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New Tier 4 student forms for use after 31 March 2009 | Immigration Matters

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The UK Border Agency has today published the “Tier 4 (student) application forms, to be used for applications made on or after the 31 March 2009”.

The forms can be used for all types of applications made on and after 31 March 2009, including those in person at the public enquiry office.

Applications currently in the system should be considered under the current rules, not Tier 4.

Refused Visa (VAF) Applications

If you are refused entry clearance under the current rules you have the ‘right of appeal’ to the AIT (Asylum and Immigration Tribunal), where your case will be heard before an independent Immigration Judge in the UK.

Appeal specialists Bison UK has successfully overturned over 95% of visa and other refusals on appeal.

Applications made under Tier 4 – after 31 March – will not carry the right of appeal. Refusals will instead be dealt with by an Entry Clearance Manager (ECM) under a controversial new internal review system.

For further information see the adult student and child student pages.

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81 Responses to “New Tier 4 student forms for use after 31 March 2009”
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  1. If you are overstaying your visa you will have problems and should seek professional advice.

  2. Hi Kelly, my visa finish on 31/12/11 Sunday but my ielts result may take time to release. Bank statement will be ready on 1/1/12 I am worried, what should I do?

  3. You need to take proper legal advice before making this sort of decision.

  4. zinnie says :

    hi kelly
    i applied for a visiting visa but was refused and ask to
    appeal which i did. at the moment i have opportunity to go study in the uk, is it possible to withdraw the appeal and make a new application as a student.

  5. Shekha says :

    I got my visa refused on the grounds of maintainance cost which i availed from a bank loan. But uk embassy rejected my visa as the loan amount was disbursed before filing up the application, and because of that I was denied applying for further submission until ten years from now. But it is also said in the refusal letter that i can submmit a fresh application.

    Can i apply agian a fresh application after this refusal? Please reply….


  6. Jana Magar says :


    I would like to change my visa status TIER 4 dependent to Tier 2 so I have to go back my home country ? if yes why ? pls I will appreciate for information……..

    thank you

  7. anusak thapa says :

    Hi,I am anuska thapa.I am plannig to marry my boyfriend santosh pandey.who is also in we both are students ,is it possible to switch his students visa as my dependent.and both of our visa will be going to expire in february 2010..if it is pssible hat sort of preparations we need to do.
    yours sincerely
    Anuska thapa

  8. Syed Waleed Shah says :


    I shall be applying for my Students Visa,Tier 4 General Student application on the 21st of May but my TB Screening certificate is going to expire on the 23rd of May.Will the ECO consider the date on which the application has bee made? or should i apply for another certificate.


    Syed Waleed Shah

  9. MD.AMINUR RAHMAN says :


  10. I have just sent in my appeal for my tier 4 visa application can I also make a new application at the home office at the same with new supporting documents.



  12. Solabi Olaoluwa says :

    It is very worrisome that after I have showed enough evidence at the embasy of my maintenace fund ,they scored me 0 points for maintenace fund, the entry clearance manager said I did not provide enough evidence that my sponsor is truly my father after I have produced affidavit of relationship with his passport photograph attached and an introduction letter from him, also the bank statement reveals that he has deposited the money in my account in his name.The exuse I was given is that I did affidavit of relationship the very day my application was filled in.My question is that is there any rule that kick against that?Although my father has been away on a biz trip and had to come because of my application which was a night before my application was filled in.
    Although I have filled in an administrative review to that effect,I just want an advice from you.

    Thank you

  13. hi
    i applied for extension my visa on tier4. i got rufusal becuse i didnt show enough money in my account, i appeal my case now and my hearing date is next month, but my college lost his sponser regestration. so i dnt know what to do now. can you please reaply me as soon as possible.thank

  14. Albina says :

    I will be grateful if you help me with this..
    I ve sent my application for PSW last week, but I do not remember if I ticked the box regarding my university being “recognised body”.
    But I do have an evidence that it is (letter from university).
    will they call me to clarify this, or do I need to take actions by myself?
    thank you
    regards Albina

  15. Check the Tier 4 register

  16. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I just want to know that whether the college of technology london is having the licensed authority to sponser tier 4 visa or not please confirm me.

    Thanking you sir,

  17. bansari patel says :

    please answer my question on d urgent basis
    i applied for uk student visa for MBA my visa got rejected because of maintainance problem but now i have got enough funds & i want to apply in frb but my college has got out of the list so i want to change the college & course as well. so i want to ask that if i change the course,are there any chance for refusal because of thet reason? i mean can uk embassy raise the question n refuse the entry clearance by asking that why did you change the course?? please reply me soon

  18. I have a friend who has just been refused their visa extension and they have appealed against the decision, but before that their college was black listed they are now applying for other colleges and no colleges will give them addmission until they have their visa extension. Will this affect their appeal, will it be successful and can they give them chance if they have they visa to get addmission?

