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Migrant Tax – Foreign workers and students to be charged £50 to enter UK | Immigration Matters

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Foreign workers and students from outside the EU will be forced to pay £50 when they arrive in Britain to help ease the impact of their stay on public services, The Daily Telegraph reports. 

The new “migrant tax,” to be announced this week, will be levied on the thousands of immigrants applying for a work or study visas from non-EU countries. 

The migrant tax is expected to raise £70 million over the next few years, to provide extra funds for councils struggling to cope with the impact of mass immigration (most of which comes from within the EU) on services such as doctors’ surgeries and schools. 

Labour Ministers hope this latest assault on non-EU migrants will stop voters moving towards the right at the European elections in May. 

Hazel Blears, the Communities Secretary, is expected to reject the suggestion that it is racist to discuss the impact of immigration on public services. 

The Telegraph has revealed that she will say: 

“While many migrants play an important role in our community, we need an honest debate about the local pressures that migration can create on our public services. 

“This fund will pay for the public services in the areas where migration has the impact on our local communities.” 

Details of the fund will be outlined this week, as part of a wider shake-up of the points-based immigration system, which is supposed to keep out foreigners who would make little contribution to the economy. 

Members of the Communities Committee said that while migrants often made “significant contributions” to local communities, working in the NHS or other public services, there was “significant public anxiety” in some areas about immigration, which “cannot simply be dismissed as expressions of racist or xenophobic sentiments”. 

Sir Andrew Green, chairman of Migrationwatch, said: “The Government say the new tax will raise £35 million per year. This may sound impressive, but it is a drop in the ocean compared with the huge sums spent each year by the Government as it tries to help society cope with the impact of immigration both nationally and at the local level.

“A rough estimate shows that, for every £1 the Government spends on schemes specifically to help migrants, its new tax will only raise about 7p. And that spending does not allow for the fact that one new home will have to be built every six minutes for new immigrants; nor the additional costs to the NHS and education services; nor the countless other costs to local services that large-scale immigration brings.”


Immigration Matters Comment

Migrants already contribute billions of pounds to the UK economy in taxes and expenditure. International students alone are worth £8 billion to the UK according to Home Office figures, and hundreds Colleges and Universities would not survive without the revenue they provide. 

In addition migrants are already charged hundreds of millions in visa (VAF) fees, Work Permit (Tier 2) charges and Further Leave to Remain charges(FLR), which have risen sharply in recent years – and are non-refundable if the application is refused. 

Employers are also being charge ever increasing fees to fill vacancies and keep their businesses running. The new licensing requirements for Tier 2 of the points based system has cost industries like the Care Sector millions of pounds in fees, at a time when businesses are facing huge compliance costs and red tape.

Non-EU migrants are being unfairly targeted when the real cause of strains on public services is uncontrolled migration from Eastern Europe. 

When the EU expanded in 2004, allowing eight former Eastern Bloc nations to join the European Union, Britain was one of only three existing member states to allow free movement of Labour (along with Sweden and Ireland). 

At the time, Immigration Ministers famously predicted that around 13,000 people would migrate to the UK, when the actual figure in the first year was close to half a million. 

If the preparation for the EU expansion was based on an expected arrival of just 13,000 people, it is no wonder why local services are under strain and why councils require further funding from central government. 

Non-EU migrants do not claim any benefits, unlike EU migrants, and have usually come to the UK to fill skilled vacancies in sectors such as the NHS and Care Industry where there are still shortages of staff. 

Do have any views or comments to make on the Migrant Tax? Make your comments below.

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32 Responses to “Migrant Tax – Foreign workers and students to be charged £50 to enter UK”
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  1. Qaisar says :

    i need information about admission mba programe.

