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The UK Border Agency has published revised ‘in country’ application forms for tier 4 of the points-based system (PBS) and for PBS dependants. 

Revised forms now available include: 

  • Tier 4 (General) student
  • Tier 4 (Child) student and
  • Points-based system dependant

These forms are only to be used if you are applying ‘in country’ from within the UK.

Forms for overseas applications are available on the visa services website.

Points-based system: Revised policy guidance for tier 4 of the points-based system and for PBS dependants

Revised versions of the policy guidance for tier 4 of the points-based system, and of the PBS dependants policy guidance, have now been published.

Other key changes that are included in the revised guidance are highlighted below: 

Proof of availability of finances – transitional arrangements

There are transitional arrangements in place that allow applicants to show they have the money needed to meet the maintenance requirements of tier 4, on the day that they apply, rather than for a period of 28 days prior to their application. 

Proof of availability of finances – loan documentation

 The policy guidance allows applicants to provide a letter from an appropriately regulated financial institution confirming availability of funds in the form of a loan.

Slight revisions have been made to the required content of these loan letters, to allow for the fact that they will not always include an applicant’s account number.

Official financial sponsorship

Prior to 1 June 2009, there was no provision for a tier 4 migrant’s official financial sponsor to extend their financial sponsorship to the family members of the tier 4 migrant.

From 1 June 2009 a tier 4 migrant’s official financial sponsor will be permitted to extend their financial sponsorship to cover the tier 4 migrant’s dependants.

Electronic signatures on visa letters

Visa letters must be signed and dated by an authorised official (original or electronic signature).

The policy guidance has been revised to clarify that either a digital signature or a scanned signature will be accepted as an ‘electronic signature’ for these purposes.

Maintenance requirements – inner and outer London

Applicants studying in inner London are required to show a higher level of funds to cover their living costs than those studying outside London.

The definition of who the higher maintenance requirements apply to has not changed, but has been altered to clarify the fact that the higher maintenance requirements apply only to those who will be studying in inner London and that applicants who will be studying in outer London, or elsewhere in the UK, will be assessed against the lower requirements.

Date of application

The date of application will be taken to be the following:

For applications made in the United Kingdom

  • where the application form is sent by post, the date of posting
  • where the application form is sent by courier, the date on which it is delivered to the UK Border Agency of the Home Office

For applications made outside the United Kingdom

the date that the fee associated with the application is paid.

This means the date shown on your payment receipt, which depends on how you paid for your visa application, for example, at a British Diplomatic Post, visa application centre or online.

See also: Make sure your college is on the Tier 4 Sponsors Register before renewing your visa, which outlines details of the new 56 page ‘TIER 4 (G)’ form (APPLICATION FOR A GRANT OF LEAVE AND BIOMETRIC IMMIGRATION DOCUMENT UNDER TIER 4 GENERAL STUDENT).

This form replaces the FLR form, clearly requests the ‘Sponsor Licence Number’ in section 3.  

If you need any immigration advice or help with Studying in the UK, Settlement, Citizenship, Sponsorship, extending Work Permits, Visa or an appeal against a refusal please email: or visit

78 Responses to “New Tier 4 student and dependant application forms under points-based system”
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  1.''abhinaya says :

    Hi I am a student of tier 4 and I am studying the level 6 course.Now I am planning to get my wife in dependent what should I do.Can you suggest me how much fund should I have and what about the rules,can my dependent has right to work or not.What kind of document should I need to show, as well as the document from my dependent.