  19. Hi!
    I am a tier 4 applicant in the pHilippines.I had stuedent visa before under the old system.I just passed my application at VFS last dec 4.But I was denied because the ECO didnt award 10 points to my maintenance.It states that i wasnt able hold the funds for the required period.I am using my UK bank account which was opened way back 2008 and is still present and active. I submitted detailed bank statements. the last statement i submitted was dated Nov 18. How come i was awarded 0 point for this?Could you enlighten me? Thanks

  20. eduardo j lopez jr says :

    hello mr kelly,
    Please advise me on my case,i applied for student visa in saudi arabia last september 2008 and was refused for 3 grounds,i made an appeal and it was approved last august 2009,last november 2009 the british embassy told me that my visa will be stamp unless my school start date will be updated since they found out that my acceptance letter is out of date,unfortunately the school that i enrolled with have thier licensee suspended for Tier4 last september 2009 and until now there name does not appear in the UKBA registry of sponsors.Now,i have inquired to my school and i managed to have an updated school acceptance letter from them but at the moment i am afraid to pass my school acceptance letter to the british embassy here in KSA because they might refuse me due to my school is not on the UKBA registry?The school that i enrolled with told me that i am not covered by TIER4 before i lodge my student application last that true?..

  21. Well, how long will this TIER 4 last for? Will there be changes of TIER from March??

  22. Sikander khan says :

    hi i have recently submitted my visa application tier4 i have my personal saving account and my bank statment was more than just 28days may be about 35days and i have still money in my account so i want to know that will it affect my visa or not?

  23. euphy rum says :

    Dear Charles
    my tier 4 application has just been refused on the grounds that although i had sufficient funds…the bank statements i provided did not show my name..they did however show my bank details and had been stamped at the bank to show they were genuine.
    i have not been given a right of appeal but suggested a fresh application. what is the best course of action?
    get new statements with my name and cross reference with the name less ones to show that they still refer to same account…?
    please help

  24. I’m from Canada and I submitted my Tier 4 General Student visa application yesterday through a visa application centre in Canada. The thing is that I submitted my visa application after my course state date stated on my visa letter.
    Does the High British Council still grant visas for application submitted after the course start date?

  25. Ashu Sharma says :

    Urgent assistance required!im extremely tense.

    I applied for a student visa about a week ago and i have a enquiry and i urge you to please clear it..Well the thing is that i have submitted all my documents with my application form all my documents i given were original, however there is a problem and that is i have made a few minor mistakes in filling out my point based appendix application form and i realised it after submitting my application, i have made mistake by forgetting to put crosses in a few places first i didnt put a cross which ask you to confirm that i have provided the original visa letter from the sponser however my visa letter is 100% original and anybody can say its original by taking a look at it more than that i have provided all the original academic transcrips and certificates listed in the visa letter.second mistake i didnt put a cross where it says have you been assesd by the sponser on the basis of artwork i have omitted it also but its clear in my visa letter that sponser havent assesd via this means,so i want to know that can even minor omissions on the application can reject your visa despite all documents being right.??so please tell me that if i have submitted all the right documents but have made some omissions in the pbs application form can this reject my student visa?..I think it will be much better if they call me to clear such issues rather than to reject my application straightforeward.

    Please give your honest opinions.


  26. dhanvant desai says :

    i am a indian student wanting study of a pharmacy technician nvq level this occupation in a shortage list? after study i willbe quilify for awork permit or i eligible for a tier 2 work permit? post study work permit awailable after this study? i am a overseas student.

  27. Harprit says :

    Dear sir,
    I got my student visa refusal and as i had applied after my visa got expired, there is no right to appeal also.The reason for refusal was that i didnt enrol for the college of which the documents i had submitted.So i need your suggestion that should i go back to india and apply again??and will it be easy for me?or are there any chances of staying here and reapplying in any other tier?

  28. You should chase the embassy or ask the university to help you. The review could take several weeks.
    You could also submit a new application if you cannot wait.
    Tier 4 applications are not as easy as they look and people would be advised to seek professional advice when applying for a student visa.

  29. dear sir ,

    i had submited my tier 4 student visa file on 17/07/09 . my file got refused due to my silly mistake in writing sponser license no. in application form . bcoz
    On the visa application form there weren’t enough boxes to write in the whole number, So I have put a lesser digit in there which has created the confusion.(The sponsor license number has been double verified with THE ACADEMY, and it has been claimed as the license no. on the letter head is correct.

    i had already fillup administrative riview form and it has alrady 20 days passed but still i didnt get any reply and my admision date is 7th sep. plz help me and give me some answer about it . plz mail me …

  30. Tier 4 rules, but new electronic visa letters (CAS) coming this Septamber.

  31. David Saenz says :

    there will be a new rules to get the student visa from september 2009? or it will still be the tier 4 rules?


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