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Anna Marie from Romania

Anna Marie, a bright young Romanian citizen, came to the UK for the first time as an au pair in 2003. She went back to Romania a couple of years later before her visa expired. Like thousands of other Romanian and Bulgarian citizens, she thought she was about to have another chance to work in the UK when they joined the European Union on 1st January 2007.

She returned to the UK in February and quickly found a job in the care industry. She assumed that she would be treated just like other EU citizens from former eastern bloc countries such as Poland and Slovakia. However, Anna Marie and her employer were in for a shock.

Romanians and Bulgarians do not have the same rights to work in the UK as previous new EU citizens.

When the previous A8 nations joined the EU in 2004, Britain was one of only three European member states to allow free movement of labour. All people from the new EU countries had to do in order to work in the UK was to apply to the Home Office under the ‘Workers Registration Scheme’ (WRS). This is one of the main reasons why far more eastern Europeans migrated to Britain than originally anticipated.

In 2004, Tony McNulty, a Home Office Minister, estimated that around 13,000 people would migrate to the UK from the new EU member states. The fact that over 600,000 people subsequently moved here in the last 18 months led to media driven fears of a “stampede” on 1 January 2007, forcing the government to impose restrictions on Romanian and Bulgarian migrants.

The Home Office has stated that although they will not require ‘leave to enter’ (a visa) the UK, Bulgarian and Romanian nationals wanting to work will still need to obtain “authorisationbefore starting any employment, unless they are exempt from doing so.

This authorisation will normally take the form of an “Accession Worker Card”. Bulgarian and Romanian nationals will be able to apply to the Home Office for an Accession Worker Card without the need for an employer to apply for a work permit for a limited number of employment categories, including: airport based operational ground staff of an overseas airline; Au Pairs; Domestic Workers; Ministers of Religion; Postgraduate doctors; dentists; and trainee general practitioners. For a full list see the Home Office website.

If the employment does not fall into one of the above categories, the process for obtaining authorisation to work will be as follows:

  • The UK employer applies for approval of the employment under the work permit arrangements.
  • The Bulgarian or Romanian national applies for an Accession Worker card.

The qualifying criteria and guidance notes can be found on the Home Office website.

In Anna Marie’s case, the only way she could work was for the employer to apply for a work permit. Unfortunately, she did not have the required experience to qualify for a work permit at which point she contacted us for advice.

She said she was surprised by the rules and was not aware of the restrictions on working.

“The information that I got before I came here was not enough. I thought I could start working in the UK when I got an offer from an employer but it was not like that”, she said.

Many of her countrymen have also found themselves stranded in the UK, unable to work. Fortunately, unlike many of the Romanians she has met in a similar position, Anna Marie speaks good English and knows her way around the system in the UK

She has now registered as a student and enrolled in a college providing NVQ courses in Health and Social Care. The vocational course will involve working in a care home to complete the practical part of her studies.

Romanians and Bulgarians should check the Home Office website before traveling to the UK.

Employers need to be aware of the rules when employing Romanian and Bulgarian staff. Further information can be found on the Home Office website:

If you should have any questions or need help please email Charles Kelly

 Posted on : 13/03/2007
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94 Responses to “Romanian and Bulgarian Workers Confused By Home Office Restrictions On Work”
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  1.''Robert Motyka says :

    I am Polish, been living in UK for the last 4 years.

    I find the conversations who is better Polish, Romanian or Bulgarians or worst kind of ridiculous.This is UK law, and thats the way it is, so no point to blame each other. We can only hope the law would be equal for all soon.

    I have a good friend from Bulgaria, who wants to move to UK, and I am doing research how can I help him with all of those regulations.

    Fingers crosses for all Bulgarians and Romanians.

  2.''Charles Marinov says :

    I apologize for the word “biggot”. The correct spelling is “bigot”. Must have involuntary hit the key twice.

