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Home Office roll out strict new rules for foreign students | Immigration Matters

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Home Office announced today a delivery plan for the student Tier 4 of the points-based points system.

Under Tier 4 of the new Australian-style system, which the Government expects to be implemented by March 2009, colleges and universities recruiting non European Economic Area (EEA) nationals must obtain a licence issued by the UK Border Agency. Licensed institutions will then be able to sponsor non EEA students to come to study in the UK.

The UK Border Agency hopes that its strict new vetting system will clamp down on bogus students and colleges and ensure that “only those who benefit Britain can continue to come”.

Overseas students must be sponsored by a UK Border Agency-licensed education institution, supply their fingerprints and meet the new criteria.

The announcement states that from March next year new measures will come into force:

  • colleges and universities that want to recruit foreign students will need a sponsor licence
  • every student will need a licensed sponsor
  • stricter rules to protect the UK‘s labour market

From autumn 2009 the system will be further tightened with the introduction of a ‘sponsor management system’ – dedicated technology that will make it easier for universities and colleges to inform the UK Border Agency if students fail to enrol or miss more than ten sessions.

Border and Immigration Minister Phil Woolas said:

“International students contribute £2.5 billion to the UK economy in tuition fees alone. The student tier of the points system means Britain can continue to recruit good students from outside Europe.

“Those who come to Britain must play by the rules and benefit the country. This new route for students will ensure we know exactly who is coming here to study and stamp out bogus colleges which facilitate the lawbreakers.”

Around 300 bogus colleges have been removed from the Department for Universities and Skills Register of Education and Training Providers since January 2005.

Mr Woolas, who said recently that there should be a cap on immigration, said that Britain’s labour market will be protected by tough new rules which mean visas will only be granted to students who show a proven track record in education and are applying for a course that meets a minimum level of qualification.

As per current immigration rules, Students will be required to demonstrate they can financially support themselves and any of their dependants.

Minister of State for Higher Education David Lammy said:

“I welcome the education sector’s involvement in developing this implementation plan, which will help to ensure we have a structure that allows international students to benefit from the excellent educational experience the UK offers, while giving them the opportunity to work in the UK for two years following graduation.

“However, we will not tolerate the minority of individuals who seek to damage the quality of our education system through bogus colleges. This is why we have introduced tighter checks to the current Register of Education and Training Providers. The new system will toughen this process further and give extra protection from the damage bogus colleges can cause.”

Thousands of Colleges and universities have been going through the sponsorship registration requirements since July.

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  1. Well, my wife is planning to comedown to UK for higher study (Post Graduates study)under TIER 4 Student and me and my daughter wish to join her as Dependent under TIER 4 General category, my question is that, will i be allowed to get the CPCS card as i’ve fair experience of operating of heavy earth moving equipment and i’ve valid Indian licence too.

  2. saif ahmed khan says :

    hi my name is saif ahmed . now iam student visa but my collage sponcer ship licenss is cansald … i went to go next new collage in i take new addmision but i dont no how to take new addmision . i want to chenge my visa also … i dont no uk new rolus . now i want to take new addmision …! then piz help me piz what can i do now…? piz give riplay ……?

  3. hi there, my student visa going expire by the end od next month and now i am planning to study a master course in different school which the course going start at May. but i am abit worries which my new applicaion will get refuse due to the gap in April. Please advise me how to deal with this issue. thanks

  4. Hi there, my tier 4 student visa going to expire by the end of March and now I am planning to taking a MBA course which the starting date will be on May. I am worries my new application will get refuse due to the gap in april. Please advise me. Thanks a lot!

  5. Try contacting Jo on 0208 905 1822 She deals with many colleges and university and can give you free advice.

  6. Md.Mojir Hosen says :

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I came in uk 2009 October tier4 general student .I extend my visa again October 2011,and now my college is closed so for college changing I have to again new visa application or I can change my college easily .This time I am looking good college if you please kindly let me what I have to do now it will be very good for me.
    Md.Mojir Hosen

  7. Hi there,
    This is Bilal. I am a tier 4 student on a Edexcel BTEC level-7 in management sciences. I came to London on Feb 2011 and my visa will expire on 31 May 2012. I need to change my course as well as sponsor. Right now, I am studying with WLCBMS hounslow, which has lost its name from the UKBA register, but I haven’t got any letter from UKBA. Actually what I am interested in is that can I change my course to ACCA and sponsor to LSBF, which is a highly trusted sponsor. Should I contact directly to LSBF for a CAS letter without letting my college know. Do plz reply me about the status of my college and changing of course + sponsor.

  8. Try contacting Jo on 0208 905 1822 for free advice on changing colleges.

    UKUS – UK University Services can also offer free advice:

  9. karamjeet kaur says :

    hi i am student in uk but my college goes in black list and they are now out of contact, they not answering e-mail, phon no. are not working,and the new college for new admission want the permission of privies college for new admission other wise they are unable to give me admission , how can i get it while old college is have not any responce. please answer me . my visa til 04-04-2012

  10. Zeshan says :

    I am doing Edexcel BTEC Level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership, which were sold to us as PGDMS by our college. My question is if i can apply for PSW on this extended diploma under the new rules. And does this extended diploma is equivalent to Bachelor degree as per NARIC…
    Waiting for your kind and soonest reply.

  11. Dear Sir/Madam,
    We enrolled some students to London College of Advanced studies.
    The college has closed down. Approx. 30000 Pounds are still pending towards the college from the account of the tution fees of the students enrolled by us, who got the visa rejections.
    Please kindly advie us whether iits possible to get the refund in this caase, if yes then how to get the refund from the college.

  12. kashif says :

    if ur college is suspended and ur application is onhold by UK ba contact me I could give u some free Information on how to solve this problem and there is not much time because ur visa will be refused very soon

  13. sontosh says :

    Dear sir
    I am worried about my college because now there is many colleges were blacklisted.& I want to know about my college my college name is School of Information Risk Management so could you please advise me is this college blacklisted or Suspended ?

  14. MUHAMMAD SHAKIL says :

    i came back to my country on 3rd Aug 2011.i got emergency i want to go back to London to rejoin my course but i am worry about Airport, because my visa is expiring on 4th October 2011.please some help me what is the best way to go through from airport.

  15. It may be possible depending on your visas, but if you cannot pay the fees for your current college how are you going to pay a new one? Hundreds of students jump from college to college leaving behind a trail of debt (including credit card debts) which will come back to haunt them.

    Many colleges are now taking legal action through the courts to recover unpaid fees. If a student is taken to court and they lose the case they will have a County Court Judgement registered against them for six years. This will ruin your credit rating and make it extremely difficult to obtain credit, open a bank account, get a mobile phone contract or rent a property.

    In addition, civil actions and judgements will have to be declared on future immigration forms for visa/further leave or indefinite leave to remain and this could damage your chances of remaining in the UK.

  16. fortune says :

    am having financial problem completing my fees in my school,and i want to change that possible..please i need your help

  17. Ahmad Shehzad says :

    Please reply to my question , i am very confused about this matter

  18. Ahmad Shehzad says :

    Hy , I am student of ACCA studying in A-rated college , i will need to extent my Visa in December 2011 , Currently i got 20 hours part time to work so if i take admission in Highly Trusted College when applying for extension for remaing study , then will i get part timeworking hours in the next extension

  19. If you are on a student visa you must be in full time study, otherwise you are in the UK illegally. Please check the terms of your visa conditions.

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