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MP helps pregnant Filipino and British partner fight visa refusal | Immigration Matters

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Tough anti-immigration measures are normally fully supported by British people, that is until the law hits them between the eyes. It is only then they realise what people go through to get a UK visa and that Immigration Rules (immigration to the UK) preventing people sponsoring foreign partners to live with them applies to UK Citizens too.

New Family Migration Immigration Rules, which came into effect on 9 July 2012, means that British Citizens who want to marry a non-EEA European Economic Area national and live in the UK (i.e. immigration to UK) together must show proven earnings of at least £18,600 per annum. 

In cases where the foreign-born spouse has children, their British partner must earn £22,400 or more, plus £2,400 for each additional children.

Tabloid press readers may have applauded these changes, which are designed to prevent low income families becoming dependent on benefits, but when a British person falls for someone on holiday they are shocked when they turn up at the local British Embassy expecting to get a ‘visa on demand’ for their new found love.

Instead of the red carpet being rolled out for their, they are instead issued with a curt visa refusal.

Despite demands to “speak to the British Ambassador” or waving of tattooed arms, the answer is still “NO”, and “Yes, the Rules apply to British people as well, even if your Grandfather did fight for this country in the war”.

In a recent well publicised case, Labour MP for Sheffield Central, Paul Blomfield, is demanding a meeting with the Immigration Minister on behalf of his constituent, a young father-to-be facing heartbreak after his pregnant Filipino girlfriend was denied a visa to join him in the UK.

British Citizen Marc Hanson fell in love with Filipina Ella Quepet three years ago when the pair met while working on ferries from Hull.

But when Filipino staff were laid off in favour of ‘no visa required’ Eastern Europeans, Ella was forced to return home with Marc following.

Ironically, had she applied to join one of those Eastern Eurpoeans as a partner under EEA laws, she would be in the UK now having her baby in a British hospital free of charge.

As a foreigner in the Philippines Marc is unable to work on a tourist visa so the couple, both aged 28, naturally want to return to the UK where he can support his new family.

Mr Blomfield has now raised the issue with Home Secretary Theresa May, who introduced the changes, in the House of Commons.

He asked: “Does the Home Secretary recognise that this case highlights the way in which the inflexibility of her new rules is unfairly preventing many British citizens bringing their partners to the UK?

“And will she meet with me and Marc’s parents to consider their case for their family to be united?”

The MP said he has now received a written response to his questions.

He said: “Immigration Minister Mark Harper replied and has agreed to a meeting.”

However, if the Minister were to give special treatment to Marc, this would no doubt lead to a wave of similar appeals.

Ella, who is due to give birth to a Son in the next few, has been joined by Marc and his family in the Philippines.

Marc’s parents Kim and Robert Hanson, of Walkley, are setting up a business and will offer their son a job, which means he does not meet the requirements now, as he is not working at the time of his application.

They have pledged to help the couple using their combined £70,000 annual income to ensure Ella is not a ‘burden’ on the state, which will not help either, as a change in the rules means third party income cannot be taken into account. Checkmate to the Home Office?

Perversely, Marc could bring his Son with him to the UK, but the child’s Mother would have to stay in the Philippines pending a new visa application.

Cynthia Barker of immigration advisers Bison Management UK has dealt with a number of similar cases and said:

“The harsh rules are already splitting families apart and will soon be tested in the immigration appeal courts on human rights article 8 grounds in the not too distant future.

“Not every case fits government tick boxes, for instance where a British partner has lost his job abroad and wants to return home with his or her partner, or where the sponsor has non-standard income. The forms are more complicated than a mortgage application!”

To add to their problems, more government bureaucracy means that getting Filipino a visa to enter the UK will not be the only hoop they will need to jump through to get his partner out of the Philippines.Marc may be surprised to learn that they must also comply with new ‘exit visa’ requirements or Ella will be prevented from leaving the country.

New Philippine laws mean your Filipino partner must attend a ‘CFO’s guidance and counseling session’ in order to get a ‘Guidance and Counseling Certificate (GCC)’ and a ‘CFO sticker’ and be allowed to leave the country.

Immigration to the UK is getting harder each year, but in this case, one government doesn’t want to let her in, while the other doesn’t want to let her out!

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33 Responses to “MP helps pregnant Filipino and British partner fight visa refusal”
Read them below or add one

  1. juvelee says :

    if the uk man have baby here in philippines do he need to support for the baby???

  2. juvelee says :

    if the filipina wife cannot follow to uk is it possible that the husband really can support the baby here in philippines??

  3. juvelee says :

    if the filipina wife cannot follow to uk is it possible that the husband really can support the baby here in philippines??

  4. juvelee says :

    is the man from uk will really need to support his baby here in philippines if the girl cant follow in uk??and how much he need to give to suppoet the baby?

  5. juvelee says :

    if a filipina woman married english man from uk and shes pregnant it is possible that the man from uk can bring the girl in uk to stay there??

  6. juvelee says :

    if a filipina woman married english man from uk and shes pregnant it is possible that the man from uk can bring the girl in uk to stay there??

