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Sheffield sham wedding group jailed | Immigration Matters

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The UK Border Agency has published details of a wedding party jailed for immigration offences on 18 March.

The bogus bride and groom and their party were arrested last September attempting a crude immigration scam involving hastily purchased wedding rings worth £33, an interpreter to help them profess their love for one another and around £2,000 in cash.

All five were sentenced for immigration offences at Sheffield Crown Court, as follows:

  • the bride – Renata Toracova, 37, from Slovakia was sentenced to 8 months;
  • the groom – Sajid Ali, 31, from Pakistan (in the UK on a student visa) was sentenced to 12 months;
  • Ali’s interpreter – Mahtab Khan, 37, from Pakistan (with permission to stay in UK) was sentenced to 46 weeks;
  • Toracova’s interpreter – Ladislav Mizigar, 40, of Slovakia was sentenced to 9 months and;
  • Slovak interpreter – Michal Gazi, 22, from Slovakia was sentenced to 9 months.

Sham marriages usually involves a non-European national marrying someone from the European Economic Area, including the UK, as means of attempting to gain long-term residency and the right to work and claim benefits.

The five were apprehended moments before they were due to tie the knot at Sheffield town hall on the morning of 10 September 2010, following an intelligence led operation by the UK Border Agency’s specialist immigration crime team.

Officers from the immigration crime team recovered 2 wedding bands still in an Argos shopping bag and a torn out page from the catalogue featuring the rings. They also found a receipt which led them to CCTV footage of the party buying the rings in Meadowhall Shopping Centre just hours before they were due to marry.

Officers recovered £1,400 from Khan – the same amount that the bride later claimed she was owed for her part in the scam, having already been paid £500 upfront. Khan later claimed he withdrew the £1,400 from a bank only minutes before the ceremony for ‘gifts and clothes’.

Neither bride nor groom were able to communicate with one another and later admitted they could not speak the other’s language. During questioning:

  • Toracova admitted that she was already married back in Slovakia and that her witness, Mizigar, was actually her lover here in the UK. She added that she had only entered into the scam because she had debts of £500;
  • Ali explained that he was actually a student at a college in London, but had only attended for 1 month before moving up to Sheffield and was looking for a way to stay in the UK as he was no longer studying. Both Toracova and Ali pleaded guilty;
  • Mizigar admitted to having known the groom, Ali for all of 20 minutes, only meeting him the day he was picked up for the ceremony.

Evidence also recovered from Khan and Ali’s mobile phones showed text messages containing the bride and groom’s names, dates of birth and passport numbers. Michel Gazi, ‘a wedding guest’ was found to live at the same address as Toracova and her boyfriend Mizigar.

All 5 pleaded guilty to one count of conspiring to breach immigration law.

Jeremy Oppenheim, regional director for the UK Border Agency in the North East, Yorkshire and the Humber, said:

‘Once again, cases like these demonstrate quite clearly that the UK Border Agency is able to identify and investigate those involved in immigration crime and bring them to justice.

‘This case is part of a wider investigation led by the UK Border Agency’s Yorkshire Immigration Crime Team, code-named, Operation Relinquish, that saw a total of 27 arrests last summer involving individuals believed to be involved in sham marriage scams in South Yorkshire alone.

‘Those attempting to break our immigration rules by obtaining a British passport fraudulently face a prison sentence, deportation and potentially being barred from re-entering the UK. ‘

DCI Dave Powell, Head of the UK Border Agency’s immigration crime teams in the North East, Yorkshire and the Humber said:

‘These prosecutions are a testament to the hard work and determination displayed by the UK Border Agency’s Immigration Crime Team into unscrupulous individuals who would seek to flout immigration laws.

‘Our specialist team works closely with registrars and local police forces to ensure people are not able to benefit from breaking the UK’s immigration laws.

‘Let today’s sentences sends a strong message to those who think they can flout immigration laws – we will take action against anyone found to have entered into a sham marriage.’

Over recent years the UK Border Agency has clamped down on sham marriages introducing family permits and encouraged registrars to highlight suspicious cases. Under the tougher rules, anyone trying to cheat the system can expect to face imprisonment for up to seven years. It is a criminal offence to be in the UK through deception and the agency said they will fully investigate any allegations or information passed to them in. Source: UK Border Agency

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  1. Hi.England should be very carfefull about people comming to england from eu countries to UK just for benefits and other scams.I have meet few people from Slovakia claiming child benefits on non exist kids.They are Gypsys!!! Using Slovak Nationality!!Please Do not trust brown people from SK they are comming here to rip you off!!I know that!!

  2. If this country can get rid of the Nigerians,this country will be a ‘ no crime zone’they are the ones who are well known with fake I.D.’s and sham weddings even commiting fraud.

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