  2. hi all,
    i’ve read and felt all your heartaches; being a student or not. you all are right, why do you have to pay another £50 while you’re already paying alot…. But… you’re all missing something here; you’re blaming the english people; they didn’t write these policies, dont forget that england is part of the european union that means they also have to follow certain rules. They dont want these people,(FYI, most english people were dead against allowing other EU, (particularly eastern europeans), into the UK), they have to let them in because of the bloody of you say that when british people go to your country they are not being treated in the same way as you all are. Don’t forget they come to visit your country not to work there,and to be honest whether we all like it or not, you put them on a pedestal,while they didn’t ask to be, so rather than blaming british people why dont you all stop and think for a second, they didn’t ask you to come and work in here, you apply and get the job.they did not beg you to work here at all,one more thing white people can actually wash they own bottoms so that means they can also wash others too, try to get out of london where you can visit alot of nursing homes across the wider population where they employed white people and no in fairness to them before you all start blaming british people try to read the european union policy.
    Just remember, London is NOT representative of Britain as a whole…and sadly, London is no longer able to pass it’s own laws, but rather follow the often ridiculous edicts of Brussels.
    And remember the percentage of ethnic-minorities in London is very, very high indeed, so there are naturally fewer “white people” to fill such jobs.
    See the bigger picture, and don’t get sucked into the image that you think is the big canvas of your dreams!!
    Remember also, that white British people are not happy either, and they actually agree with you on many points, so dont attack them…attack the EU for the madness that aflicts the whole of Europe.
    And in case you think I’m a white English-born, I am not~~!

  3. when all non EU migrant decide to leave dis country for for one second, the total number of death that will be recorded wil be billions and the country will been in a fixed that there have never seening. The TIME IS CLOSE BY THAT THE WINDOMS OF HEAVEN WIL BE OPEN UPON THE ALL NON EU COUNTRIES THAT OUR ECONOMY WILL BE TEN TIME BETTER THAT WE HAVE EVER SEENING IN OUR LIFE. GOD IS NOT SLEEPING. THE JUDGEMENT DAY IS AT HAND. BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Manny Oranga says :

    This is just another way of them making money and the easy way is targetting Us non EU migrants. I’ve been here nearly 6yrs and for that i’ve never claim any single penny from the UK Gov’t and instead I am paying my Tax regularly,council tax,road tax,tv license and National Ins. Now they’re saying that we are the one that causing them to spent lots due to the impact of miggration in UK… They should have studied well 1st before they let other EU countries get in to this country because they are the one who’s having this advantage and not Us non EU migrants…

  5. leonora alfonso says :

    every students who have 20 hours alloted time to work here in UK is paying NI and tax from there 20 hours a week. what more they want the students to pay? it is too much already. all the visa fees of international students are a big income of the Uk as we all read in the news papers that gain more than £8 billion from them. are they using this to improve the situation of international students or they are using it to pay benefits of those people who are depending only on there government? students are not benefited by the contributions they gave through the visa fees, NI and Taxes from there work here in UK.

    most students work in nursing homes and community homes which is a hard work and if you notice when you go to this sites very rare you could see British people works in this area to take care of there own oldies. It is only this people from non EU who have the patient and caring heart is the one working there, and mostly students. Please can any one from this country appreciates what they are doing for your people take caring of your oldies which you don’t like to do.

  6. NDI MADU says :

    This tax defies every principles of Adam Smith theory that nations cannot exist without interdependency. British nationals are working all over the globe without any harassment or slapping them with taxes like what we are currently seeing in Britain.

    It is now clear to all immigratnts and migrants that Labour Goverment are more severe in Immigration than Conservative and Liberal Democrat put togather. It is qquite appalling that Britain sees this tax as an avenue to get out of the current credit crunch that shradded all world economy.

    In siple langauge – this is exploitation and enslavement in the modern day Britain

  7. The British Embassy in Manila are only just issuing student visas (or refusals) on VAF1’s submitted in November.

  8. sorry it was december 2008…thank you

  9. cheri ferrer says :

    We had submitted our application in NVQ last december 2007,at VFS Manila,we havent recieved any result up to now,. We were enrolled last March ,what do u think what will happen to our application and how long do we have to wait to get the results..please help us enlighten our situation,Thank you,,,

  10. Hi
    This is absolutely rediculous. Why are they sucking the blood of non europions. It sounds like a ra………… to non europeans.
    Thanks very much

  11. I think that it is very unfair for non EU nationals to be hit with entry fee and higher taxation. They are unable to claim any benefits and yet the government is trying to take as much money from them as possible. This is a rip off.