  3.''Charles Marinov says :

    To the Polish biggot.
    I am Bulgarian, came to England in 1968, learned English in 7 months and passed the First Certificate of Cambridge at the age of 12. I went to Holland Park School, Airlie Gardens, where most of the children of foreign residents were sent by the London educational authorities. The only group that didn’t speak proper English were the Poles. I am not saying they were stupid, but they were most numerous and went around in groups, speaking only between themselves, completely isolating themselves. For all they cared, they could be living in Timbuktu. As Poland being a developed country it is as much developed as any former COMECON country could be: large inefficient plants producing rubbish. Please tell me about any Polish product being sought after in the world. I am not an expert on prostitutes, but at least Bulgarian prostitutes show hight standards coming to England, because the big cities in Russia, Ukraine,and Belorus are full of Polish prostitutes (highly sought after, I am told). I have lived for 20 years in USA, a country with an enormous Polish presence, yet still a “Polak” is a synonym of a brainless ignorant fool. Please let me know where can I send you the most popular several thousand “Polak” jokes originating from USA, not Bulgaria. Yours faithfully.

  4.''Jessica says :

    I think that to form an opinion on people from any country is ridiculous. You cannot generalise Polish Romanian or Bulgarian people living here in the UK, I have great friends from all three!
    I am a British Citizen since birth, born in London to a very English family. My fiance is Romanian, we plan to marry next summer but only if he can obtain his blue card / naturalisation as british citizen first.
    He has lived here with me for 3 years. Since Sept 2009 he has been a student so as to be permitted to work, has had his Yellow card & NI since Oct 10. Due to the nature of student casual work he has worked over 12 months but not continuously so we expect a delay with gaining a Blue Card.
    If things are looked at properly and you are willing to work through the annoying systems that are imposed in every country then no matter where you originate from you can do well.
    Look at how hard it is for the British to move to or work in Australia! We can’t get a visa to even travel in the country without proving that we have £5000 in the bank on the day that we get there!
    Charles do you know how it’s best to attain the Blue card / whether my fiance will qualify for Naturalisation or must we be married first? Or can anybody else help?

  5.''Danny Cameron says :

    Why should the UK let ppl from Bulgaria & Romania work in our country? IF they cannot work here we cannot work there sounds fair to me.

  6.''Margarita says :

    It’s very funny why people argue here in such rude way. Why we have to generalize how good Polish people are and how bad are Bulgarians and Romanians. Each nationality has good and bad points. I have one question to the Polish one who just tried to impress us how develop is Poland? OK, if your country is so develop why you have to go to the UK, Italy, Spain and lot of other European countries and work the same dirty jobs which Bulgarians and Romanians do? If the lever of your country is so high stay there then and leave the ”stupid” Bulgarians and Romanians to do the jobs that the citizens of so called developed countries don’t want to do.


    I agree with latter statement. I use to worked with Romanians in U.S.A. and I have to admit I have never meet more rude people than them.

  8.''Mateusz, Matt says :

    I am Polish, and I think that you beggars and spongers from Romania and Bulgaria should consider yourself lucky that EU is not shooting you on sight. Funny thing:
    1. Do you see polish prostitutes on motorways? No, you don’t. You see BULGARIAN.
    2. Do you see Polish people begging on the streets? No, you don’t. You see ROMANIAN.
    Just a couple of economic indices:

    Development Poland is Developed country
    Romania is Developing country
    Bulgaria is Developing country

    Human Development Index Poland 41 position
    Romania 50 position
    Bulgaria 53 position

    Purchase Power Parity Poland 44 position
    (Per capita) Romania 70 position
    Bulgaria 56 position

    Size of black economy Poland 28%
    Romania 38%
    Bulgaria 38%

    GDP per capita Poland 18,837 dollar
    Romania 11,837 dollar
    Bulgaria 12,888 dollar

    GDP spending per education Poland 40 position
    Romania 90 position
    Bulgaria 95 position

    Could come up with many more economic indices but have to go to work.

