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Student Visa Public Consultation ends 31 January | Immigration Matters

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Only two weeks left to take part in the Student Immigration System public consultation which will help shape the future of international student visa rules in the UK for the next few years.

The British government has clearly stated that it ‘intends to reduce annual net migration to the UK to sustainable levels, in the tens of thousands a year’, and that it ‘expects the student route to make its contribution towards reducing net migration’.

Ministers believe that ‘students now represent the largest proportion of net migration from outside Europe’, although some experts argue that students are not migrants at all.  Nevertheless, the government wants to introduce measure to restrict the number of students entering the country and ensuring that the number of international students coming to the UK is ‘broadly in balance with the number leaving’.

The government’s policy aim is to ensure that ‘only genuine students who are committed to their academic study come to the UK’, and with a ‘presumption that upon completion they will leave promptly’.

The consultation documents states:

‘We need to ensure that the student route is clearly delineated as a temporary route, with the expectation that students should return home on completion of their course.
‘In order to prevent students from staying in the UK indefinitely without making academic progress, we propose that if a student wishes to continue to continue to pursue further study in the UK, their sponsor will need to provide written confirmation that the new course is at a higher level than the one they’ve just completed.’

‘We also wish to consider whether students wishing to extend their studies should be required to return home to apply overseas for a new visa, in order to mark the fact that their initial stay has expired and that they leave the UK in line with their original intention, prior to a new permission to enter. In general we wish to challenge the perception that once a student visa has been obtained, an extended stay in the UK will be permitted.’

The public consultation sets out ‘government proposals for achieving this aim’ and invites stakeholders to participate in the debate and add their views.

You can respond online to the consultation at: which will take around 30 minutes to read and complete.

The UK Border Agency (UKBA) said:

‘The purpose of the consultation is to seek your views on how the new system for international students should operate in future. These changes seek to ensure that our high-quality institutions remain able to attract genuine students from overseas, while bearing down on abuse.

‘The online consultation questions are grouped under the following broad aims we expect our reforms to achieve.’

The aims the UKBA want to achieve are:

• Raising the level of courses students can study. Only Highly Trusted Sponsors will be able to offer courses to adult students at National Qualification Levels 3, 4 and 5.

• Introducing tougher entry criteria for students other than child students.

• Ensuring students return overseas after their course.

• Limiting the entitlements to work and sponsor dependants.

• Simpler procedures for checking low-risk applications.

• Stricter accreditation procedures for education providers in the private sector.

Among the more detailed proposals are plans to restrict below degree level courses (Level 6) only to government and Highly Trusted Colleges and possibly stop overseas students coming in to study level 3 courses altogether.

Tier 1 Post Study Work Visa

More worrying for higher education providers and universities, many of which depend on international students to subsidise resident students, are plans to abolish the Tier 1 post study work visa.

The document states:

‘The student route is a temporary migration route, with students expected to leave on completion of their studies. We are concerned that the Post Study Work route confuses this concept. This route enables international graduate students to move from study to work in the UK.

‘We therefore propose to close the Tier 1 Post Study Work route. We also invite views on any necessary transitional arrangements.’

You can respond online to the consultation at:

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25 Responses to “Student Visa Public Consultation ends 31 January”
Read them below or add one

  1. Well why the government is targeting students they.Many people of eu are comming to UK to take benifits from uk they are claiming houses funds for their children and the funny thing is that Government is giving them funds wether children are not living in uk so these are rules for eu nationals that they can clain funds without doing any effort .And a student who study here has no right of work experience here in UK this is against rights .Why should study in UK then .GO FOR CANADA OR AUSTRALIA

  2. We understand that many students are now applying to study in Australia and NZ which will be a great loss to the UK.

  3. isn’t it so simple to understand that a student who spent a large amount of money as tuition fees want to get a result/reward by getting a chance to gather work experience in UK ?! UK Govt. just want to earn money under this new system and completely ignore the overseas student. it shows the selfish nature of this Govt. why student will spent money to get a degree from UK universities while Australia, New Zealand, Canada etc are welcoming the students with 2/3 years of post study work opportunity!

  4. Mubashir says :

    I have stopped my several friends back home to get admission in the UK since the news is out about abolishing PSW

  5. shahnewaz says :

    i think british govt want reducing immigrant but why for student? all student come in the uk for their higher why they go back to home country for visa extentoon? i am not agreed………

  6. Miriam Berger says :

    I only saw this consultation document now and will write my MP as it is definitely an important issue.

    I have strong views on the immigration laws in the UK anyway. I’ve been living off & on in the UK for quite some time – both on working holiday permits, work-sponsored permits and now finishing up my MSc on a student visa. I’m Canadian so I come from a developed country with an incredible education system but I enjoy living in Britain and I feel most at home here.

    I have contributed a lot to this country and have never really asked for much in return. I think that the government needs to look at who it is trying to have in its population to get it back on track. To limit both the Tier 1 visas and the PSW is silly in my view. Unlike others from other parts of the EU, all of these individuals are either going through a points system where they have to demonstrate their contribution to the country OR they are educated so you would hope that their UK-based education demonstrates the value they can offer UK employers.

    To say otherwise, would (1) show that the points system isn’t robust/specific enough to target the most important types of people the country needs and (2) the education system in the UK isn’t as robust as it may need to be to ensure the right talent is coming out of them to allow them the opportunity to take what they’ve learned to the benefit of Britain vs other countries.

    Anyway I am interested to see what comes out of the consultation – I have heard that this is likely to be released in April. Is this timeline still on track?

