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Immigration Adviser jailed over UK visa fraud | Immigration Matters

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The BBC reports that three people who ran an OISC immigration consultancy business in West London have been jailed today over one of the UK’s largest ever visa scams. 

Rakhi Shahi, 31, was found guilty of conspiracy to defraud, handling criminal property and immigration offences at Isleworth Crown Court. 

Jatinder Kumar Sharma, 44, her husband, admitted his part in the scam in March.

Neelam Sharma, 38, also thought to be Sharma’s wife, was found guilty of handling some of the cash in the scam. But she was cleared of conspiracy to defraud and immigration offences. 

Both women had denied the charges. All three lived in Clarence Street in Southall, from where they ran their consultancy Univisas. 

Shahi, an illegal immigrant, was jailed for eight years while Neelam Sharma was jailed for four years for money laundering. 

Jatinder Kumar Sharma was jailed for seven years. 

He admitted seeking or obtaining leave to enter or remain in the UK by deception, possession of identity document with intent, conspiracy to defraud, possessing criminal property and two counts of theft. 

The court heard he has been married to Neelam Sharma for about 20 years and recently also married Shahi. Both marriages took place in India. 

Sentencing Judge Richard McGregor-Johnson said the criticisms of the government agencies were “plainly well founded”. 

“The checks were woefully inadequate and frequently non-existent. 

“You (the defendants) saw the weaknesses in those systems and dishonestly exploited them.” 

The group created thousands of bogus documents including college degree certificates, tax and wage forms, references and academic records, to secure UK visas including student visas. 

The scam exploited the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme, the International Graduate Scheme and other leave-to-remain visa applications. 

Police suspect the company secured visas for at least 1,000 people, mostly from the Indian sub-continent, using a network of bogus colleges in London, Manchester, Bradford and Essex. 

Eight Pakistani terror suspects who were arrested earlier this year during raids in Manchester and Liverpool are also thought to have used a similar scam to gain UK visas. 

The UK Border Agency, the Home Office and the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) were criticised for a “shambolic” system which the fraudsters exploited.

Prosecutor Francis Sheridan told the court the evidence against the trio presented a “damning indictment” of failures of the UK’s border controls. 

The court heard Home office employees failed to spot discrepancies in employment certificates and wage slips and that some students appeared to have attended two full-time courses simultaneously. 

Several applicants gave the same address and in one case one person’s sex changed in the middle of the immigration process.

Last February the Metropolitan Police and the UK Border Agency raided Univisas’ office and found 90,000 documents, including false university certificates and pay slips. 

Officers also found passports, 150 ink stamps and £22,500 in cash and seized 980 individual files. 

The court heard the fraudsters charged hundreds and thousands of pounds as fees and were confident enough to offer a money-back guarantee to clients. 

The scam garnered more than £1.5m in two years, of which police have so far been able to seize £420,000. 

Jatinder Sharma was caught when he offered to get an undercover newspaper reporter a post-graduate diploma in business administration and other papers for about £4,000. 

Following the verdict Tony Smith, the regional director of the UK Border Agency, said: 

“This was one of the largest joint investigations ever undertaken by the UK Border Agency and police. 

“We believe we have cracked a major international conspiracy to facilitate the entry of illegal immigrants into the UK. 

“Those behind it showed total disregard for the law, and their motives were purely financial.”

Immigration Matters Comment 

Unfortunately, fraudulent immigration consultants give the rest of the profession, the vast majority of whom are honest law abiding advisers doing a good job for their vulnerable clients, a bad name. 

However, the public should have confidence that registered immigration advisers can be trusted and are regulated. 

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8 Responses to “Immigration Adviser jailed over UK visa fraud”
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  1. mukish dhanbir says :

    this woman sharon mendonza paid these perple to attain false documents as it stated newcastle university so she can stay here to execute her elaborate scam to which i have been trying to clear my name for over two years

  2. mukish dhanbir says :

    this couple has produced false documents to sharon mendonza who had this elaborate scam to remain in the UK. she was granted leave to remain with excessive lies and fasle accusations which i have been trying for the past two years to clear my name.

  3. Sushma Raju says :

    Something similar has happened to me, spoke to a few people who also has happened to but they were told just like i was that it would all be legitamate but that was not the case.
    Dont no what to do or who to ask advise from, is there anywhere i can some advise?

  4. Viola Wells says :

    These people that committed crime must be brought to justice and should be severely punish. I know the law in the UK is very lenient and these people can serve the punishment which is worth it for the money they laundered and will do it again when they can. They should be deported straight away, being in the UK prison is costing expense and that is from the UK taxpayers money, what an insult again!

  5. Don’t forget, ‘it takes two to tango’. Is it not probable that the jailed advisers’ clients most knew what they were doing and were willing to buy fake documents?

  6. MZAMO SAKALA says :


  7. I commend Immigration authorities for taking a case like this in the context of national interest. There are lots of UK institutions who makes promises of good training and working opportunities and coat them with world class qualifications and degrees. they take money from innocent victims,esp. people from third world countries, whose obvious fault is their ignorance of UK visa regulations, only to find out they have fallen into a trap they themselves are too afraid to admit. UK opportunity attracts the needy, but it’s money that attracts the greedy. The authorities must launch massive campaign to prosecute predators, and have the heart to provide shelter and assistance to their innocent preys.

  8. arafat says :

    My request that these type of people should be brought to justice, infact they are not only making money but they are playing with the future of an innocent persons. So i would say here that you have done a good jobe. Thanks

    Arafat Ahmed Qureshi
    Advocate High Court
    Rawalpindi Pakistan

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