    To sum up, YOU ARE LUCKY THAT YOU WERE ALLOWED TO JOIN. Thank you for your attention.


    I have lived in Britain for my entire life and I can tell you that the reason Romanian/Bulgarian people were not granted access to Britain, as the Polish were, is simple: elections. It has nothing to do with who you are, where your from, what you can offer to this country or what benefit you would bring, it’s simply that politicians are paid to be politicians, so they need to be elected to get paid.

    This time round immigration was a hot topic for debate. The reason it was a hot topic was because there have been lots of immigrants, not just just Polish (who are a minority group of immigrants) but people from all over the world. Also, there are people out there, who’s votes politicians want, who believe that people get special treatment just for being immigrants. This is a lie, but people believe it all the same, especially when their being told there is an economic problem.

    So, as sad as it is, you got f***** over by politicians playing to the ignorant beliefs of ignorant citizens. If your looking for someone to blame for the situation, blame people for being stupid and politicians for pandering to them.


    Bułgarzy, Cyganie i reszta, won z łapami od Polaków. Wara wam! Wara!


    Sorry, that may be your experience, however, I have met a large number of Romanian and Bulgarian people who have come to the UK to work or study on Yellow Cards or Work Permits. The vast majority spoke English to an intermediate to high standard and many were word perfect. The people I met were professionals in their country: Nurses, Lawyers or Doctors and none of them were ‘begging on the streets’ or ‘holding babies’.
    I have always found them and other Eastern Europeans to be hard working, upstanding, respectable and honourable people. In fact, employers are emailing me all the time looking for Romanian/Bulgarian care workers because of the high standard of their work.
    Does anyone else have any comments?


    I’m sorry, but I never met Romanian or Bulgarian people speaking properly in English, I’ve lived in UK since 2005 and I’ve seen on the street begging Romanians, so in Poland, Spain and France, there were woman with little babies sitting on the street and asking about change.

  13.''Agatek says :

    It’s actually quite funny how ignorant some people are: opening borders to foreigners doesn’t have to much to do with “the brand” of foreigners, it’s just a process of accommodating additional residents. No one will allow you sooner, because you think you are a better “breed” of people than us. Since UK policy to open their country without limitations to Poles failed, as it wasn’t properly thought out, some social policy makers decided to go other way this time. It’s their country, so they have a deciding vote, like it or not, yet better learn to live with it, if you want to came over, especially as most of Britons is not able to differentiate between former USSR countries citizens and we will encounter problems for your demanding and argumentative nature.


    Thank you Georgeta

  15.''myself says :


  16.''myself says :


  17.''myself says :

    First Polish person 22 you really ought to ckeck your writing skills as they are abominable. We Bulgarians have always been talented and hard working. You can claim nothing against that. You are stupid if you still feel superior to us. Perhaps the entering in the EU on these terms was not that good an idea. People believed that EU would fix the order in BG so far the only thing fixed are penalties for executing the right to work. I cannot think of how stupid our leaders are not to have imposed the same restrictions to GB citizens – just to show their resentment not that it would matter. These rules are void and destitute of all reason. Any dicrimination which is deemed to be justifiable is void and null – the fines imposed by it – unlawful and incompetent – the enforcement of penalties – abduction and assault! This, I believe is the whole nation’s attitute. I am a Bulgarian who has been studying law for 2 years now – I can never justify this transition laws. Never. Whoever claims to have done so – even if he is a lawyer could only be seen as a person with less insight in law than a mere student no arguments accepted. The outcome? People working illegally – rarely fined – usually fining of which brings further resentment and I would imagine further breaking of the law – Bulgarians holding a grudge against the Polish for having been the initial reason for such restrictions – Polish striking back with attitude just to get struck back by the Romanians – abnormalities and incompatibilities with basic human rights and human values, depriciation of the value of talented BG and RO workers and mass confussion which has been lasting for years and even outstanding legal people seem not to be able to identify the exact law. This ought to be stopped now – before the difficulties we are facing now become difficulties for the UK government – because Bulgarian people have no long term tolerance for unjustice and an unjust law does not cool out passion for rights – the Ottomans learned that the hard way :)