  2.''TAMMIM AKTER says :

    Dear sir/madam,
    Now i am tier4(general student)at husbend is in ireland(student).but we are bangladeshi.from wich country will he apply for dependent visa?let me know pls

  3.''TAMMIM AKTER says :

    Now i am tier4(general student)at husbend is in ireland(student).but we are bangladeshi.from wich country will he apply for dependent visa?let me know pls


    Dear Sir/Madam,I am tier 4 student, since 18.01.2010 amd my visa expires on 12.04.2012.
    On 2nd of February of 2011 I got merried in Moscow , we want to be together while I’ll finish my college in London. So can he apply from Russia for dependant Visa of Tier 4 student, does he needs to give english language test?Is it necessary requirement?
    I thank for your atttention, will be glad to hear from you.
    Kind regards
    Asel Kozhoeva


    hi, iam going to extend my dependent visa’tier 4′,i got some confuse : section 2, page 16. if somebody has any idea plzz help me.thanx

  6.''sandesh says :

    any boby has idea about how to fill tier 4 dependents form?alots of confussing wuestions,


    Application forms are usually available online – Google your nearest British Embassy or UK Visas websites.


    Dear sir,

    i wanna a tier 4 student dependent visa form 10 application form,its so urgency can u send me a application form.

    Thanking u sir.

  9.''Shahrin says :

    Hi everyone,

    please advise me in the UK Visa Tier 4 visa application (General), in Part – 1, 1.2 point what score to put for English language box? is that my Ielts scor band?

    in UKBA website only explain how to calculate the score for Attribute and maintenance score but not for ENglish.

    can you please advice..

    best regards,


    hi i am an international student here in UK which application form is possible to apply to my family to bring them?



    I am under tier 4 student visa since September 2010 in UK and my visa is valid till Jan. 2013. During this period my family (wife and daughter) wants to visit me for a couple of months. What will be the nature of visa application, as dependant visa or visit visa?

  12.''RAHMA ALI says :



    Application for what?


    I am under tier 4 student visa since a year in UK. I have married with a girl who is also under tier 4 student visa in UK. We got married in UK and registered our marriage in UK. Now I am wishing to apply for dependant visa. Can I do it from inside the UK?



    My husband is student in London
    I’m outside a UK at the moment in Georgia, still confuse ,which application form should i fill ?

    Many thanks
    Kind regard


    how ti fill the tier 4 depent visa exend form.plz ,give me a guidence or sample.

  17.''sunitha says :

    hello this is sunitha ,four months back my husband went to uk on student visa now i m thinking to apply dependent visa of my husband what is the doucuments required and how many points required to get visa,any english test is require. plz suggest me


    Hi there

    if I am applying for tier4 dependent “in Country” , can I go on Window or just via post???

    Please let me know with ukba reference (source)




    i have an ERROR in may CAS. that miss spelling my name. i told them to correct it and they told UNIVERSITY do it. but they do not give me any other CAS . they give us mail only. can i apply for UK visa now.

  20.''Nasfik says :

    i am refused two times by Canadian High Commission, can i apply for UK student visa now?


    What does the term “OFFICIAL FINANCIAL SPONSOR” and “INTERNATIONAL COMPANY” mean? What type of companies can sponsor? What document will be required to show official financial sponsorship?

  22.''SAYED ROKON says :

    I’m studying MBA at College of Technology London. Awarding body is University of Wales; Lampeter. My course will finish in April 2011. My visa is expiring at 30/06/2011.
    I have married February 2010.So i would like to apply for wife as a tier 4 student dependent from Bangladesh.
    Plz help me to identify which form she has to fill. And also what list of documents she has to submit at Bangladesh UK High Commission.

  23.''gawanya says :

    i want to know how many page a dependent visa application form contain of a tier 4 student?

  24.''Ahamed says :

    Now Im in the UK as a Tier 4 PBS student. I’m 23 years old and my wife is 18+. If I want to take my wife here what should I do?


    I had already apply to extend my visa still with the home office. during my application my college was atier4, now is not listed on the list… what should i do?


    how to fill up an application form for tier 4 student? tnx

  27.''junaidamjad says :

    i am gratute student from pakistan. i want to get admission in diploma of Accouting and finance.As you know it is necessary for me if i want to M.B.A in finance.plz provide me detail list of college who are studying this course and they also under u.k border agency, or what me should do any suggestion from you i would be please on your suggestion thanks



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