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Student checks ‘don’t work’ reports BBC | Immigration Matters

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UK Immigration officers have told bosses that new rules designed to stop bogus students entering the UK are not working, the BBC reports.

Overseas students from outside the EU are supposed to apply to registered institutions, and must prove they can support themselves.

But claims are now verified in the students’ home countries, and UK staff say they have limited ability to challenge those they suspect.

But the UK Border Agency insisted that all entrants must meet immigration rules.

One Heathrow Airport immigration officer – speaking on condition of anonymity – told BBC Radio 5 live’s Donal MacIntyre programme that UK staff were overwhelmed by the volume of student arrivals.

Many of these students are entirely legitimate, but he said he and his colleagues are almost powerless to challenge those whom they suspect are not.

“If someone presents a case like that to a chief immigration officer, they take a look at the size and the number of people in the hall, and they turn around and say, ‘Look, because of the pressure of work, they’ve got a visa, get them into the country’.

“It would take two officers off the desk for hours just to present a case to send them to a detention centre.”

And he believes this means people who have been denied entry to the UK on other grounds are able to enter the UK on bogus student visas.

“We have an awful lot of students who have been refused five, six, even up to nine visas to come here to this country, whether it be for working holidays or student applications,” he said. “And they’re now coming here.”

Under the new system, colleges which offer courses to students from outside the European Economic Area must be accredited by the Home Office and appear on the Tier 4 Sponsors Register.

But the Heathrow immigration officer alleges that the list of approved institutions contains colleges which he and his colleagues know to have a history of awarding fake qualifications.

“It beggars belief that these places can be graded the way they are, when we know for a fact that we’ve proved and got signatures from the passengers that they paid for their certificates,” he said.

The immigration officer told BBC Radio 5 live about a recent case of an Indian woman in her 50s who presented herself as a student enrolling on an advanced course, despite the fact that she could barely speak English.

“She was going to do an ACCA accounting course, of which when asked in Hindi what ACCA meant, she didn’t have a clue,” he said.

“She wasn’t even able to say in her own language what the course was going to entail.”

These concerns are echoed on an internal UK Border Agency online message board, seen by the BBC.

One officer wrote: “I can no longer feel proud of my role, given that I am forced on a daily basis to allow entry to passengers who clearly hold no ability or intention to follow any course of study in the United Kingdom”.

Another commented: “The introduction of the appallingly thought-out points-based system for students has, in one fell swoop, failed the UK taxpayer who expects us to do a good job in tackling illegal immigration.”

The website quotes an acknowledgement from chief executive Lin Homer that the Border Agency had “not got it right” on student visas.

But Jeremy Oppenheim, head of the points-based system at the UK Border Agency, insisted that the rules were working.

“The points-based system means that only those colleges and schools who provide quality education and take responsibility for their students will be licensed to bring in foreign students,” he told Radio 5 live.

“Schools and colleges are inspected by accreditation bodies and the UK Border Agency to ensure they are genuine. Before we tightened controls, around 4,000 UK institutions were bringing in international students. This currently stands at around 2,000.

“Anyone coming in to the UK must satisfy the border force officer that they meet the immigration rules and will comply with any conditions attached to their visa. If they cannot, the officer can and will refuse entry.”

Immigration Matters Comment

Claims by Immigration Officers that they are “powerless” to challenge suspect students will come as a surprise to the many international students who are detained on a daily basis, as well as the Immigration Advisers and Lawyers employed to get them released.

Sky TV’s ‘fly on the wall’ show UK Border Force frequently features international students being detained, questioned and often deported from London’s Heathrow Airport.

The new ‘points based system’ has not taken powers away from Immigration Officers, who can still refuse entry to any visitor whether or not they have a UK Visa to enter the country. Indeed, the Borders Act has increased the powers of enforcement officers in a bid to strengthen Britain’s borders.

The licensing process, which educational institutions go through to get on to the UK Border Agency’s Tier 4 Sponsors Register, has seen the number of private colleges culled by a half, which would indicate that the tough new regime is working.

As Tier sponsors, colleges are now required to monitor student’s attendance and progress on behalf of the government and can be shut down if they fail to do so.

The Guardian recently reported that Universities are complaining that they could lose thousands of high fee-paying overseas students because of delays and problems in the new visa system.

Thousands of university places could be left unfilled and institutions millions of pounds out of pocket, because high fee-paying international students are being blocked from starting degrees under a new visa system, vice-chancellors warned last month. 

The increasing number of students applying to come to the UK is a sign of Britain’s popularity as a world leader in education.

International students are worth £8 billion to the UK economy, according to the Home Office. And at a time when Britain has little else to export, they provide at least one economic lifeline to ‘UK PLC’.

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  1. Deepak says :

    What about the rest of the students if some students stand irrational and college is shut down.what is the responsibility of the government in such case?

  2. Deepak says :

    its now essential to change the applying requirements.what it mean to show just 9 months expenses amount before applying who is applying for three years convey the message that students can earn for their living here in uk.
    country like uk which advocate human rights and and freedom should now consider the students status who are from developing nations.
    it seems that english immigration rules will slaughter many young peoples and who will pay for the psychological torture that an interntional student bear being here?

  3. When i arrived in uk,i have seen that most of the student who comes here dont know to speak english and get a job on their refrence while those wjo are really here for study they cant get its a big issue

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