  12. florence says :

    I wonder why this tax at all ? because to use the NHS non EU students or work permit holders pay NI and income tax beside visa renewal fees as well as council tax so i ask again what is the purpose of this tax on non EU migrants who most come from commonwealth countries and acan speak engliish?
    i would like to know if this tax will be refunded if the migrant decides not to settle and is going back? surly it shd be refunded as well as all NI paid. we are all humans so demand to be treated fairly.


    I hope you have read all the hearthfelt comments here. Can you feel our sentiments, our frustrations, our fear and our HOPE?
    Are your hands tied, mouth shut, ears closed and heart hardened?
    Your hard working, patient and law abiding people needs you and we need you now!
    Help us like the way we are helping our country. Speak for us and make them hear us. I’m sure you will get a lot of support from ALL of us.
    We are hoping that all non-EU embassies will stand side by side to protect our rights and we are here to support.




  14. mutie bboole says :

    Yes here we go its immigrants again who are sacrificial lambs to the failures of policy makers in this country.
    98% of migrants from non EU do not claim benefits despite paying taxes and contributing to NI.Go to NHS OR CARE homes migrant workers are discriminated against if anything ill treated due to these policies you keep on manipulating every passing second.99% of the local people claim benefits without a proper reason.polish people claim benefits the very day they land in this country even claim for their families who are not with them yet policy makers and the Govt always blame non EU immigrants when they are under pressure from their own mistakes.My personal opinion is that policy makers and some govt officials who are dealing with immigration have racism in their bellies and are not analytical to the problem of influx of immigrants from eastern block brought to this country and are also too proud to deal with illegal immigrants,local people claiming benefits due to laziness. yet policy makers manifest their racism through discriminating policies targeted towards non EU IMMIGRANTS Who are hard working and contribute a lot to the economy of this country.



  15. Leila Luna says :

    If the UK GOvt is hell bent in punishing those who wish to study in UK why can`t they just shut the whole business of getting a british education that will be a passport to a better life or education anywhere in the world. After trying to sell a dream they try to impose so many rules, regulations and new legislations that confused everybody or trying to punish someone that really wants to earn a degree. Besides waiting for the visa to be issued which is taking longer now thereby there is so much time being wasted before you could start your studies there is now the migrant tax being heap on poor non eu people. Having contributed to the economy they`re being blame on the burden they created on the community. why is the british government thinks like that. they`ve lost the plot totally. it was the expansion of europe plus the generous welfare benefit that they handout to people plus the compensation culture that contributed to the massive shortfall in their budget. I hope you majestic college should open in another country which offers the same scheme(i think it is only the uk who offers a nvq course – a short course but fully recognize anywhere in the world especially in the field of healthcare in that way no future applicants will experience the pain and the feeling of not being welcome. They just want to study – earn a degree and fly off to another country to work where opportunities also abound.

  16. discussting this is the worst session for international students they are here to just support that government which is based on injustice. yours people dont want to work because you are paying them without work and the money paying to them you are taking from students and still you are making trouble for them

    WHAT RUBBISH IT IS???????????????????????????

  17. sheena philips says :

    I really feel that they( Immigration authority) don’t know what they r doing .
    Non-EU migrants do not claim any benefits, unlike EU migrants, and have usually come to the UK to fill skilled vacancies in sectors such as the NHS and Care Industry where there are still shortages of staff
    all this mass immigration was recently from EU countries , but they escape from all charges.
    I Think UK people should remember that migrants contribute billions pounds to the uk revenue . in this Country 90% uk citizens are on benefits .

  18. Hi All,

    Well all I can say is this £50 tax is fair if all/every one paid it to enter Uk.. I mean all from EU and all outside EU … Simple, a Fair Immigration Tax for All…

    Ok.. you see my wife is from Philippines and we/I have paid many taxes, so she can stay in the UK from a Spouse Vias to a I.L.R and soon CITzen of UK its taken 3 years or so, at much cost(£1500+)total maybe?

    YES, Jumped through many hoops in my quest for her to work/stay in Uk as RN Nurse/wife… it seems if you are from EU, its easy you not need Visa or Speak English even and can claim from Uk Govt if you wish,easy hey!! but if you’r from Aisa its hard work..very hard work.

