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Student visas can be cancelled if a student changes college without permission | Immigration Matters

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As thousands of international students move from college to college, care needs to be taken to ensure you stay on the right side of the law. One wrong move and you could find your visa being cancelled by the UK Border Agency.

Immigration Adviser Cynthia Barker has dealt with number of students whose Tier 4 and pre-Tier 4 visas were suddenly curtailed by the border agency within weeks of their former college reporting their premature departure. She said:

“We have seen student’s visas cancelled shortly after they stop attending the college which granted them permission.”

Some of these students had left their college without completing their course and without applying for new permission. In many cases they also owed substantial sums in unpaid fees.

Their new providers seemed quite happy to enrol them without bothering to take up a reference from the previous college or offering any advice to the student. This can have serious repercussions for the student later on down the road when it comes to renewing their visas without an ‘established presence’ in the UK.

Cynthia continued:    

“If you have changed college, do you have the new permission from UKBA?   Also, has your new college checked your reference and attendance record from the previous college?  These factors can affect your leave to remain.”

Cynthia added that “students should check their visa and student status as holding a visa does not guarantee your stay in the UK”.

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39 Responses to “Student visas can be cancelled if a student changes college without permission”
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  1. Hi
    I am in uk as a international student since feb 2011. I been continue to college for one year.but i didnt go afterward due to there misbehave and they alway asked abou next year fees besides about study mater. even they have kept my licence nd asked for i am trying to get admisdion in other college shell i got it without facing any problem. i havent got progress or elese besides cas latter.

  2. Your education provider is sponsoring you.

  3. Elizabeth Oketogun says :

    I have just had a falling out with my parents, I just wanted to know if it was possible for them to go the home office and have my student visa revoked if they pull out sponsoring(that is paying for my allowance and rent) me.
    P.s. My tuition for uni has already been paid in full and I am now currently living with my husband who works as a physiotherapist. Please I need an answer ASAP!

  4. hi there,
    hi i got a student visa till march 14 2013 but my visa was cancelled by ukba bcoz i was stop attending college in 2009 bcoz the college is not have a linced for ukba and i just cheng the college and i completed my study in other college when i finished my 2 years study and i cheng the college for higer study this was a highly trusted college and also i inform the ukba is well they detainee me they said the college r told me to you stope attending college thats why we cancelled ur visa we give u a letter and we also give you a chans for apple but i diddent recived any kind of letter for ukba side but i never stope my study in uk when i came here i also paid a £3000 fees in new college i dont know what i will do now pls give me advise pls

  5. Universities have a complaints procedure and ombudsman system. They think they are all immigration experts, but when they mess up peoples lives with bad advice, they are not held accountable by any regulator!

  6. Ahamed says :

    Hi there

    I was studying in a college last year and I changed my institution to a university this year
    I completely did not know that I have to change my visa because my sponsor had been changed
    However in the uni there was visa advising team whom completely misguided me with different information as to how much I should maintain in my bank account and now the uni is saying we can not do anything more because my enrollement period is expired and they can not make a application and they informed me my visa will be curtailed once they inform in the UKBA
    But I’d like to know whether will i be able to file a case in the courts for what happened to me, or I might have to go in a few weeks? I need to continue my studies as well
    Please help

  7. Why don’t you just attend your college as per your visa conditions? They should write to you. You need to talk to them and actually GO to the college.

  8. Fathima shani says :

    My college said that my attendence are poor and they gonna inform ukba about this to cancel my visa. I’m a full time student and have visa until 2014.
    In this case, i would like to know how long will UKBA take to cancel my visa and how do they gonna let me know about this? I paid part of my fees for this semester too.. Can they cancel my visa immidiately? Or if i attend college properly will I be safe? Do they give me a warning before they cancel?

