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Immigration and visa fees to rise again | Immigration Matters

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UK Immigration Minister Damian Green has issued a written ministerial statement outlining a proposed hike in visa and in-country application immigration fees.

The proposals, which will almost certainly be implemented, will be laid in Parliament in 2 separate regulations and, subject to Parliamentary approval, the government hopes to bring the new fees into force from 6 April 2012.

Immigration minister, Damian Green said:

‘It is only fair that those who use and benefit from the immigration system contribute a higher share of the cost of running it – reducing the burden on the UK taxpayer.’

Fees will increase by only 2 per cent in the majority of cases, but there will be higher increases on certain routes.

A full list of the proposed fees and the written ministerial statement, which can be found on the UK Border Agency website. Source: UK Border Agency.

EU migrants, such as Romanian and Bulgarian citizens applying for yellow cards, do not pay fees, but are charged for an appeal against a refusal.

The government recently introduced new fees for immigration and asylum appeals.

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10 Responses to “Immigration and visa fees to rise again”
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  1. Swati Verma says :

    Visa application was charged for settlement visa by uk visa buerau in India but a multientry visa was granted ,however a settlement visa was issued on appeal to a immi. Tribunal only after extracting another visa fee.we applied for refund of 1st visa fee which has been refused. Could I know if this was a correct step I.E what are the cicumstances when a visa fee Can be refunded? Thank you.

  2. sheena says :

    The first time we applied for a visa it was refused having no proof of skills , no papers which are difficult to get in Morocco. We understood the situation in UK and decided that my fiance should spend 18 months at the aviation school in casablanca gaining a diploma in tourism becoming and flight attandant and bilingual qualifications English being one of them. Apart from the course fee and accomodation for 2 years we spent another £1000 on a second application having achieved everything on the refusal list. he went along waited nearly 3 hours , they accpeted his application, we waited 2 months then the refused it again becasue the cert was not from cambridge univercity KET level. Bearing in mind the KET test is to make sure you can get to the doctors , read signs , very basic. My fiance is qualified in saftey and communications, advanced first aid all in Eglsih. Yet they refuse him again. I went to my local MP who says that it seems they refuse as a revenue raiser for the UK, to refuse on the simplist of things as they know people will come back and spend more. I feel he is right and this should be investigated. However we have apealed and will wait and see. I do understand the need to police those who arrive here , being a tax payer . But I have no faith in the UK border agency anymore and hope Scotland will learn by their mistakes and stop keeping families apart who can provide qualifications ,like us. It is so cruel when we have worked so hard to be refused on such trivial item, when he speaks english so much better than a lot of people born and bred here and his carear is based on english.
    just more money …………… Im definatley voting for devolution for Scotland. I am sure we will do a better job and give those with good sponsors and qualifications a chance.

  3. Anonymous says :

    What I am interested in knowing is if it is possible to oppose this increase in the visa fees by way of a pertition. And if it, is anyone currently leading a pertition against this increase?

    This continued implication that foreigners do not pay tax (or are not tax payers) in the way policies are pitched annoys me!

    Would love to hear of any pertitions against this increase please.

  4. […] Immigration and visa fees to rise again […]

  5. To apply for your refund now simply register here and download your tax pack.

  6. To apply for a tax refund register here and download your tax pack.

  7. iqbal hussain says :

    increasing the fee is very bad people cannot offord huge fees people rejects

  8. Mario Diamante jr. says :

    Can we have a tax refund since I’m working more than 6 yrs and now made redundant?very difficult to find a job since I am applying for my ilr this year am I qualify to do so?

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