    Many Philippine Nurses can only work as RestHome Carers as the Uk Govt/NMC London in 2009 have changed rules again, just like for my wife 2-3 years in UK just gone and only now allowed to work as RN Nurse!! … Now thats progress, the Blind leading the Blind it seems.. Ok Cu, have a very nice day now, Smile, Thanks, Pj (“,)

  19. This migrant tax issue which will be another heavy burden for the non-EU migrants is just again another way of the government saying they don’t like asian foreigners or are they just making the asian foreigner as an excuse for their mistake in joining wide the EU?

    Like what the government claims they are spending much money in providing english language education to non-Eu migrants. Are they not aware that almost all (or let us just say) all the asians who entered as student and workers know how to speak english. Had the government realize their EU workers who entered the UK in group with one enterpreter, get their NI number and claim benifits including their families in their mighty Eu country.

    Please don’t drain dry non-EU foreigners. They are hard workers, not to mention, those filipino dependants who came here with much work experience and with a degree just to work out of their field of especialty for the main reason by the hiring employer “SORRY, YOU DON’T HAVE ANY EXPERIENCE HERE IN UK”. It is better if they will just say, “sorry, you’re from non-EU country”

  20. terry made says :

    I have never seen such an unfair system of immigration as the one here in Britain. I think it is absolutely ridiculous. I have been in the UK for ten years, have studied for 2 degrees here, one of them an MSc, but still I am required to write a test to see if i can speak English properly!!!! I work with people from poland, Hungary and other EU countries who cannot string a proper English sentence. altough these people are legally entitled to free movement, this does nothing to promote Britishness. The lawmakers are faced with a rigmarole and don’t have a clue what to do next, hence target the non EU migrants who are a soft target. How many non EU migrants arrive in England every year as compared to those from the EU?When British people visit our countries we do not treat them in the same way as they treat us here, I think they should recognise that EU or non EU we are all people.


    Non-EU foreigners are easy target for additional government funds on this country. We are being made as “milking cows” because of our vulnerability. In reality,our hard earned salaries is only sufficient for payment of our house rentals and of so many bills and taxes being paid here,not to mention spiralling food expenses. When will this sacks of burden padded on our shoulders comes to a halt? If only we have a government who cares much for our capabilities, we will not sacrifice ourselves to be far from our loving families and from a country worth dying for.

  22. The government is in a state of confusion concerning immigration and it is due to the lack of willingness to face the truth. The politics of EU is killing the UK and none of the leaders is ready to admit this open truth. Whatever the govt expected to gain by allowing free movement into a nation that is generally a market economy is a mistake. To shift attention to non-EU migrants and pass the burden of the influx of EU migrants to them is like curing ringworm while leaving leprousy to thrive. A warning to the govt is that when you unjustly punish the innocent, you are leaving room for bitterness and resentment from a section of the population. With the level of discrimination the non-EU migrants face at work (believe it or not), another discriminatory tax on them is a misguided decision, especially when this is against those who legally come in after fulfilling all stipulated conditions.
    Govt should address the free movement policy of the EU and that of illegal immigrants. Legal immigrants pay tax, contribute to NI, pay Council Tax and earn their living. This new step is not justifiable and unacceptable. If the govt is out of depth on how to transparently address the issue of immigration, then they should go to Australia and Canada to seek counsel. Enough of the politics of EU. The UK is only one rich nation among most EU members and like a local proverb – a rich man in the midst of 100 poor folks is a poor man.

  23. hi all,

    every 1 is taking non eu miagrants for granted . they are imposing diffrent taxes ,heavy non ref fees ,no benifits for us we are living misrable life thy r making our lives more harder & harder ever day .it is we ,who r paying most of money in terms of heavy uni fees ,ho fees etc etc still thy dont like us thy think we r benified.this all must stop & thy should charge eu members heavy amount whn thy enter after that athaurities will notice the difference .its not we non euwho r making mess & putting load on public funds it these eu ppl r doing. please dont ruin our lives .