  9. Hi ….my collage is Revoke but i did’t get latter form ukba ….and they inform me on 10th off oct that we sand u latter but it’s retune from old address but i re post as wall ,,,,,,,and i did’t receive but on the same day i submit my visa file on same day so did they accepted

  10. Jshams says :

    Hi i m a uk college student.i went uk regesterd myself in
    College but i had to go bk pakistan zox ov som family problemz
    College gave me holidays till this sep but i still cant
    Manage to go in uk i want to go in october but the college
    Threatend me that thay gona cancel my it possible plz reply

  11. PURNIMA MEHTA says :


    I am currently a holder of a Tier 4 student (general) visa valid until October 2014 for pursuing a bachelors course with Swansea University, Wales, UK, of which, I have completed my first year. I have been marked present for the entire first year and have no overdues with the university except for a mere GBP 11 library fine which I shall pay off once I am back in the UK as currently I am in India (home country) for the summer vacation.

    I am looking forward to transfer to the University of Surrey, England, UK, directly from the year 2 of the same course (beginning on 24th september 2012), and have obtained the CAS letter for the same. The CAS has been issued on basis of my first year results from Swansea. (I also have a Reference letter from my personal tutor at Swansea).

    I would like to know whether I need a new visa or not. and in case I do, will I have to withdraw from Swansea University(who will then inform the UKBA ) BEFORE or AFTER I apply for/obtain my visa for Surrey??


  12. You need to see an adviser to go through your case. Call Bison UK on 0208 905 1822 to arrange a confidential consultation.

  13. mahroos says :

    the university told me that my sponsorship has been cancelled due to poor attendance and attitude. how will i know if they really reported me to ukba? does the ukba will send me a letter or phone me informing that they’ve received the cancellation of sponsorship? and what should i do now i have got 2 years visa if i will apply for an other collage does i have to apply for or new visa and i have 20 hours on my visa if i will apply in a collage i will get workings hours or not? please reply thanks.

  14. You should take proper professional advice. Call Bison UK on (0044) (0)208 905 1822 for a consultation, which can be arranged at their office, online, on the telephone or by SKYPE.

  15. Hi , i have student visa tire 4 which expir early 2013 i attened my classes untilli become ill and i got holiday from my colleg more than allowed with hospital letters, im atill unwell but my college can’t give me more holiday by the way im getting marrid with my fiance from my country which hold biritish passport and he wants to change my visa asap my course will finish after4 month i want to know if i stop my course can i stay un uk remain of the visa untill he apply to change my visa or i have to leave uk immidiatly?

  16. Nisha Koirala says :

    I am Niesh. I currently hold a student visa running until June 2013. My college’s sponsor licence was seized on October 2011 hence it was suspended for a while. Aftermath I didn’t wish to stay longer in the UK. My parents suggested me to come back home and I did on January 2012. Now I hear my college has been reinstated by the UKBA. On the further inquiry with my college, they said I won’t be able to come back to the UK with the same visa and also they aren’t authorised to track down my visa status. I want to carry on my further studies in Australia. Since I already hold a UK student visa I was wondering if it would create any trouble on my Aussie visa application. Should I terminate my visa? If I should what is the procedure? I live in Nepal and professionals here aren’t as helpful in the UK. Please help. Thank you.

  17. Nisha Koirala says :

    I am Niesh. I hold a student visa running till June 2013. On October 2011 my college’s sponsor liecence was seized and hence the college was suspended. Aftermath I no longer intended to stay in the UK. My family also arranged my flight back home by January 2012. Now I hear my college has been reinstated by UKBA but my current visa wouldn’t allow me to get back to the UK. I am not sure if in that case my visa has been terminated or not. I wish to carry on my further studies in Australia. But me holding a valid student visa of England may get me in trouble during Aussie visa process. I live in Nepal. How do I cancel my student visa? Please help!

  18. Basically, you will know when the UK Border Agency contacts you, unless you want to contact them to inform them that your sponsorship has been cancelled.
    In the meantime you should find another college as you must be in full time study if you are here on a student visa.

  19. christina ignacio says :

    the college told me that my sponsorship has been cancelled due to poor attendance and attitude. how will i know if they really reported me to ukba? does the ukba will send me a letter or phone me informing that they’ve received the cancellation of sponsorship?please reply asap thanx!

