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The UK Border Agency has published revised ‘in country’ application forms for tier 4 of the points-based system (PBS) and for PBS dependants. 

Revised forms now available include: 

  • Tier 4 (General) student
  • Tier 4 (Child) student and
  • Points-based system dependant

These forms are only to be used if you are applying ‘in country’ from within the UK.

Forms for overseas applications are available on the visa services website.

Points-based system: Revised policy guidance for tier 4 of the points-based system and for PBS dependants

Revised versions of the policy guidance for tier 4 of the points-based system, and of the PBS dependants policy guidance, have now been published.

Other key changes that are included in the revised guidance are highlighted below: 

Proof of availability of finances – transitional arrangements

There are transitional arrangements in place that allow applicants to show they have the money needed to meet the maintenance requirements of tier 4, on the day that they apply, rather than for a period of 28 days prior to their application. 

Proof of availability of finances – loan documentation

 The policy guidance allows applicants to provide a letter from an appropriately regulated financial institution confirming availability of funds in the form of a loan.

Slight revisions have been made to the required content of these loan letters, to allow for the fact that they will not always include an applicant’s account number.

Official financial sponsorship

Prior to 1 June 2009, there was no provision for a tier 4 migrant’s official financial sponsor to extend their financial sponsorship to the family members of the tier 4 migrant.

From 1 June 2009 a tier 4 migrant’s official financial sponsor will be permitted to extend their financial sponsorship to cover the tier 4 migrant’s dependants.

Electronic signatures on visa letters

Visa letters must be signed and dated by an authorised official (original or electronic signature).

The policy guidance has been revised to clarify that either a digital signature or a scanned signature will be accepted as an ‘electronic signature’ for these purposes.

Maintenance requirements – inner and outer London

Applicants studying in inner London are required to show a higher level of funds to cover their living costs than those studying outside London.

The definition of who the higher maintenance requirements apply to has not changed, but has been altered to clarify the fact that the higher maintenance requirements apply only to those who will be studying in inner London and that applicants who will be studying in outer London, or elsewhere in the UK, will be assessed against the lower requirements.

Date of application

The date of application will be taken to be the following:

For applications made in the United Kingdom

  • where the application form is sent by post, the date of posting
  • where the application form is sent by courier, the date on which it is delivered to the UK Border Agency of the Home Office

For applications made outside the United Kingdom

the date that the fee associated with the application is paid.

This means the date shown on your payment receipt, which depends on how you paid for your visa application, for example, at a British Diplomatic Post, visa application centre or online.

See also: Make sure your college is on the Tier 4 Sponsors Register before renewing your visa, which outlines details of the new 56 page ‘TIER 4 (G)’ form (APPLICATION FOR A GRANT OF LEAVE AND BIOMETRIC IMMIGRATION DOCUMENT UNDER TIER 4 GENERAL STUDENT).

This form replaces the FLR form, clearly requests the ‘Sponsor Licence Number’ in section 3.  

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78 Responses to “New Tier 4 student and dependant application forms under points-based system”
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  1. nnothing63@yahoo.com'
    nnothing63@yahoo.com'kazi sifat says :

    hello..i m tier 4 student for 3 years…my wife is in student visa here…my visa will expire on August.can i apply on her for the dependent visa? and if i do so and got the visa then what abt my 3 years of stay. will it be extend with the dependent visa or i will get a new countdown of my staying…

  2. khalilahmed20@gmail.com'
    khalilahmed20@gmail.com'khalil ahmed says :

    dear sir

    I am tier 4 student. I with my wife and two babies living with me and they came under dependent visa. Few days ago a new baby is born. my visa expire date 28/02/2014. I would like to travel with my new born baby in europe. how can I get visa or permission from UKBA or how much cost should be needed?

    kind regards

  3. prashantgautam182@rocketmail.com'
    prashantgautam182@rocketmail.com'prashant says :

    hi i am an international student from nepal. i am studying bachelor degree course in university of west london.i have tier 4 visa.at the time when i apply for a visa i had put all the supporting document of my wife.is it possible to bring my wife here in uk.

  4. harpreetnahal34@yahoo.co.uk'
    harpreetnahal34@yahoo.co.uk'Harpreet says :

    I’m a Tier 4 international student in uk, I married to a girl who is international student under Tier 4 and we got registered married in uk aswell. Can my wife switch into dependent visa inside uk as we both are on student visa under Tier 4.

  5. Harisabro@yahoo.com'
    Harisabro@yahoo.com'Harris says :

    My name is Haaris and I am from Pakistan. I have multiple entries Tier 4 PBS Dependent Visa. Before I applied for dependent visa my intension was to stay in UK but now circumstances have changed. Now I just want to visit UK for a month during summer break of my wife. I have booked return ticket from Karachi to London. I want to know that is there any requirement or restriction of minimum stay for tier 4 dependent and will I face any problem for entry clearance immigration desk at London airport if they know will return back home within a month.

    Please help me regarding this issue.