  24. Mubashir says :

    This may actually result in overall decrease in revenue to the country because university fees is already increasing, price of living and food is increasing in UK. On top of that if additional tax will be there, many of the new students will prefer to study in other countries where cost is much cheaper.
    Therefore policies has to be more friendly to attract students which are the actual source of income not the additional tax.

  25. This is called “MODERN DAY SLAVERY”.

    In the past their ancestors invaded our countries and brought all the resources here, including the manpower to do their dirty work at their mansions, stables, farms and so goes the list.

    Yes, they have helped our countries into development & future status, but they have stolen double triple the figure than what they have given to our communities. If you learn history you will know, how much they brought from Africa & Asia buy trading on unfair business poilicies.

    So it is the same rule now, those people from our communities have come to the UK to take those stolen values back to our communities, so this is the way they can control this.

    Other mistake is UK joining the EU. Enlgand I leant in my english literature is not the England I see now. As per another comment made, NON EU migrants are not claiming any benefits unless they are fully settled or taken up british citizenship. So who issues the citizenship to the wrong people from the communities that doesn’t have any asylum issues or etc etc. This is very hard to discuss here, this is a very wider topic with so many corners and views in it.

    Anyway in simple, they are just generating couple of bucks to pay Mrs. Jaquie Smith’s double housing issues, Peter Mandelson’s new office furniture & so goes the list.

    There will be a day of judgement, and just be ready. We NON EU people in this country do all the hard labour where so called aristrocratic white men can’t do. If you dig into all the care homes in the UK, how many white british staff can you find doing the care assistant work. Not very many compared the number of management positions in those. They don’t like to wipe someone else’s bum or wash them or clean them. Well I wonder if they themselves wipe their own bum properly.

    I am truly sorry this is very nasty or rude, but this is the reality and let’s face it.

    I wish every success to all NON EU students & workers. Try find a partner here in the UK and settle down, then you don’t have to pay the 50.

    Good luck!

  26. If that could be a way to improve services, we just hope for the best.

  27. Thank you very much to IM for the valuable information. I am still planning to apply in UK as a student but then due to the “milking cow” policies imposed on students, I am having doubts if I would continue studying in UK. I mean non EU migrants and students are now being blamed of the host countries’ shortfalls and they have to pay such fears and insinuations of policy makers. In fact, migrants are required to shoulder their own expenses without recourse to public funds but now how could the policy, if it could be implemented or had been implemented already, help migrants or students avail of the so called “public services”? It would appear that students would have tp pay tax without even availing the services first.That would be robbing them of their hard earn money – an injustice. What do you think?

  28. We have heard this before from VFS Global. There is no such course as NQF. NQF is the National Qualifications Framework, not a course! Keep pressing them for an appointment or go to their offices and wait until they see you. You could also try posting your documents to the British Embassy by registered MAIL, with a copy to VFS. I suggest you complain to VFS and UK Visas.

  29. hi,

    my niece in phil applied for on-line application is successfull. but cant book an appointment . she call the call centre and she’s been advice if she can change her course for NQF instead of NVQ for quick appointment bec . NVQ applicant is full for march /April. she’s been advice to contact Majestic College. Please i need your advice

  30. They are very aware of our importance to Britain, they recognized it by mouth but definitely not by their actions. They are actually running our lives, we are trapped by their immigration policies. They know that most of us have no choice but to stomach whatever they tell us to do.
    I was not surprised by this issue. I am actually surprised by the fact that we are so many non-EU workers in Britain but they don’t seem to hear us. WHY? ( a question I’ll leave to all subscribers to answer)
    I have 2 answers:
    1. It’s because, we are so quiet that’s why they don’t hear us. This is one way of sharing your thoughts about all these issues. Write an opinion or comment, there’s no right or wrong opinion. Let’s support each other & use this opportunity to take a step forward and be heard.
    2. My second reason is because “OUR FOOD SMELLS DIFFERENT FROM THEM” (this is my own figure of speech).Meaning, we came from different part of the world and their stomach will turn upside down to the idea that we should be treated equally the same.


  31. The announcement has not been made yet by the Minister so we do not have full details.

  32. Does this mean that you need to pay £50 EVERYTIME you enter the UK or just while applying for the visa?
    Say, you go on holiday outisde the UK for some time. When you return to the UK, do you need to £50?

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