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Following the UK Home Secretary’s consultation on the reform of the student immigration system last December, the government has today announced a crackdown on student visa abuse and the closure of the popular Tier 1 post study work visa next year.

Tier 4 sponsors were informed of a number of changes by the UK Border Agency and Home Secretary Theresa May made an announcement in Parliament this afternoon.

May plans to slash the number of student visas by up to 80,000 following a series of measures including: 

  • Limits on the number of hours student can work
  • Increased language requirements
  • Restrictions of dependants
  • Ending the post study work visa from April 2012

In a notice to sponsors the UK Border Agency outlined a number of changes: 

  • A limit on the overall time that can be spent on a student visa to three years at lower levels, as now, and five years at higher levels, with exceptions for students studying for professional qualifications or a PhD;
  • Only the very best international graduates being allowed to stay on and contribute to the UK economy.
  • Current arrangements for international students who graduate in the UK are seen as ‘overly generous’.  So government will ‘close the Post Study Work route from April 2012’.
  • Those graduating from a UK university with a recognised degree, PGCE, or PGDE will be able to switch into Tier 2.

The UKBA website has summarised the main changes: 

  • From April 2012, any institution wanting to sponsor students will need to be classed as a Highly Trusted sponsor, and will need to become accredited by a statutory education inspection body by the end of 2012. The current system does not require this, and has allowed too many poor-quality colleges to become sponsors.
  • Students coming to study at degree level will need to speak English at an ‘upper intermediate’ (B2) level, rather than the current ‘lower intermediate’ (B1) requirement.
  • UK Border Agency staff will be able to refuse entry to students who cannot speak English without an interpreter, and who therefore clearly do not meet the minimum standard.
  • Students at universities and publicly funded further education colleges will retain their current work rights, but all other students will have no right to work. We will place restrictions on work placements in courses outside universities.
  • Only postgraduate students at universities and government-sponsored students will be able to bring their dependants. At the moment, all students on longer courses can bring their dependants.
  • We will limit the overall time that can be spent on a student visa to 3 years at lower levels (as it is now) and 5 years at higher levels. At present, there is no time limit for study at or above degree level.
  • We will close the Tier 1 (Post-study work) route, which allows students 2 years to seek employment after their course ends. Only graduates who have an offer of a skilled job from a sponsoring employer under Tier 2 of the points-based system will be able to stay to work.

Keith Vaz, Chair of the Home Affairs Committee, which advised the government not to close the post study work route, commented:

“Students are not migrants. They come from all over the world to study here, contributing to the economy both through payment of fees and wider spending. Whilst we are right to seek to eliminate bogus colleges and bogus students, we need to ensure that we continue to attract the brightest and the best.

“The Government’s policy ought to be evidence-based. Generating policy based on flawed evidence could cripple the UK education sector. In the case of international students this could mean a significant revenue and reputational loss to the UK. We strongly urge the Government to examine the data which it currently uses to extrapolate migration figures and recognise that for any genuine student the doors to Britain’s fine education institutions are always open.”

He added:

“If the door is shut they will simply study elsewhere.”

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97 Responses to “Post Study Work Visa to be abolished April 2012 as part of student visa clampdown”
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  2. […] Post Study Work Visa to be abolished April 2012 as part of student visa clampdown […]

  3. […] Post Study Work Visa to be abolished April 2012 as part of student visa clampdown […]

  4. klaus.samples@zoho.com'

    WOW just what I was looking for. Came here by searching for ilr

  5. […] smile. Saying “ It’s almost not possible to find a job here.” That’s partly because of the PSW visa is no longer available for Chinese students since […]

  6. euukimmigration@gmail.com'

    Have you read the article ‘Post Study Work Visa to be abolished April 2012’ ?

  7. prasanthi.kota33@gmail.com'
    prasanthi.kota33@gmail.com'prasanthi says :

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I am doing MSc Mobile And Satellite Communications,course complete in oct 2012.Is that possible to apply for PSW ? please advise me what to do next?

  8. arif0182000@yahoo.com'

    Anyone help me about PSW visa dependent i am in PSW visa now and would like to bring my wife to UK. Does anyone know do i need to show more than 18k income? please if anyone ans my question i will be grateful



  9. norahsangel@gmail.com'

    The new laws are clearly for the rich. A student wanting to study for a regualr 9 month course in Universtiy must now have UPFRONT 9,000 GBP before even applying – OUTSIDE of tuition fees. It used to be 800 GBP for 3 months.
    I don’t know any middle class student or family who can tie up 9,000 GBP in an account for any amount of time in this economy. I Don’t understand – if you’re on a student VISA and the rules say you cannot work more than 20 hours per week or be on public assistance, then if those rules are violated your VISA should be revoked – but to ask any non-rich person to hash up 9,000 GBPs is clearly a message that middle class applicants, no mateer how bright or good, are not welcome to study in the UK.

