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Migration Watch calls for 5 year extension to UK work restriction for 30m Bulgarians and Romanians | Immigration Matters

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Sir Andrew Green, Director of influential anti-immigration pressure group MigrationWatch UK, is calling on the British Government to extend work restrictions on Bulgarians and Romanians for a further 5 years.

The current 7 year restrictions on working in the UK are due to end in 2014 according to the treaty signed with Bulgaria and Romania when they joined the EU in 2007.

But Home Secretary Theresa May has indicated support for an end to free movement of EU workers, which would effectively involve tearing up that treaty.

Sir Andrew said Britain has taken far more eastern European migrants than any other country and wants the government to delay in the lifting of restrictions.

He added: ‘I think there could be a significant spike from Romania and Bulgaria, particularly as the economies in other parts of the EU are suffering serious difficulties.

‘Neither Spain nor Italy are a good bet at the moment if you’re looking for a job. I think we need a further five year extension of the transitional arrangements.’

Almost 40,000 Bulgarians and Romanians moved to the UK last year, according to figures, with an estimate 130,000 living in Britain.

A Sunday Telegraph investigation has revealed that loopholes allowed 50,000 Bulgarians and Romanians to land ‘restricted’ UK jobs by illegally declaring themselves ‘self-employed’.

The ‘disguised employment’ UK jobs included hotel and restaurant workers, sales staff, tax-drivers and lap-dancers. Romanian and Bulgarian websites are advertising many thousands of similar jobs.

Critic argue that British jobs will be at risk when some 30 million Bulgarians and Romanians acquire full freedom of movement rights to live and work in the UK from 1 January 2014. See: ‘Free Movement of EU nationals explained

Employers are also complicit in breaking immigration and tax laws by hiring workers who are clearly employees on so-called self employed contracts. In these cases workers from the two countries are wide open to exploitation.

There are other options for Bulgarian and Romanian migrants who want to work in the UK, such as WP1 work permits (for skilled workers), seasonal agricultural work and au pair permits. But thousands are choosing the more flexible yellow card work study route, which allows full time work for those taking vocational work-based courses such as NVQ’s.

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24 Responses to “Migration Watch calls for 5 year extension to UK work restriction for 30m Bulgarians and Romanians”
Read them below or add one

  1. […] housing for those from outside the EU in prior to the relaxation of UK work restrictions for Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants next […]

  2. Silvia says :

    Well I don’t see a problem then. Bulgarians and Romanians will do the donkey work, just because they want to work. Brits will stay at home and receive money the easy way, just because they are too lazy. At least you’ll have some working people in the country…

  3. Actually, some people do complain about long term unemployed Brits who don’t seem to want to work. The government is trying to ‘incentivise’ them to get back to work and off benefits, although many are complaining about such measures. Meanwhile Romanians and Bulgarians have no problems finding a job and even two jobs!

  4. Silvia says :

    Who made those ridiculous calculations??? Romania is less than 20m and Bulgaria is somewhere about 7m. What the? Yes, we can’t wait to bring up some more babies and move in the UK, all 30m at once, taking our grandmas and cows. Oh and by the way, there are so many unemployed people here, but there is a ton of English, compared to the number ot the population, working here. Hear anybody complaining? NO!

  5. […] Migration Watch calls for 5 year extension to UK work restriction for 30m Bulgarians and Romanians […]

  6. You should be able to apply for a blue card for your husband. He can switch from student visa in country. For advice and help call Bison Immigration Advisers on 0208 905 1822.

  7. Hi.I am Romanian resident in uk.I start work 2 months ago as self employed(cleaning) and my husband is from Pakistan on student visa which gonna finish soon. I would be greatfull if some body tell me how can I apply for his visa?we got married before 7 month.I am working aswel but without ‘working accession card’ getting payslips nd paying tax for 14 months.please suggest me.many Thanks

  8. […] Migration Watch calls for 5 year extension to UK work restriction for 30m Bulgarians and Romanians […]

  9. […] Migration Watch calls for 5 year extension to UK work restriction for 30m Bulgarians and Romanians […]

  10. Benefits should be restricted to everyone who is a fresh immigrant in the country until he commits to an effective integration and approve of his financial stability in order to be useful for the country.

    Charles, England have already committed and torn Bulgarians and Romanians treaty rights, which could be consider illegal and the HO backlog is all very political.
    Oversees students now get second class treatment, but what impact do they have in the country, we have bright brains in the EU and Eastern Europe too? We should not generalize!

  11. How can they? They could only restrict EU immigration by tearing up treaties or pulling out of the European Union.
    That’s why all the non-EU migrants and tier 4 students are getting their arses kicked.

  12. Uk should get its priorities right. Accepting people who claim benefits straight away after they set foot here and do not want to integrate or learn the language, or allow people, who want to work and this way contribute to communities and the treasury. Benefits should be limited to people with certificates – yellow, blue, purple or whatever.

  13. Why don’t Home Office put restrictions on the Pols then…and the rest of the Eastern Countries? It would be only fair working on equal grounds, perhaps then HO will be backloging for years and years to come.

    England had been open to immigrants for centuries, why the sudden change of mind? Don’t they want the brightest brains in the country any more? Or they just want the asylum seekers and poor needy foreign families to take advantage of England’s easily accessible benefits by them?

    England in deed shoots itself in the foot!

  14. It’s not enough that the UKBA is working so slow on the work permit applications and they’re already 10 months behind. Maybe it’s a strategy to discourage Romanians and Bulgarians to give up and leave the UK eventually because of this slow processing of the work permits. There are other poor Eastern European countries who have even 2 jobs here in the UK and we… have certain conditions to put it in a more decent language. At least, but the very least give the students who are here a better life and let get a part-time job and live the rest of the European students. It’s very frustrating!

  15. […] Migration Watch calls for 5 year extension to UK work restriction for 30m Bulgarians and Romanians […]

  16. Ann Brown says :

    Flow can you explain the point your trying to make if you not trying to be Racist. Mr Kelly I agree with you point
    Restricted the point is the Majority of people from your country you come to the UK do not take your path of life.

    The fact remains until Britain sorts out it Free heath system educational system anything that anyone that comes to the UK can get for free we should not be letting anymore people in

  17. Your theory that ‘there would be no more Bulgarians or Romanians coming in regardless of whether the restrictions are lifted’ is at best naive.

  18. Please check the more recent results of the Bulgaria and Romania census. The facts used in the article seemed well away from the real numbers so I can only say: do your research and make your mind…

  19. Restricted says :

    There would be no more Bulgarians or Romanians coming in regardless of whether the restrictions are lifted, or the current situation is prolonged. The only difference that removing restrictions is going to make is to the people, like me, who are already here. Personally, I have been working hard for my science degree, and have embarked on a PhD in one of the top 5 universities in the UK, so I have not been living off benefits or “stealing” jobs from British people.

    So tell me, do I really deserve to wait for 10 months (the current backlog) to acquire my Blue Certificate? Is it fair for the Border Agency to have sensitive documents (ID card) for that long? Seems more of an insult to me.

  20. No, I’m sure you are not…

  21. […] Migration Watch calls for 5 year extension to UK work restriction for 30m Bulgarians and Romanians […]

  22. […] Migration Watch calls for 5 year extension to UK work restriction for 30m Bulgarians and Romanians […]

  23. Pretty funny 30m romanians and bulgarians, as if the whole of the country is going to move to the uk. But let them give jobs to indians and pakis and africans… not trying to be racist just making a point

  24. […] Migration Watch calls for 5 year extension to UK work restriction for 30m Bulgarians and Romanians […]

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