  7. To be fair, the Home Office are not preventing you from living with your Filipino wife. It’s just that if you earn less than £18600, you cannot live with her in the UK.

  8. I am going to marry the woman I love who is filipino and she is the woman I love.I live in the world and if we want peace how can you stop a man living with the person they love.I love the U.K. but am fed up with the stupid laws here.I was born here and want justice for Britains being allowed to live with the woman they love.Hope all people who are British will fight to marry who they choose to and live in peace.It seems yet again there is two different laws one for the rich and one for the poor.I do not really want to live with people who make these stupid rules. Theres nothing worth taking up arms and fighting for in this country it seems we still have a lot of people here that think like nazi,s

  9. wayne howard says :

    I just read this and was amazed as its same as my case, I have written to my local MP for Totnes who was so far no help at all, I think the EU needs to address how our country and allow lorry jumpers to stay here while genuine family members are not even allowed in to visit, my wife is having our first baby and she also is filipino we are married last Nov and I have no way to find the money demanded off our government so am left with option buy a yatch and sail my wife here or live else where within the EU under freedom of movement rules, then after 3 to 9 months get a EEA family permit and tel my Government to get stuffed lol as this is the only way to get our families into the UK now, its mean and unfair of any government to treat our own people this way.

  10. What was the outcome of the meeting/appeal since October 2012 please?

  11. Robert W Price says :

    this is what I am going through at the moment. I met my filipino partner 4 years ago, she is the victim of abuse by her husband and has lived to raise her beautiful son alone for 6 years until we meet in Philippines, she was a waitress I was on business.
    It was for me, love at first sight for her I was just another guy trying to hit on her. After days of trying she agreed to accept my cell phone number, after I returned to the UK we chat and exchange email, that was4 years ago. I have not had built a home for her and son i was there in June 2012. Now I wish her to join me here and guess what…no way will this stupid government allow her even to come for a visit, but we alow all the other eu scroungers

    What a shame the UK is su stupid to bad perfect good people and allow the rubish from EU

  12. Richard ghost says :

    In response to Charles, your head is thick you don’t know what is really happening in your country. First of all when it comes to over population the Filipina lady got nothing to do with it as she can manage to work for her future family and that she won’t rely on benefits, if your country will be strict in opening your doors to Europeans who are not skilled and for fake asylum seekers who depends on loads of benefits that will help in reducing over population, and government spending. If your government encourage the people to work and not to rely on benefits that will help boost your economy. Your country got loads of vacant job because the people in here are too lazy to work and still blaming the foreigners who work hard and pays their tax that they are the ones taking your jobs. Bloody hell wake up. Without foreigners your country will collapse.

  13. Good point Allan.
    There are also hundreds of thousands of UK jobs paying above minimum wage. We are not clear why he gave up the job he already had on the ferries?
    Even under previous Immigration Rules a jobless person would have had difficulty obtaining a visa for his partner/dependant.
    See also: New Minimum Wage

  14. Rowena Borja says :

    I think there’s nothing wrong to attend the “CFO’s guidance and counseling session” before leaving the Philippines to be with their spouses/partners abroad. It is not just about the certificate and a CFO sticker. It is not about preventing them to leave the country. It is about preparing them for their adjustments in cross-cultural marriages. It would help them emotionally, mentally or spiritually.There are already a lot of Filipinos especially women who were abused by their foreign spouses/partners. At least, after the session, they would know their rights and where to get help if ever they experience problems in the future.

    With regards to the British law, i think the lawmakers have learned their lesson from those people who took advantage of their being lax before. And now some people who have genuine interest in entering the UK are the ones suffering.

    We were victims before. Fortunately, our MP helped us out from our predicaments.

    Thank you!

  15. Allan Reynolds says :

    In regards Mark Chapman he could always return home to the UK and work in the Security Industry..If Mark worked as a Security Guard on the new minimum wage @ £6.19 per hour x 12 hour standard normal shifts x 5 days per week…Salary would be £19,312.80 per year…This salary is without being paid double time per Public Holidays and can be increased more working 6 days per week..The £22,400 requirement to support his wife and child could easily be met.
    Mark should do something to motivate himself to support his wife and child.Sitting around the Philippines doing nothing but complaining,asking his MP to help is a mistake..Mark should be doing more to help himself of his situation firstly.
    Mark will isn`t the first person to have a pregnant wife being refused a visa.Think of the “Primary Purpose Rule” that was in force till PM Blair became the Prime Minister.I had 3 friends with kids refused visas and wait approximately 18 months before their family could join them after Immigration Appeals.
    I sympathize with Mark and can understand how hard it is to leave his wife and of her being pregnant..The only solution is for Mark to “Get a Grip” and get to work as soon as possible in the UK.

  16. heather brown says :

    And the money that the Immigrant earn helps the country the come from as they generally send money to their country so in effect they Britain with Labour but helping their countries economy so money going out not in! also they can reclaim the taxes back as they are not British!! which most do!!!

  17. ann brown says :

    And the money that the Immigrant earn helps the country the come from as they generally send money to their country so in effect they Britain with Labour but helping their countries economy so money going out not in! also they can reclaim the taxes back as they are not British!! which most do!!!