  10. khalnayak_70@yahoo.com'

    hello UK BA,
    why you made many of restriction for students that if they took admission in private colleges you will not going to allow them work, please think about student not too much but please give us 10 hours for work, i shall be very thankful to you, and i hope that maybe God will make something better for us, and please allow us work. thankyou

  11. k_kaur40@yahoo.co.uk'

    hi now im in uk i came uk in 2010 postgrauate diploma course my visa has finish 30it july 2012
    now im want to apply student visa extention .i want to know my visa is extend and also work is allow plz inform me as soon as possible thaxs.

  12. euukimmigration@gmail.com'

    In a university owned by the government you can work 20 hours per week – http://www.uk-universityservices.co.uk/home

  13. wisal.khan2011@yahoo.com'
    wisal.khan2011@yahoo.com'dr wisal says :

    now i am in pakistan. i want to come uk for post graduate diploma course. so how many work hours will be allowed for me. please inform me as soon as possible. i have done master in political science and also did four year diploma in homeopathic medical system

  14. wilsonwctsui@hotmail.com'

    Hia mate, I extremely hope you can give the international student one more chance to apply the PSW to get the Tier 1 after we will graduate in this June or July, and provide us have an opportunity to stay in UK to find job after we can get our degree. Actually, we have a dream, but after the UK Border Agency cancelled the PSW of the Tier 1 in this year April, our dream has destroyed, sorry government officers, please please reopen the Tier 1 then we can make our dream become true, Cheers

    Best Regards

  15. kodsara@gmail.com'

    Hi everyone. Please can someone advise me: My last student visa said i have no right to work. I have applied for PSW(5 weeks ago) but have not received confirmation yet. Can I take employment(part time) till I get a reply?? Please Im so worried. I have applied, does that mean I can now work? I havent received permit yet. Thanks

  16. guri.sukhdeep@gmail.com'
    guri.sukhdeep@gmail.com'gurbinder kaur says :

    hi…. sir i have done my msc(cs) in 2010 and i have also done my mca in last year. but i want to go to uk and doing study related with it sector.i have done ilets and my ilets score is 5 band. can i apply or not for uk with 5 band. can i change my it sector line or not.plz give me full information about that…….

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  18. curliemerlie@gmail.com'

    The education in UK is no doubt progressive and does add to the knowledge held by an individual. But the statement they want only the best ones.It seems as if mercy is done to the people to whm they provided education.They have charged double the fees.Half of the citizens are not keen to work on weekends.The contribution is more compared to the the Britishers who support the economy. If their workforce was hardworking then others would not ahve got the opportunity.It is unfair to students who have come in the year 2010 intake.If the govt is organised and has policies framed timely atleast they could have done justice.Moreover I beleive any graduating person from UK if not find a job in their profession should not stay back doing odd jobs. The knowlwedge one gains needs to be practised timely every nature of work is to be respected. But an engineer does not need to work with KFC after he graduates.

  19. najeebcolio21@hotmail.com'

    This is a serious stuff,
    we international students spend thousands of pounds and this is how UK treats us,Join my page for a cause and boycott UK for studying.
    no one wants to go to UK,Get a degree in HRM and work in mcdonalds or KFC,,,,
    please act fast and we as a one student nation can shake theresa Mays decision to its foundations!!!!

  20. euukimmigration@gmail.com'

    Government college only.
    Depends on where and what you are studying. See:
    Can family dependants of Tier 4 Students work while studying in the UK?

  21. jaivyy22@yahoo.co.uk'
    jaivyy22@yahoo.co.uk'SAROJ KUMARI says :


  22. sunneblueemli@gmail.com'
    sunneblueemli@gmail.com'Heather says :

    Doesn’t ANYONE know the last date on which one can apply for the PSW? Is it 31 March? Or 5 April, i.e. the day before the new system comes into effect?

  23. mehmoodghaznawi@googlemail.com'
    mehmoodghaznawi@googlemail.com'Mehmood says :

    This country is getting shitt when it became a part of EU. These EUs people are coming in millions to claim benefits and fck Uk properly. Student from 3rd world country when they work in UK(which is not allowed) but they spent their all money in UK by studying. These EUs r taking piss of them by doing crime and apply false benefits but they are still favourites of this stupid conservative govt. they hate students who are helping to build this country but love and welcome these dirty hungry East Europeans who are claims false benefits and loot their money. This true some body say conservatives are real stupid an recist.

  24. vikram.darekar007@gmail.com'
    vikram.darekar007@gmail.com'vikram says :

    does it mean that without any strong sponsor,we can not stay in UK? i am going to complete my post graduation in sept.2012.can i apply for PSW or is there any other way?

