart by the ridiculous immigration laws is this not going to encourage more illegal immigration due to people that are desperate to be with their wife, husband children . Non eel spouses are not allowed to claim benefits when they enter the uk are you aware of this fact . The government are feeding people what they think they want to hear to win votes.

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  11. Humbly request to foreign students please go to some other countries for their better future. In UK you are spoiling your life, Uk economy is going down day by day, very bad recession,dark future there.

  12. All this is cook and bull story, which we are listening
    last 40years by fake figure and information. Day by day illegal and criminals are increasing under the nose of UKBA and there is no check.By such statement they are fooling the British peoples. Stop the illegal war in Af. Where you have spent billion of GBP
    Lot of young British soldiers become paralyses and have spoiled their life. LEARN A LESSON BY THEIR LIFE

  13. […] week Immigration Matters reported that the UKBA is setting up a privately run immigration database to track down the 150,000 people who are overstaying or remaining in UK illegally. The project will […]

  14. Living in this county last almost 35years i found law is very criminal friendly in this country. The innocent people are suffering and the criminals are on the loose.

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