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Illegal immigrant jailed for stealing identity | Immigration Matters

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The UK Border Agency has published details of a man, in the UK illegally, who has been jailed this week for two-and-a-half years for stealing another man’s identity and pretending to be him for 12 years. 

The report continues: 

Sukhjiwan Singh Burham, a 37-year-old Indian national of Erica Close in Slough, was arrested by UK Border Agency officers during a raid on a catering firm in Southall, west London on 2 April 2009. 

He claimed to be a British national named Avtar Singh, and a later search of his property by immigration officers uncovered a marriage certificate and driving licence in that name. However, they also found letters and other documentation in his true name.

UK Border Agency checks revealed that the real Avtar Singh is a British citizen living in Canada, who was interviewed by officials at the British High Commission to establish his identity. 

Burham later admitted that he had entered the country illegally in 1996, and had paid £3,000 for an illegally obtained United Kingdom passport. He had then used that passport to enable his wife, whom he married in India in 2003, and three children to enter the country. 

On 16 June he pleaded guilty to fraud, deception and a series of immigration offences at Reading Crown Court. He was jailed for two-and-a-half years, with an automatic recommendation that he be deported. 

Burham’s wife and children are now awaiting removal from the United Kingdom.

Gareth Redmond, area director for the UK Border Agency, said: 

‘This conviction shows how seriously the UK Border Agency takes criminals who use false or fake identity documents. 

‘We now have teams of specialist police and immigration officers working side by side to investigate exactly this kind of crime. This is another example of their success. 

‘We will continue to work shoulder-to-shoulder with the police and other enforcement partners to identify criminal activity and remove those who have no right to be in this country.’ 

Burham was one of nine people arrested during a UK Border Agency enforcement operation at KMB Catering in Southall. The firm was warned that they face a fine of up to £90,000 for employing the men without carrying out the correct right-to-work checks.

Employers can be fined up to £10,000 per illegal worker under the new ‘Civil Penalty’ system.

Cynthia Barker of Immigration Adviser, Bison UK, said:

 “Employers are advised to carry out regular file checks, or use a specialist vetting service provided by a qualified  immigration adviser.”

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5 Responses to “Illegal immigrant jailed for stealing identity”
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  1. hi this is katie again. just to say . my ex spouse entered the uk on a fraud sudanese passport bearing a false date of birth, so he is not unknown for fraud. also I have all the evidence to prove that he is the perpetrator. he has aa array of different signatures, he has actually signed one of the credit card application in his own signature.and all the rest of the application he has signed are in his handwritting. He was also living at the address that he used to apply for the cards and phones. what more proof does anybody need. katie

  2. my ex spouse was granted discretionary remain to stay in the uk in august 2006. In 2008 i started recieving debt recovery letters in my ex marital name.After contacting the creditors I have discovered that my ex spouse stole my identity to obtain credit cards and mobile phones , with that obtained over £6000 plus three contract mobile phones. This was in june/july 2006 before he was granted the right to remain. I have reported this to the police but they say that the creditors have to report to them although he has ruined my credit ,but the creditors are the ones with the financial loss.
    I am so upset and angry that i have had ny idetity stolen. it has caused me immense stress and alot of money to try to get my credit rectified, it will take me years unless someone prosecutes my ex spouse.
    Can anyone advise the best way to get someone to look at this case / he was commiting these offences whilst on appeal.(what home office dept will take this matter on board?)I got another debt letter on the 11 january about another account he opened. it wasnt on my credit report. i was shocked. I am terrified that he has taken out more that i dont know of. please help katie

  3. ex spouse steals wifes identity during appeal at home office

  4. i mean our problem and case workers should do their job as if they are perfect humans, even the citizens of a country do not know all the laws even lawyers and how much more of a foreigner, this is not in relation to this case anyway,
    But destiny has a say.
    Lets see the next 100years in front of us.

  5. Thats is good news my our problems remains that those who live in countries and are trying to be updating their stay should be given a chance, i believe in destiny,
    care workers take note.

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