    Thank you for hosting this forum so people can share their thoughts & information,

  7. blossom says :

    leave the post work study visa. overseas students dersrve to work after studying seeing that they pay so much school fees.

  8. charlize says :

    Bogus colleges/universities were first and foremost the responsibility of the UK Border. Thorough selection of reputable schools should be their main target, with a high goal of having an effective and quality education to be rendered to those GENUINE students, i capitalised d word, because there are lots of students who really abide the rules by studying in a college and / or university plus paying the much high cost tuition fee. And the fact, UK economy’s failing, so better encourage students to come. If they still want this pushed through, think again UK, many already were thinking of going to another country with a better offered opportunity. The best thing to do is, set guidelines to enhance the future of overseas students in the UK, give opportunity to those who were deserving.

  9. i hear that psw is going to be closed,according to my views its a wrong decision for GOVT before finalising any decision GOVT should consider the volume of revenues which is generated only from education sector specially from overseas students.if govt stop psw then it will destroy the backbone of uk education sector,i think after taking this action govt loose to earn 60 to 70 percent of current earning.student have many option if oppurtunities in uk closed for overseas student then student can go other countries like Danmark,Sweden etc so govt should have a look on current esrning of this sector and vice versa

  10. Chinwe Pascal says :

    I think the British government should think again about this drastic decision. If they really must do it, they should at least give a time lag and not effect it immediately, it should be a gradual process.

    I think also that they should not abolish PSW completely. They should give more time. This is will not also put Britain in the good light. Many people will even move out and it will have an adverse effect on it’s economy.

  11. overseas students should only be allowed in uk universities, without any work right.

  12. Government is following the right direction, p.s.w should be closed, while hsmp as well. 95 percent of oveseas students are bogus here. And all the private colleges in uk are bogus too. These colleges should be closed soon, otherwise the degrading value of uk education can never been overcome again.

  13. Please add these comments to the Student Visa Public Consultation. See:

    Student Visa Public Consultation ends 31 January

    You only have a few days left!!!!

  14. Charlize says :

    Being a student in the UK is never so easy, considering the money spent that every student made. If someone wants to extend the visa, he/she needs to enroll to a higher degree program in a reputable college and/or university which concerns a much needed money to do so. Having said that, all these were pursued by each genuine students up until now including myself, the goal to finish a degree and obviously to use and achieve a better career in the country. Qualifications needed and money involved were already tough enough for overseas students, so its fair enough that the government give chance to those deserving ones’ to make them stay if they want to and work without restrictions if there’s an opportunity to do so. Furthermore, realistically, students in the UK by now were thinking of the possible migration to other countries, since the rule here keep on changing and generally upsetting. So, if the government and its officials really wants to save it’s failing economy, encourage overseas students to come not the other way around.

  15. United kingdom once known as the wonder land for ever one and every body wanted to make a good carrier in this place!!!!! But now it’s shocking that uk goverment is using all the abroad students as there source of money!!! They come here to gain a knowledge, and to do that they need to work which uk goverment are not allowing to those inoccent people!!!! It really sucks!!!! 🙁

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  17. Syed Hossain says :

    post study work is the one kinds of right of the student, after finished their study should give them opportunity to working here, because most of the student spending more money for tuition fees, moreover within short time they can not cope with job market in their own countries,so should not close it.

  18. See also: Tier 1 Post Study Work Visa to be abolished
    With just two weeks left to take part in the Student Immigration System public consultation, which will help shape the future of international student visa rules in the UK, higher education providers are lobbying the government to drop plans to end the popular Tier 1 post study work visa.
    You can respond online to the consultation at: which will take around 30 minutes to read and complete.

  19. Thanks. See also: Tier 1 Post Study Work Visa to be abolishedWith just two weeks left to take part in the Student Immigration System public consultation, which will help shape the future of international student visa rules in the UK, higher education providers are lobbying the government to drop plans to end the popular Tier 1 post study work visa.
    You can respond online to the consultation at: which will take around 30 minutes to read and complete.

  20. Hi
    My name is Gina I want to start nvq training,course
    please help me with more detail

    Thank you


  21. I acquired my Btec level 4 in health and social care in London School of management. I was above to get work permit but I was not getting Sponsor to get sponsorship letter. I am working in ******* Hall care home. Since last one year my employer brought many carers on work permit through agent but she doesn’t give us sponsor ship letter because agent took £10000 per carer to offer the job. How it can happen? and we poor people came in this country to get education and get job according to education has to go back with bare hands. What objection you are going to take against my employer because she brought carers through agent and made money through agent and she doesn’t sponsor students already working in her nursing home

  22. […] Student Visa Public Consultation ends 31 January […]

  23. I agree that you wants to reduce migrant but after studies we as a student wants to work
    And this is totally wrong that government don’t want that we stay here

    After study every one wants to work it’s nothing wrong in that

  24. […] Student Visa Public Consultation ends 31 January […]

  25. I am very sad knowing that the rules with regards to student visa has becoming more difficult every now and then. I wonder why the government has tighten up on students and concentrating more on them when they know that students also helped boost the economic status of the country. This implies indirectly that the government is slowly and gradually wanting foreign students to stay out of the country. Moreover, I doubt that foreign students are now thinking applying for countries like Canada,US,New Zealand or Australia where they are more welcome than their status here in United Kingdom. Since the government has changed especially with regards to immigration,everything in the UK seems to fall down and economy was not the same as it was before.

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