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Home Office to crack down on sham marriages and fake weddings to obtain a UK passport | Immigration Matters

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British Home Secretary Theresa May writing in The Sun says: ‘Let’s close door on illegal immigrants and call a halt to fake marriages.’ 

She continues: 

IMMIGRATION in the UK is too high. Sun readers have known this for many years. 

This country cannot cope with the influx we saw in the last decade — equal to a new Norwich or Northampton springing up every year. 

Since becoming Home Secretary I have been clear that I want to get immigration under control. I have introduced changes to end Labour’s open door policy. 

This Government is reforming the immigration system to reduce numbers and to ensure those who come to Britain bring benefits instead of claiming benefits. 

Today I can reveal new plans to crack down on people who seek to abuse our marriage laws to stay here illegally. 

Hundreds of sham marriage operators have been caught since this Government came to power — including a vicar jailed for staging 300 faked ceremonies. 

Now I want to stop these sham ceremonies happening in the first place by changing marriage laws to allow for services to be delayed for investigations. 

It is all part of my determination to make the UK a hostile environment for anyone who seeks to evade the law. I am also bringing the strength of other bodies to bear by making it much harder for illegal immigrants to get credit — so no overdraft from the bank, no credit card and no mobile phone contract. 

This, along with the important work by the Department for Work and Pensions to deny benefits to illegal immigrants, will help make life in the UK much more uncomfortable for them. 

Of course, immigration in itself is not a bad thing. We will always provide a safe haven to those who need it most, to those being persecuted at home and who genuinely need to claim asylum. 

Our door will be open to those who benefit Britain, the brightest and best, entrepreneurs who inspire us, businessmen who invest in us, the gifted who entertain us — on the stage or on the pitch. 

Immigration, properly managed, can bring great benefits to our nation — as anyone who cheered Mo Farah to his two gold medals will be well aware. 

We are setting new standards for those wanting to live among us. 

Under Labour, our doors opened far too wide and immigration rocketed. 

It was the major factor in the biggest population growth in more than a century, in an already crowded country. 

The impacts have been obvious: more pressure on our health, education, transport and welfare services, more competition for jobs. 

The system we inherited was broken. Apart from sham marriages and bogus colleges, people came to work in skilled jobs who ended up in take-aways. Still more immigrants signed up as students without any intention of going to college. Others who attended legitimate courses took advantage of lax rules allowing a temporary visit to turn into a permanent overstay. 

At its peak, 304,000 people applied for a student visa in one year. 

We have taken firm action to plug these holes. People coming here must prove they and their stay are genuine. 

New rules for students ensure only the brightest can study at our universities, and we are controlling the number who stay on after courses. We are also hunting bogus and substandard colleges abusing the system. 

Such establishments do not seek to educate people. More than 500 institutions had the right to sponsor students from outside the European Union withdrawn last year. 

We saw a record 62 per cent drop in student visas in the first quarter of 2012 and falls in work visas, family numbers and people settling. But there’s a long way to go in righting the wrongs of the past decade. We are also working to limit the number of immigrants from outside the EU who come to live with UK families. 

We have set a minimum income of £18,600 a year for spouses to move to Britain and introduced an English language requirement. This will ensure people can support themselves and integrate properly into communities. 

We will always remove illegal immigrants we catch. An operation launched in May has already seen the back of thousands who overstayed their welcome. In the past, those nearing the end of their visa were not even contacted. 

But a police operation is targeting that very group, removing thousands who tried to stay and helping those who want to go home. 

Cutting immigration is not like turning off a tap. But our measures are sending out a clear message: if you bring benefits then the door is wide open. If not, then the door is closed. 

Getting the immigration system right is important to you. It is important to me. That’s why we are working hard to ensure annual net migration is reduced from hundreds of thousands to a much more sustainable tens of thousands.  Source: The Sun. 

Last week Immigration Matters reported that the UKBA is setting up a privately run immigration database to track down the 150,000 people who are overstaying or remaining in UK illegally.

The project will be launched next month to help deal with the huge backlog of foreign nationals who have overstayed their student or temporary work visas.

There are between 500,000 to 700,000 people living in the UK illegally, which the think tank ippr estimated would take 20 years at a cost of £5 billion to remove.

If you are here on a student, working or tourist visa it is your responsibility to ensure that you do not overstay on an expired visa. If you break the rules you could face a 10 year ban from returning to the UK. 

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  1. UKBA never replies to information supplied or rarely act on it – maybe one of the reasons the UKBA is being broken up?

  2. i am from Pakistan,actualy i also know a gang which is doing some thing like this, making fake papers etc. i tried to contact different departments of UK Government but failed to get a reply which could help me.

    i have some proof too. i want you to help me. could you please?

  3. […] Home Office to crack down on sham marriages and fake weddings to obtain a UK passport […]

  4. […] Home Office to crack down on sham marriages and fake weddings to obtain a UK passport […]

  5. […] Home Office to crack down on sham marriages and fake weddings to obtain a UK passport […]

  6. […] Home Office to crack down on sham marriages and fake weddings to obtain a UK passport […]

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