  20. Depends on when you got your visa and the course level.

  21. hi
    I am applied in government funded college.Can i bring my dependant from india.And my dependant have work permission or not.

  22. hello sir,
    i just got student visa with no work permit in it as my college told me that i must get at least 10 hours but i didnt get any. i am studying level 6. i want to know can i switch my college to another on without applying for visa. please reply me asap as i am in very serious problem.i want to do top up course in any of the college which have university as its awarding body and finish my final year and go back home.

  23. sundas says :

    i do an email but dont got any respons from there
    plz tell me i am out of uk how i contect


    Report immigration crime or smuggling


    This page explains how you can report suspected immigration crime (such as illegal immigration or illegally employing foreign workers), smuggling or terrorism.

    We take public reports of crime seriously. If you suspect that someone is working illegally, has no right to be in the UK or is involved in smuggling, we want to hear from you.

    Reporting crime online
    You can report your suspicions in confidence using our reporting form.

    Please complete as much of the form as you can. But do not worry if you cannot answer all of the questions – and do not put yourself in danger by trying to discover more information.

    Any information that you provide will be handled in confidence. You can give us your name and address if you wish, but you do not need to do so.

    Other reporting methods
    Alternatively, you can:

    contact Crimestoppers (online or by phone) anonymouslycall the Customs Hotline about smuggling on 0800 595 000
    contact the confidential anti-terrorist hotline on 0800 789 321 or online dial 999 in an emergency

  25. i want to report ukba about a student who is living and working in uk illegally and teasing me how i inform ukba i dont want to show my name please tel me i am very worried plz tell me fast way

  26. Colleges are required by law to report non-attending or non-studying students to the UK Border Agency (UKBA). Proper legal colleges should obtain a progress report from the previous college before taking a student on and issuing a CAS. Your cousin should take advice. Try calling Jo on 0208 905 1822 for advice.

  27. hi i want to ask that my cousin is living in uk her college send her name to ukba as she was not attenting the classes and pay some fee now she want to apply to another college plz tell after how long she can apply for another college her college send her name to ukba one month ago

  28. Most universities will ask for a progress report, although students seem to be able to jump to private colleges without references. The institution will have to take a view on this, but will ask why your college will not give you a reference.
    You can call Jo, a student adviser, on 0208 905 1822 for a free consultation. She deals with a number of colleges and universities.

  29. mandeep kaur says :

    hi, if my collage had revoked and they dos”t give me any letter for change collage.what can i do to take admission in other collage or university thanks.

  30. Hi! You are an asshole.. You and the Majestic college are conning students. You are promising that you still have a license but in fact your license is already revoked a year ago, you still have the guts to continue and gave graduation while it’s the immigration told us that you already had no license. You are a vampire sucking blood of students especially Cythia who sucking the money of her own countrymen.. Cynthia Barker is a disgrace to all Filipino people and your partner Charles.. For all we know you can fucked both yourselves

  31. Yang yang says :

    Hi, I am yang.
    I have a problem. My visa will expired on 10/08/2011, my postgraduate study will start at 19/09/2011. Can I extend my visa in the uk, since there is a gap which more than one month?
    Thanks for your help

  32. What does your visa say? Look at the terms of your stay.
    Of course your visa can be cancelled if you are not complying with the terms.

  33. valleny says :

    hi, i just would like to know if i can continue to stay in this country without going to college, can they still cancel my visa ? because I already have a visa until December 2012.


  34. […] Student visas can be cancelled if a student changes college without permission […]

  35. Nelson Ochulor says :


    You guys are delivering invaluable services. Sincere thanks and may God continue to bless you all.

  36. Matthy Gomes says :

    I have an inquiry about changing college. If previous college give the permission to change the college in this situation student needs to inform to UKBA. If yes, how they will contract by phone or by e-mail. Is there any particular e-mail address.

    Thank you

  37. […] Student visas can be cancelled if a student changes college without permission […]

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