  18.''Georgeta says :

    Hi Everyone,
    I am also Romanian,and I faced these problems in Holland,and previous in UK. It is not actually only UK’s government fault,these are restrictions measures which were imposed to Romanian and Bulgarian workers even from the Accession to the European Union. And it is up to each country to apply them or not, and also to drop them anytime during this 7 years period after the accession. They were also imposed to Polish and other 7 nationalities which joined in 2004, but as far as I know, UK did not applied them on Polish workers even since the beginning.
    Unfortunately, it can not be done anything against them in any court, because basically, even if its obvious a direct discrimination, our governments agreed with those restrictions in order to join EU.
    The latest date until they can be imposed is 31 of December 2013, but only if the other Member States prove that they labour market is in trouble. Otherwise, the restrictions on workers from my country and from Bulgaria, should theoretically end on 31 December 2011…so one more year to go!
    Good luck everyone!

  19.''dolores says :

    If u have a problem go to the Westminster then.


    That doesn’t really matter who is better, the real fight here is about equality, and yes to blame for romanian and bulgarian restrictions are the polish … even tho they just seized an opportunity if they didn’t migrate in mass the restrictions wouldn’t be imposed, on the other hand the Uk Board Agency should have made some kind of research regarding the migration of all new members of the EU when they opened the work market for all EU members, the fact that only romanians and bulgarians are restricted shows discrimination, like someone said before we are the same as every othe member of the EU, we pay taxes we share rules laws and restrictions.
    I am a romanian and i am waiting as everyone else for this ridiculous rule to be lifted.

  21.''Marian says :

    My situation is a little bit confusing as well, i am a Romanian citizen, i recently came here from Spain where i have been living for the last 5 years.As i needed to keep growing as a professional i arrived and had 2 very succesfull interviews that allowed me to start working ASAP,but when they heard about my nationality they backfired and said:when you´ll get your work permit come back and you´ll get a job here. I speak fluently 4 languages and i am a highly qualified fine dinning waiter nevertheless nobody is willing to wait for my work permit to come out(arround 6 weeks)so i am unable to get a job. I will most likely go back to Spain apply for citizenship,then come back as a Spaniard and be equaly treated. Dear Gentlemens…you are forcing us look for loops in the system,and i am very angry for it…


    Hi. im polish. Romanians and bulgarians are hardcore hardworking people and they should have same rights to work and live in uk like us.
    My country mate over me is just an idiot;)


    And I’m curious what happen in Italy?.So rumanians do you want doing from the britain second Italy?


    Uuuuu,and what you done in Italy for exemply?.Rumanians do you want get Britain like at second Italy?

  25.''Mieszko says :

    Polish and the other ‘non-required the blue card’ people work very good, pay tax, spend money and do their jobs properly even without speakin English. It proves how good we are. So dont try to prove the others that you are better because you are probably not.


    well, my dear i am a romanian girl and i feel very offended by your allegations.First of all, your english is not so good as you might think and second, you should meet a few more romanians and draw an objective conclusion before you speak
    As you might know every country has its own black sheeps, to say so, but that does not mean that romanian people have no character and are lost people as you claim.However, it seems that you did not understand the idea of England being a teritory where everybody tries to make a better living and accommodate and is not a matter of who is smarter or which people should inhabit it or not.I believe in honesty and equality and i hope so do you. Throwing with mud on other nations is something that i call not a very fair play.
    Kind regards, my friend.

