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UK Border Agency drops charge for Certificate of Approval Scheme | Immigration Matters

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With effect from 9 April 2009 the UK Border Agency has suspended the fee for Certificate of Approval applications.

Individuals making an application for a Certificate of Approval on or after this date will not be required to pay the fee. 

The fee has been suspended following the House of Lords judgment in the case of Baiai v the Secretary of State for the Home Department. 

In a statement the UK Border Agency said it is “carefully considering the implications for those who have already paid a fee and will shortly announce its policy in this respect”. 

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  1. You or your friend should seek advice from an OISC registered immigration adviser, Lawyer or the voluntary sector such as IAS (Immigration Advisory Service) However threatening them will not help you or your friend.

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  3. astinyutt says :

    that was their money making machine gun and with the current recession, not even a penny would be released to anyone

  4. astinyutt says :

    that was their money making machine gun and with the current recession, not a even a penny would be released to anyone

  5. Allancsn says :

    What do you think the chances of them givening back dated refunds to those who paid in the past.

  6. What is a Certificate of Approval?
    This is the Home Office definition:
    “If you plan to get married or register your civil partnership in the United Kingdom and you are subject to immigration control while in the United Kingdom, you may need to apply for a certificate of approval.”
    For further information on getting married in the UK whilst subject to immigration control see:

  7. elvira says :

    what is a Certificate of Approval means????

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