  18. ann brown says :

    In response to Charles why not? if you can’t get in the UK with his wife live in her country his parents can help him set up a business their since they have the money? Britain can longer coupe with the growing populations.

    And I’m sick of tired of the four father rubbish how many descent from Africa, India and everywhere else live in the UK and receive free health care education etc!!! the Britain gives a lot of Aid money to countries they didn’t even concur. And how many of them live in the UK now. Many would be living in bad conditions that augment long gone. Instead of wasting time on old agreement that has since long gone why don’t those that are living happy in the UK fight for their mother land and ask the government of those country hard question about corruptions. Having more people wont help the ethic groups already here it will make their life even worst

    If people are running to the slave master country, what it saying about the country you come from? Hand help would like to return to mother country?

  19. Alexander says :

    The UK government laying murderous hands on its native (British citizens) fully proves of its crippledom. The illegal workers and faked asylum seeker are always not managed, who are caught and released on the next day, why not be deported? The existing Uk government is very stupit and crippledom on issue of immigration. This stuip new rules will bring more crimes or negative prombles in a while. Even irredeemable incient would be took place to innocent British people. Take good management to illegal people not lay murderous hands on BRITISH PEOPLE.

  20. reality check says :

    Hey you British do you know your history, your four fathers were thieves they use to go to countries live there without a visa then loot the countries and feed their bast–rd families back home all you have is stolen from other countries.

    You people are unimaginable thieves and go and check you records immigrants pay much more tax then you people who survive on these tax.Thief

  21. It is simple we as British we only respect our British people and that philippinna pregnant women who is she we don’t care.
    Government doesnt mind even if she abort the baby because she is not British. In short if you are British then OK otherwise you are good for nothing.

    We have been superior to other since ages.

    Long live Britain

  22. So if British people want to marry a foreigner you are suggesting they should live overseas and apply for citizenship there?

    Suppose he married someone from a country which did not want to give him citizenship? Maybe you think they should live apart, or that the state should decide who they can marry? Should the government dictate to citizens or insist they only marry fellow Brits?

    As far as we are aware he wants to work and support his family.

  23. So if British people want to marry a foreigner you are suggesting they should live overseas and apply for citizenship there?

  24. Sorry to hear that familiar story. If you want to discuss an appeal call Bison UK Immigration Advisers – 0208 905 1822.

  25. ann brown says :

    Since my comments has been removed i will post it again.

    The fact of the matter is Britain is over populated due to the previous government failure to control immigration. It sad that Mark and family are having a hard time however because the EU has grown even bigger and we now have a lot of EU poor along with those who where allowed to settle without any form of money to support themselves thus people like Mark are now facing these problems. “We can’t have our cake in eat it” Either we control EU immigration in favor of other forms of immigration We can have it all. Britain only an island. Which is now over populated.

    Why doesn’t Mark apply for Citizenship in the Philippines and find work there. It is only right that the government has these checks it not right for the British tax payer to pay for anyone LOVE match.

    There should however be bond scheme for those like mark in the position to support with help of money from family to allow is wife to come however in this case the government is right to have these controls. We are now seeing the effects of uncontrolled immigration, no school places NHS trust in debt. The current system was failing the British people. However I don’t think this system will help either.

    Sorry Mark you need to find a job to support your wife and child.

  26. […] MP helps pregnant Filipino and British partner fight visa refusal […]

  27. Angus McKay says :

    I do not care how tough the UK immigration rules are / become. Just as long as our rules reduce the nombers of immigrants coming to the UK. Let’s hope the pregnant Filipino does not find a loophole to stay in the UK. Too many loopholes and too much campaining to keep unwelcome foreigners in the UK.

  28. Where is human right orgination?? Why not they come for help. It is mere jungle law. Might is right. Everytimes UK Govt introducing anti human law, discouraging and discriminating the foreigner. It indicates either home office fooling the peoples or peoples are fooling home office, but how long.Undue restrictions making the life hell.

  29. Just to curious what about the Filipina who has a student visa and got married with a British man was last year is it possible her to get a british citizen she has a spouse visa now?

  30. Why he doesn’t he apply for citizenship in the Philippine ? The sad fact is Labour uncontrolled immigrants rules as lead to this country having to take hard decisions and these are just one of them.

    It is not the governement fault but the fault of the pervious government. Also the fact we had an added burned of EU poor who are receieving governement hands outs that they have not paid any tax towards.

    Good luck to this family. But the true is Britain is over populated

  31. my turkish husband was refused entry clearance on 1st october even though he passed the new english test, he applied 2 days after the new rule came in the income level is ridiculous no one earns that then they said we done a fake marriage as im older than him, do they not understand age is nothing we love each other we have been together 3 years married 1 year december 2nd then they said i dont pay rent on my flat which i do £360 per month, £78 council tax, my flat is 1 be bath/toilet living room garden, which they say isnt adequate enough, its big enough for 2 people what is this country comming to human rights act dont keep us apart i love my husband

  32. James Andrews says :

    This type of aggressive dictation of rule is against all morality. I am quickly coming to the opinion that if our government wish to treat its own nationals as enemies, then we should treat them thus. Bring her on holiday!!

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