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Jobless Europeans being paid £1000 by European Commission to work in UK | Immigration Matters

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Fancy an all expenses Christmas trip to London? No job, can’t afford it? No problem. Our old friends the European Commission will generously dish out £250 of taxpayers money towards the cost of flying unemployed Europeans to Britain to attend a job interview, plus £830 for moving expenses if they get a job to work in the UK.

The British press are questioning why Brussels will subsidise unemployed Europeans to travel and work in the UK, when a million young Britons are unemployed and already competing for jobs with Polish, Romanians and the 2.5 million EU citizens estimated to be living here.

Several tabloid newspapers report that thousands of young jobless Europeans are being tempted with £1,000 of public money to go to work in Britain. In effect, transferring their unemployment problems, caused by reckless spending and financial mismanagement in countries like Spain and Greece, to the UK.

The elaborate service being piloted in debt ridden ‘due-for-an EU-bailout’ Spain, where youth unemployment exceeds 50%, plans match jobseekers with suitable jobs.

Even jobless from wealthy countries like Germany, Denmark and Italy could also benefit from the European ‘gravy train’, when the plan is rolled out across the entire EU.

This year, an estimated 5,000 people will benefit from the ‘Your First EURES Job’ scheme, run by EURES – the European Employment Services.

The EURES website says the scheme could soon be open to ‘all young people aged 18 to 30, nationals of any of the EU 27 member states and legally resident in any of the EU 27 member states who wish to find a job in a member state other than their country of residence’.

Participation is open to the under-30s ‘irrespective of their level of qualification, work experience or social and economic background’.

‘The purpose of Your First EURES Job is to make it easier for young people to access actual jobs and for employers to find the workforce they are unable to find at local, regional or national level,’ said the website. 

The website adds that jobseekers may claim 1,000 euros from the European Commission – £830 – if they get a job in Britain.

The wide open scheme looks like a fraudsters dream, and will surely see yet more taxpayers money being poured down the drain by naive European bureaucrats.

Some fear it will see another mass influx of young people seeking work in Britain from countries with high unemployment, such as Spain and Greece.

Prime Minister David Cameron and Home Secretary Theresa May have already called for a ‘crackdown on the free movement of workers across the EU’ and hinted that restrictions may be requested as part of a renegotiated EU deal.

Cameron said: ‘I believe in the single market, I believe in free movement. But you know, two weeks ago, I visited two factories in a week, and I asked the question, “How many people do you employ from other EU countries, what’s the balance?”

‘In one, it was 60 per cent; in the other it was 50 per cent. Now, heaven’s above, we have got so many unemployed people in our country that we want to train and educate and give apprentices to and get back into work.’

Cameron and May did not explain exactly how they would enforce a ban on EU free movement of labour.

Tim Aker, from the self explanatorily titled ‘Get Britain Out’ campaign, said the fact that the scheme was taxpayer-funded was ‘astonishing’. ‘No wonder we’re all fed up with the EU,’ he said.

‘Mass unemployment caused by the eurozone is the eurozone’s problem. The EU shouldn’t undercut British workers by offering British jobs to unemployed Europeans.’

The plan harks back to the days of multi-billion pound farm subsidies, wine lakes and butter mountains, all examples of European Union waste and inefficiency.

Restrictions on Bulgarian and Romanian citizens working in the UK remain in place until 2014. Bulgarians and Romanians need permission to work in the UK, for instance a Yellow Card registration which can allow study and work or temporary work in the agricultural sector.

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  1. […] Jobless Europeans being paid £1000 by European Commission to work in UK […]

  2. […] Jobless Europeans being paid £1000 by European Commission to work in UK […]

  3. ann brown says :

    Europe has no plan to help the Youth of their country would are normally more prepared for liven then the UK youth. The standard living in some parts of western Europe is much lower and local services provided for the people is near to nothing. In the UK the poor receive better services and perks however this is not the case in Most European county. Howevwer this is about to changes as the government makes cuts.

    The UK will need to do what Spain is doing other parts of the EU already as this is place

  4. […] This week Immigration Matters revealed that Jobless Europeans are being paid £1000 by European Commission to find work in the UK […]

  5. […] Jobless Europeans being paid £1000 by European Commission to work in UK […]

  6. ann brown says :

    That explain why I have seen a increase of EU young people in Youth Hostel in the UK. And that could a explain why the government has now deceived to remove automatic housing benefit for the under 25s

    If they can’t get our money they will send their poor.

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