  25. arunraj68@yahoo.com'

    I would like to find out that i will be finishing my Degree only after April 2012 so i will get my result only after April so is there any chances for us to apply or not please tell me in details

  26. […] year’s changes to Tier 4 student visa rules and the abolition of PSW this April is already deterring Tier 4 students form India, which is one of the biggest markets for […]

  27. rangaamit9@gmail.com'

    Sorry guys but the tier-1 PSW route will be closed from April 2012. Anyone finishing their degrees after april wont be eligible to apply for that. And for the undergraduates who have just finished their degrees or will be finishing their degrees in the near future, will any way be ineligible for the PSW visa, according to the ukba points based system u have to have a masters degree inorder to apply for the PSW visa or else u wont meet the required set of points.

  28. mohdimran021@gmail.com'

    I urge international students not to come UK instead go to US, NZ or some other place, else you will be wasting your time, money and energy. Here is no job for masters especially if you are from Asia. Dont come here for atleast 2 years and they will welcome you on 3rd year. I wasn’t cleaver enough while making decision. Hope you you will make.

  29. cthy_care@yahoo.co.uk'
    cthy_care@yahoo.co.uk'C. Ibe says :

    Abolition of post study work should be reconsidered. Keith Vaz, the Chair of Home Office Committee, should be listened to. His advise to government to retain post study work is the right step to take. Students contribute to the economy, they don’t harm it.

    Rules should have exception. Consideration should be given to students who completed their Masters programme in the UK and went straight to undertake PhD qualification. At least those PhD and/or Masters students writing their dissertations/thesis should be given the opportunity to partake in the post study work. Denying them the opportunity would amount to harsh treatment and injustice because they have given all their life earning to the government of the UK. Such exception will help the student to emeliorate their already worsen financial condition occasioned by payment of tuition fees and other incidentals. In short some categories of vulnerable students should be considered. Please, please, for God’s sake, help genuine students who continued their education and are at concluding point to embark on their post study work. These students should not be frustrated because POST STUDY WORK is part of what motivated them into UK education.

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  31. […] overseas candidates from non-EU countries, despite changes to Tier 4 student visa rules and the abolition of PSW this […]

  32. a2d3i4@gmail.com'
    a2d3i4@gmail.com'adithya says :

    i came into the uk on september 2010 and my course ended on sep 2011.. i have a reassessment that has to be taken during june 2012.

    I suggest there has to be a transitional arrangement for cases like mine as there are not going to be many people like me moreover since we already came into uk when psw was in place, i think it is fair enough that we can be granted as well

  33. […] however this could change in the coming year due to changes to Tier 4 student visa rules and the abolition of PSW this […]

  34. scorpion1289@gmail.com'

    hey, i finish bca in april 2011 So how can apply student visa.

  35. Olaronaldo10@gmail.com'

    What date in April is psw ending pls, I mean the specific date in April


    HI ,

  37. tahiti_51@hotmail.com'

    I feel that the government is making extremely diificult rules.When you are on a student visa, hardly any companies would want to employ you, purely because you can not work full-time and are allowed to work 20 hours in a week • When students are not given the opportunity to show their skills, how can a student be offered a skilled job from a sponsoring employer under Tier 2 of the points-based system .

  38. vitc@hotmail.com'
    vitc@hotmail.com'vittorio says :

    Im a ucraine nationality 33 year old. It was 5 year since I live and work in Italy. I would go in England to
    impruve my scubadive skill. This course will start next april in Scozia at Fort William at the Underwater Center Shool for 5 months. I need to know how can the Visa I need to study for 5 months.
    I try to do the application form but I had difficult
    becouse I find only to choose: Visa for Dependand Student and Tier 4. Can you help me to do the right way to do the application form?

  39. deepthi.kommu@gmail.com'
    deepthi.kommu@gmail.com'deepthi says :

    i started maintaining 800 pounds funds from jan 4th.. my visa is till may 2012. 90 days would count only till april 2nd… do i have the chance to apply for psw??? wen is the exact end date for psw?? plz mention the date…

  40. […] Post Study Work Visa to be abolished April 2012 as part of student visa clampdown […]

  41. mjamil779@yahoo.com'

    WhIch date Of April PSW will be closed?

  42. bisajthaiba146@gmail.com'
    bisajthaiba146@gmail.com'Bisaj Thaiba says :

    Has anyone got right to work and study or not while their application is sent for judicial review?

  43. Lyrics22002@yahoo.com'

    Is the psw ending begging or end of April

  44. […] have also scrapped the Post Study Work visa (PSW) from April 2012 and slapped a cap on immigration preventing employers from sponsoring non-EU […]

  45. […] have also scrapped the Post Study Work visa (PSW) from April 2012 and slapped a cap on immigration preventing employers from sponsoring non-EU […]

  46. euukimmigration@gmail.com'

    Existing Immigration Rules apply.

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