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UK Border Agency can seize your cash | Immigration Matters

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Last week UK Border Agency officers seized approximately £27,000 in cash from a British man as he was leaving the country at London City Airport.

The officers discovered the money, which was in euros, when they stopped and searched the 26-year-old from Swindon just before he boarded a flight to Barcelona on Wednesday 13 October.

The man claimed that he was going to live abroad, and said the money had been earned from cash-in-hand employment – for which no tax or National Insurance would have been paid.

The money was detained under the Proceeds of Crime Act, and will only be returned if he can prove to a court that it came from a legitimate source.

Anyone leaving the UK with more than £1,000 in cash must provide evidence if the source and intended use of the money, or it may be detained. This is to prevent the proceeds of criminality being hidden in bank accounts and other assets overseas, and to prevent the theft of money from the public purse through unpaid tax.

On Thursday 14 October Crawley Magistrates Court granted an order to hold the cash for a further 6 months while the investigation continues.

Senior investigating officer Tim Fleming from our criminal and financial investigations team said:

‘UK Border Agency officers are working hard at all our ports to prevent drugs, contraband or the potential proceeds of crime from entering or leaving the UK.

‘Where we suspect that cash may be linked with criminal activity, we have the power to seize it, and it will only be handed back if it is later proven to be legitimate.’

Following a court order, money detained can be held for up to 6 months at a time while investigations are underway. It may then be ordered as forfeit and returned to the public purse if shown to be associated with criminal activity.

In 2009/10, UK Border Agency officers seized £11.9million from passengers at ports across the UK.

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3 Responses to “UK Border Agency can seize your cash”
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  1. Allan Reynolds says :

    HM Revenue & Customs do provide a Cash Delaration Forms for people to declare funds of excess of 10,000 Euros.Supposedly you fill in the details of amount you have in traveller checks,various cash currencies or bank drafts etc.The person is then meant to keep the copy of the form incase asked at a later date regrads it.The form is meant to be deposited into a drop box at port of exit/entry.
    What is interesting is that one doesn`t have to declare amounts of less than 10,000 Euro if travelling within the European Union.
    I guess this gives a warnng now to many people that travel to the Philippines to make sure they have copies of saving books,bank statements or proof of where money came from if stopped and searched for money.
    I have always brought approximatley £3000 in cash whenever travelled to the Philippines.I am sure many others also bring more than £1000 in cash when go to the Philippines with their families or by themselves.I also have a credit card and debit card for emergency back up.Why keep using ATM machines to obtain money all the time and get charged for using them by the bank?
    I find it hard to beleive the person having £27,000 saved this from doing casual work and if he did no doubt HMRC would want their cut in taxes that should have been paid,plus penalties.

  2. mrs Lasbrey says :

    what is the maximum amount I should carry with me when coming to UK?

  3. S Zubairi says :

    We heard from various applicants applying for permanent residence in Great Britain as spouses that after their appeals are sucessful in UK the High Commission in Islamabad ( rather a few corrupt officals) withold the notification of the secess of the appeal. If and when the applicants approaches the High Commission they are asked for large amount of bribes.

    Since these applicants have limited time to leave the country after visa has been approved they have no way but to pay the bribes.



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