  27.''Polakk says :

    am Polish, 22, i work with Romanians n i hav 2 say its good they need all these stuff, they r lazy n bring all family 2 England faster than i spend my money, they cannot speak English but they think they r the cleavest people in the world. That 2007 accession was a 1 big misunderstanding!! These country hav no value n their economies r absolutely crap, lol! And if u sayin we r useless its just becoz u r JEALOUS!!! Hahaha!!


    nice and true comments!
    the only thing i don;t understand is why only romanians and bulgarians are denied?
    why us ?
    for how long?
    they can;t go like this for ever!!!


    Maybe that website would open your eyes and help you to understand why so many people in the EU don’t want to offer you the equal rights


    “I think that its actually humiliating to be treated a sa third class European when Polish,Czech,Lituanians and whatever citizens can feel here free to live as normal people as we should be treated.It is rediculous that you`ve given full rights to Polish nation which dont even spent 1 pound in the UK and save all the money they made here to send back home… ”

    enough of this crap… I just spend ten pounds for a booze in Coop.

  31.''Tomasz says :

    I really do not understand all this moaning about Romanians and Bulgarians not being able to work in the UK.
    When Poland joined the EU we could only work in THREE countries without any restrictions which were UK, Sweden and Ireland. ALL the other countries imposed the same restrictions on us as the UK imposed now on Romanians and Bulgarians.Even better than that – we STILL can not work in Austria and Germany,six years after joining the Union.

    When Romania and Bulgaria joined the EU citiziens of both countries had the right to work and live without any restrictions in : Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

    That is FIFTEEN RICH european coutries that opened their markets to workers from Romania and Bulgaria(I wasn’t counting countries of the old eastern block)on day one of their presence in Europe – and people on this forum moan that they are treated like a 2nd class Europeans, I tell u one thing – you should be ashamed of what you are saying.
    You are being treated much better than us when we first joined and still we,Poles never moaned about other Euopeans being racist !
    UK had to impose this restrictions as they simply could not afford more immigrants, after 2004 when almost 1 million eastern europeans came here to work.
    Guys seriously you should not complain about your position in Europe becouse it is much better than position of citiziens of countries which joined EU much earlier that Romania and Bulgaria.


    I am so disappointed with the Home Office and the “services” that they provide… In fact, they do NOT provide any service and the only put obstacles on your way… For example, when I called the helpline for Bulgarians and Romanians to ask what do I need in order to apply for a Blue card, the first time they told me that I have to send my husband’s passport (he is Italian) to them and an application form EE2 (for permanent residence of EEA citizens). The second time I called them, they told me that I have to apply for BR1 form and if my husband can’t send them his passport because he travels a lot for his work, we have to go to Croydon and apply in person. Again I was told that only his passport is needed. Once we went there, instead, the officer told us that she can’t do anything before my husband applies for a Blue Card (which he is NOT obliged to, according to their website). She also added that the helpline on which I received the information on how to apply for a blue card is not linked directly to their office and there were a lot of people turned down, because of that… At this stage I had already a very lucrative job offer for a Category Manager with one of the leading manufacturers in the FMCG sector in the UK. I explained this to her and asked if there was a possibility to bring the missing documents and the application for my husband the next day or even the same afternoon… She said “NO” with a sadistic smile and told me that I should make another appointment via telephone or online. And you can imagine that I’ve got an appointment in SIX weeks time… So, which normal employer will wait for me that long???? So, what is the solution???? Just surrender and say that they have the right to do it? That they have the right to impose this restriction on Bulgarians and Romanians, who are highly qualified people and who have years of experience? And above all, I don’t fully understand the logic of the whole European Union… This is about EQUAL rights, EQUAL opportunities, and above all FREE MOVEMENT… How some Europeans are FREER in their rights and some others are not? So, it is right to sell their production on Bulgarian or Romanian market, but when it comes to “buy” in a sense the highly qualified labour offered to them, they are not happy to acquire it… I feel discriminated and oppressed by the rasistic division of humans that they imply!!!

