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Is the EU’s Free Movement dream over? | Immigration Matters

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With Spain now demanding proof from anyone from the EU who wants to live there for more than three months that they will not become a burden on the state, Immigration Matters questions whether the EU’s Free Movement policy is falling apart.

And what of the fate of the ‘second class’ EU citizens of Bulgaria and Romania who are still restricted from working in many European countries? Will they gain their free movement of labour rights in 2014, or will the restrictions be extended?

European integration and mass immigration are the two most malevolent ideological forces of our time, claims the Daily Express.

In an interview with Sunday Newspapers former Immigration Minister Phil Woolas was critical of successive governments for failing to tackle the problem of illegal immigration.

Ironic that the Eurozone crisis, which has been manufactured in Brussels by the remorseless for political union, now threatens to blow apart the EU’s cherished policy of uncontrolled immigration.

Confronted with colossal debts and an accelerating slide towards bankruptcy the Spanish government has announced a tough new set of restrictions on immigrants from other EU nations. 

Spain now demands that anyone from the EU who wants to live there for more than three months has to prove that they will not become a burden on the state.

In practice this means they have to produce a job contract or a bank statement showing they have sufficient funds to support themselves, as well as proof of health insurance.

Those who ignore these rules will be deported.

Spain’s government estimates it will save £800 million- a-year just by tightening up entry procedures.

The Spanish government conveniently ignores the fact that large numbers of its own citizens have moved to the UK looking for work in recent times and during the 1960’s and 1970’s.

They also ignore the fact that British property buying migrants propped up their ailing economy for years.

Spain were quite happy to take British retirees money but now want to kick them out when they start to grow old and need medical attention.

Spain’s new strategy is that it represents an assault on the EU’s insistence on the free movement of people throughout the Union, which has always been central to the EU’s philosophy.

UK law already maintains that any European citizens living here “must be able to support themselves” and Comprehensive Sickness Insurance is required for Bulgarians and Romanians ‘Self Sufficient migrants and students applying for ‘yellow card’ registration documents to allow them to work.

Despite Spain’s action in April the European Commission gave the United Kingdom two months to comply with European Union rules on the free movement of EU citizens and their families across the EU or face an EU court case.

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