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Romanian workers offered UK jobs while 2.7 million claim benefits | Immigration Matters

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British employers are offering thousands of jobs to Romanian workers as UK unemployment soars to a record high, the Daily Star claims.

A recruitment agency in Bucharest is advertising 2,434 vacancies for British jobs according to the report.

The Romanian agency ‘’ revealed that many of the UK-based posts were for medical staff, tourism workers and skilled staff.

And 25% of the unfilled roles on offer were for labourers and unskilled workers. The news comes as the number of jobless Brits hit a record 17-year high of 2.68million.

And yesterday Sir Andrew Green, chairman of campaign group Migration Watch UK, said: “One has to ask why employers feel the need to go abroad to recruit for these jobs.”

Unemployment in Britain currently stands at 8.4%, the worst figure since 1994.

The Daily Star revealed this month how 23 British jobs were lost for every 100 migrants let in.

A hard-hitting report by the Migration Advisory Committee showed 160,000 UK-born workers had missed out on employment since 1995 as a result of immigration.

The study looked at the problems immigration was causing for Britain’s stretched public services.

Researchers found average earnings have remained the same, but wages at the bottom have fallen. Source: Daily Star.

The question we should be asking is why British firms are advertising jobs in another EU country when so many unemployed workers are supposedly available to work on their doorstep?

The newspaper article does not point out that there are hundreds of thousands of job vacancies in the UK being advertised on a regular basis, and not all of these jobs vacancies are filled by local workers.

For instance, despite high UK unemployment healthcare support workers or care assistants are still desperately needed by employers who cannot fill vacancies locally.

Even though millions of British people are unemployed and the country’s economy in the doldrums, the care industry still has massive problems in finding care or support workers for the 20,000 plus homes. 

A recent search on one Government Job Centre Plus website, Job Seekers Direct Find a Job Now, revealed over 300 job vacancies within a 75 mile radius of central London region alone. 

Some employers are offering as much as £10.50 per hour, £4.57 above the national minimum wage, for a Health Care Assistant for a dementia care unit in London. 

The website quoted in the article offers jobs all over Europe. They appears to be mainly advertising vacancies for Au Pair, baby sitting and care jobs in the UK, all of which are hard to fill locally.

The news that employers are recruiting in Romania will surprise many as, despite being members of the European Union, Romanians cannot work in the UK as employees without permission.

Employers wishing to hire a Romanian, or fellow EU2 member citizens from Bulgaria, need to apply for a work permit and low skilled jobs do not normally qualify.

However, in the case of temporary low skilled workers, such as seasonal agricultural workers where there are always shortages, employers or agencies can apply to the UK Border Agency for a six month SAWS (Seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme) permit.

SAWS allow farmers and growers in the UK to recruit low-skilled overseas workers to do short-term agricultural work only. The scheme works on a quota basis. Farmers and growers who participate in the scheme can employ a fixed number of overseas workers though the scheme each year. In 2010 and 2011 the quota is 21,250 places.

To be able to apply to come to the UK under the SAWS, you must be a national of Bulgaria or Romania. Workers get a work card which gives them permission to work in the UK under the scheme for a maximum of 6 months.

There is also a scheme for Au Pairs coming from Romania and Bulgaria, but this type of work is low paid and traditionally taken by students wishing to learn English.

Bulgarians and Romanians coming to the UK on Yellow Card registration permits can study and work full time on vocational courses such as NVQ or QCF courses in Health and Social Care or customer service by exercising their Treaty Rights under Article 39.  They can also apply for a self employed yellow card, but the application must be supported by a genuine case for setting up a business.

UK work restrictions on Bulgarian and Romanian nationals were recently extended until the end of 2013 by Immigration Minister Damian Green.

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  1. Come on the UK Government you have seen documentary evidence of child begging and continious abuses of theft and pickpockting on the extra terrestrial channels. With employment rising we need a commitment from the Government that there can be security in the UK as well jobs for British people without more and more migrants coming to the UK as it is a soft option. The Government should take into account the advice of the voters before it is too late. There should be more tighter border controls as well as option to opt out of the schengen agreement.


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