  33.''Nicolae says :

    What a pity! I don’t get the point of EU. So much discrimination! All new members of the EU should be treated the same, no matter the nationality. The new changes in order to meet the EU expectations within Romania and Bulgaria affected these countries in such a way, that the poor people became poorer and a lot of people are still suffering! And the outcome is that they are still treated like a 3rd class citizens. That’s not right! Give full rights or take them all back!
    The UK should consider carefully the situation and decide whether they give full rights to all the people or no rights for anybody. That’s a fair way! European Union is not a “union” as long as these issues continue to occur.

  34.''Thomas says :

    The beginning of the speech :

    Mr President, Prime Ministers, Professor Szomberg, Ladies and Gentlemen.

    It is a terrific honour to be here today, and in this fabulous setting. In many ways this is a symbol of Europe’s past – glorious and tragic – and a symbol of Europe’s future. The people of Poland have restored this castle as they have rebuilt their country after war and oppression. They have given us lessons and hope for the next century.

    Poland is an extraordinary country; the Polish people are extraordinary people. Far beyond your frontiers, you are respected and admired.

    You are admired for your fortitude, for your endurance of years of war, struggle, pain and bloodshed, the violation of Polish land and civilisation by successive dictatorships, and throughout all this misery, for never once allowing your travails to crush your spirit. You never stopped believing in freedom and fighting for it.

    For us, Poland is an old friend in the new Europe now taking shape. There are 70,000 Poles in Britain. War memorials to the Polish dead grace our towns and villages. In the church where my family often hear Mass, there is every Sunday a Mass still said in Polish for the local Polish community.

    We remember your heroism in World War Two. We recall the Polish pilots who fought and died over London to preserve Europe’s freedom. We reflect on the officers and men who having fought valiantly to save Poland in 1939 and 1940, then came to Britain to enlist and carry on the fight. It was Churchill who said that of all the countries in Europe conquered by Hitler, it was only in Poland that no collaborator was found to work with the Nazis.

    Alas, for Poland, even after the war was won, it was only 40 or more years later that true freedom came.

    Today Poland stands tall, a proud nation and a free one, the history of tyranny over; a future in the new Europe awaiting. The Polish people face a choice of whether to join the European Union or not. Thirty years ago Britain faced the same choice.

  35.''Thomas says :

    Hi I am Polish myself and I am really suprised to see posts in which Poles are critizized for being able to work in the UK without any restrictions….

    In my personal opinion it all comes down to politics and nothing but politics…
    Poland has really stron historical connections with Britain ( Battle of Britain, Division 303 where basically Polish pilots saved GB from Nazi invasion, Polish goverment which resided in London until 1990, and many other historical events )and that is the main reason why the two countries treat each other so well :
    Found this link on Blair’s speech when he visited Poland right before we joined EU…I think it will give you
    a better understanding on what I was trying to say in my post


    You are right, English is most important, just as German or would be if you were working in Germany!
    There are many colleges offering courses to improve your English.

    Majestic College will be running summer English courses.


    Hello everyone,
    I am bulgarian and was working in a hotel in central London as a chambermaid.Mainly workers in the hotel were Polish and almost all of them were housekeeper staff.I was very suprised that these people who had to make even a simple conversation with the guests of the hotel just couldn’t speak proper english and their writing english was even worse.So i want to ask why polish who even can ‘t do their jobs well have rights to work wthout any problems but people like me and other bulgarians can not,no matter that we can speak and write english very well.The other fact is that polish behaved very badly to all other workers from other nationalities.So i think that english employers must have in mind when they hire workers.Workers from Bulgaria and Romania are not worse than these from Poland and probably will do their jobs better if their english is good.Just to hire polish workers who dont’t know even to say their names in english is a shame for the employer.


    Hi there!
    You are all, so right! But why nobody is doing anything? The others have communities, groups with qualified people helping and advising…They have offices and everything. Why are we not able to do the same? We should help each other to prove them that they actually need us because we are intelligent, hard workers and most of all – qualified for any job they have and also we do not need anything for free from theyr Gov.