  6. euukimmigration@gmail.com'

    You can still apply under Tier 2

  7. sambit.datta.19@gmail.com'
    sambit.datta.19@gmail.com'sambt data says :

    I came to uk when the PSW rule was still existing. I have a bank loan and I need to pay it back after my studies. I shall graduate in June 2012. I think that the govt. should have some exception criterias that allow us to get visas since our applications were made before this announcement. There will soon be no international students in the UK and the country will be doomed since we are the ones paying taxes for the guys who are not working at all. It is really sad.

  8. afzallink@hotmail.com'
    afzallink@hotmail.com'mohammad afzal says :

    hye sir/mam i m a pakistani student of tier4 in pvt college in birmingham my course will end feb 2015. i was married in pak 2005 now i wan to call my wife here as dependant visa. how can it possible.what are requirements forms what about finance what the documents need for this kind of visa.how many days will take this procedure. bcoz i cant live without my sweet wife.

  9. ela.rajaguru@gmail.com'
    ela.rajaguru@gmail.com'rajaguru says :

    Hello, I am a Tier 4 General Student from India.I am studying my postgraduate course in UK righnt now.

    My Wife is going to apply for Tier 4 Student dependant Visa from india.So which application form need to fill for this category ? Which is the documentation she must to attach with application form ?

    Thank you

  10. euukimmigration@gmail.com'

    What were the reasons? You should take professional advice.

  11. sweta-thakuri@hotmail.com'

    Hi,I am sweta and i am Tier 4 general student doing masters.My husband is in Nepal.He was supposed to come to UK along with as my dependent, but his visa got rejected,because we had not provided marriage photographs. So i have to came here alone. He again applied dependent visa but again his visa got rejected saying baseless reason.

    I would be grateful if you could assist me in this particular matter.

    Hoping to hear from you soon.

  12. smabid021@hotmail.com'

    hi i am muhammad abid, i m tier 4 student,my wife want to apply dependant visa so what documentation need thanks

  13. walekingdom@yahoo.com'

    Hello,i am a tier 4 general student am studying for ACCA and i had my entry permit to study in mrach 2010.pls is my spouse elligle to apply for a dependent visa despite the new policy that started in july 2010.tks

  14. isaacogunwemimo@gmail.com'
    isaacogunwemimo@gmail.com'Isaac Ogunwemimo says :

    I am currently studying in UK under Tier 4 student visa. I want my wife to come and visit me from Nigeria.What type of visa will she apply for.

  15. haribro758@yahoo.com'
    haribro758@yahoo.com'hari bhandari says :

    hy i am hari bhandari, i m tier 4 student,my wife want to apply depend visa so what documentation need thanku

  16. loya.roshan@gmail.com'
    loya.roshan@gmail.com'Roshan Loya says :

    Hello, I am a Tier 4 General Student from India.I am studying my postgraduate course in UK righnt now.

    My Wife is going to apply for Tier 4 Student dependant Visa from india.So which application form need to fill for this category ? Which is the documentation she must to attach with application form ?

    Thank you

  17. rudrastha@hotmail.com'

    I am studying in UK since 2008. My UK visa expires on Jan 2013. We’ve got a new family member, just 3 weeks ago, born in Canada who is getting Canadian passport very soon. We want to apply UK visa for new born baby. How can I apply for him which form should fill up.


  18. euukimmigration@gmail.com'

    Forms for overseas applications are available on the visa services website.

  19. kc_roser@yahoo.com'

    hi im tier 4 general student and my wife is also same.while applying in student visa all our document were single , now both our visa will expire on nov last so we plan to get married here for supporting document to show our relationship and i want to switch to dependent. will it possible to apply from uk or can i apply in same time when my wife is extending visa in october after completing her HND.
    can anyone know about this answers plz let me know,
    i appreciate your ans.

  20. shanihu@hotmail.com'

    tire four dependent visa document please send me the detail of documents

  21. shanihu@hotmail.com'

    can you please tell me which document required for tire for dependent visa

  22. muha_10a@mail.ru'

    Hi there,
    Sorry, how can i download “Tier 4 (General) student” application form ? If anyone knows,please help me…

  23. faye.libres@yahoo.com'
    faye.libres@yahoo.com'Marife Bain says :

    Hi There,

    I have done my biometrics for FLR here in UK. Does it mean they already taken the amount fee from our account?

    I appreciate your reply. Thanks

  24. idowu.olaolu@yahoo.com'

    I am a student of tier 4 level 6,my wife applied as my dependant on April 2011 and application refused because of incomplete of maintenance fees. Now everything is ready can she apply again?

  25. tiimoni@yahoo.ca'
    tiimoni@yahoo.ca'omotayo says :

    hello please am a tier 4 studentand i have a baby whom i had in uk,i want to know how to apply for her documents before i take her out of the country

  26. zeeshan_4117@yahoo.com'

    I am student of Tier 4, Level 6 Doing ACCA in a Private College,now i want to invite my wife as a dependent tell me is it possible and how may i do this? is there any new changes being made regarding dependent visa policy by UKBA Thanks

  27. fari_nadira@yahoo.com'

    I’m a pakistani.I want to apply with my family.But i come to know that your policy is going to change from 4th of july or after 4th of july can i apply on 4th of july in same policy.I mean it will implement from 4th of July or after 4th of July.kindly tell me as soon as possible.I need your help.
    Thanks and Regards.

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