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The UK Border Agency has announced new English language tests for non-European migrants applying to come to the UK to join or marry a settled or British partner.

Last month the government announced plans to introduce compulsory English language tests for all non-European migrants applying to come to the UK to join or marry their settled partner.

The UK Border Agency has confirmed that these plans will be implemented from 29 November 2010.

From this date, the UK Border Agency said:

‘any migrant who wants to enter or remain in the UK as the partner of a British citizen or a person settled here will need to show that they can speak and understand English, by taking an English language test with one of our approved test providers’.

The new rules will apply to anyone applying as the husband, wife, civil partner, unmarried partner, same-sex partner, fiance (e) or proposed civil partner of a British citizen or a person settled in this country. They will be compulsory for people applying from within the UK as well as visa applicants from overseas.

Further information about these changes can be found in a written ministerial statement, which you can download on the UK Border Agency website.

Source: UK Border Agency.

Last week the government announce new language tests for non-EU students coming to the UK after 12 August 2010.

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Posted on Jul 27, 2010 - Last updated on Jul 26, 2010

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