  39.''Bratu Bogdan says :

    Hello everyone, i am happy to hear a British citizen concerned about our rights and really appreciate.

    I am a Romanian business student studying in UK more precisely in Sunderland, North East. To be honest, I feel relative sceptic regarding my opportunities in the UK. I would like to have a job in my area at least temporarily up to one year as I don’t come back in my country only with the degree and with no any experience. However the discriminations are kept even for people who bring money to the UK’s government such as the international students. Beside the work permit, the local employers prefer to wait for a somehow good British application and reject the foreigner ones even if they are better.

    I don’t want to have life employement in the UK, appart of that I don’t think to stay there because is better to stay in my poverty with my full rights instead to have a better situation in the UK but regarded as inferior. I really don’t need anything from the UK’s government, but i need to be fair and more supportive with the ones who contribute with fees.

    I am sorry for Romanians and Bulgarians and for what other ”inferior” people undergo in the UK. I was naive when i thoght at UK as place for studying. I also really apologise my crime of staying and studying in the UK and contributing to its government and I promise that I will leave once i’ll turn on my plan.

  40.''Alwena Swaile says :

    I am british. I have met a Bulgarian guy who was working here as “self employed” and was being treated worse than a slave because he didn’t know his rights, and was not even aware he was self employed because the hotel organised everything before he came here.
    It was only after I met him and asked him about days off (didnt have any),and working hours 24/7, and I informed him of his rights as an employee,that we found out he had no rights becasue he was “self employed”
    Obviously it is in the Hotels interests to get people from Bulgaria and Romania to come and work for them so they can abuse them in this way.
    We have been living together for one year now and life is still difficult as far as employment is concerned.
    He is doing a college course which allows him to work 20 hrs a week legally and after one year of doing this he can work legally as any other.
    There are plenty of jobs out there, but as soon as the employers come across this Border agency discrimination against Bulgarian and Romanian nationals they dont want to know.
    As a British person I am ashamed of the way Bulgarians and Romanians are treated in this discriminating way. It makes my partner feel very upset and like a second class citizen.
    He aims to live here permanently and we hope to get married as soon as we have enough money.
    I just wish there was a way this could be dealt with in a court of human rights!


    I am very ashamed as a uk citizen to see people from Bulgaria treated in this way, I think it is not what I expect from my country, if we ask someone to join our party then we should not treat them as unwelcome, they should be the same as everyone else and have the same rights. The problem with the UK is far too many of our own citizens dont want to work and dont like any healthy competition for jobs.

  42.''Kalina Bulgaria says :




  43.''Daniela says :

    I`d like to make same comment actually i am also Bulgarian woman residing in the UK under those rediculous restrictions.I think that its actually humiliating to be treated a sa third class European when Polish,Czech,Lituanians and whatever citizens can feel here free to live as normal people as we should be treated.It is rediculous that you`ve given full rights to Polish nation which dont even spent 1 pound in the UK and save all the money they made here to send back home then leave back themselves,while restrict those people who really wants to work and pay taxes and permanently move to live here respecting this country and its laws.I like this country,i like most of the people here,but i dont like to be treated like 3rd class European and you should know that this is wrong!

  44.''Galina says :

    Restrictions, restrictions, restrictions. Always ’bout them, all over the world. But dividing foreigners into groups is more than silly.
    I am Bulgarian young woman and I am not pretending to speak perfect English but I’d say I’m quite the same as a lot of the women at my age. Even smarter than some.
    My point is that making labour market limitations stop not the Bulgarian and Romanian workers in general, they stop only the groups that British people are afraid of being ousted – educated and well qualified ones, the thieves , prostitutes, illegal workers and all different pieces of grey Economics will work anyway.

    Kindly regards from snowy Balkans.

    PS: I like the home office page but It’d be more clear which is the target group of this web-page.

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