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UK Border Agency step up raids on employers | Immigration Matters

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A number of illegal immigrants have been arrested this week for illegally working and their employers fined £100,000 following raids by the UK Border Agency.

Nine Indians were arrested recently in Leicester, where the three companies were based. The UK Border Agency released details of the raids and warned other companies that it would continue to carry out unannounced checks.

During the raid on one of the companies, Fashion Fair, officers sealed all the exits and questioned the workers. Two Indians, aged 33 and 46 were arrested. One had come to the UK illegally, while the other was working in breach of his visa conditions.

At the same time, Impress Clothing was raided and three men who tried to run away were arrested. There was a 27-year-old man from India with a false Bulgarian passport and two other Indians, aged 26 and 56, who were found to be failed asylum-seekers.

UK Border Agency staff also raided Pizza Pan Takeaway and detained five illegal immigrants.

Gail Adams, regional director of the UK Border Agency, said: 

“Employers who don’t play by the rules will get struck off our register, lose the right to recruit staff from outside Europe, face on-the-spot fines and could potentially end up in jail”. 

The Government has continued to step up raids and crack downs on employers in a bid to reduce the estimated half a million illegal immigrants currently in the UK.

Hundreds of compliance officers have been employed to target businesses deliberately or unwittingly employing illegal workers, which the Home Office see as part of the problem. 

Employers hiring workers without the correct permission to work in the UK face civil penalties of up to £10,000 per person. 

Employers wishing to recruit overseas workers legally should register as sponsors under Tier 2 of the Points Based System, which replaced the Work Permit regime last November.

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8 Responses to “UK Border Agency step up raids on employers”
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  1. The UKBA usually raid businesses following information received, so some tip offs are being acted upon.

  2. billy bob says :

    When you report a business for employing illegals nothing is done about it
    A friend of mine reported a business where the owner was claiming benefits such as jobseekers allowance and housing benefit and was the owner of the business plus he was employing illegals from his own country one of those illegals who was working for him was refused to stay in the uk and was asked to leave his social housing and basically told to leave the uk but did not he applied again to the home office whilst still doing his illegal work and was granted indefinate leave and now has a citizenship why is it when a illegal lost their case to stay in the uk can they continue to make multiple applications in a bid to gain residency in the uk he was refused as his case was not good enough so the home office asked him to get more evidence from his home country to validate his claim this was requsted after 2 attempts to gain status in uk he then got documents sent from his country to say that his life would be in danger if he was returned to his homeland he has since returned back to his dangerous homeland where his life is in so much danger for a nice 2 month holiday families of asylum seekers will do whatever it takes to get a relative status in any country even falsifying documents as they knowth these documents can be translated but cant be checked many immigr come to the uk using a different name and date of birth to the one they use back in their country and any money they earn while in the uk whether legal or illegal is saved up and sent back home, now the government has made it harder for immigrants to bring a spouse to the uk some are either leaving a nd returning back to their country where they got married when they trvelled back to get married after being granted status in the uk then they apply for the spouse to come to uk, in one instance a iraqi asylum seeker got his family living in a eu country to bring his wife to apply for residency in sweden when she was successful she came to the uk as a eu citizen this side stepped the problem of getting her to the uk by applying from his native country as he could not support her as he was not earnig enough money.

  3. The UK Border Agency has a section on this on their website

    Report an illegal immigrant or other immigration offence If you know that someone is breaking immigration laws (for example, by being in the UK illegally or by employing an illegal immigrant), you can send us information about it by email.

    We may not be able to acknowledge your email message, but we will pass it on to our local immigration team in the appropriate part of the country. Where appropriate, they will investigate and take action.

    To enable us to send your information quickly to the local immigration team closest to the offence you are reporting, please help us by putting the specific place (for example, Croydon) or the postcode (for example, CR0) in the message’s subject line or title. Please also try to give us as much information as possible about the offence, such as names and addresses.

    We treat all personal information as confidential. We will not tell the person involved that you contacted us, but we will not be able to tell you what action is taken as a result of your information.


  4. How can I report illigal immigrants working??? or can someone raid raid this company I know who are employing??? Please help me to stop this.

  5. you are lucky you can stay here legally but don’t you think or realize that peole stay here illegally is because of poverty in their own country and to give a better life spcially to their children… think carefully before you try to do something to your co human…..OK….

  6. […] normally plan their raids based on a tip off that a company is employing illegal workers, so any employer could be […]

  7. how can i report a illigal immigrnt working ??
    any specific number or crimestoper?

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