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Home Office response to media reports on immigration hearings | Immigration Matters

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In response to media reports on Immigration hearings, Immigration Minister Damian Green has made the following statement.

Immigration Minister Damian Green said:

‘Public protection and harm reduction will remain the UK Border Agency’s primary consideration when deciding on operational issues.

‘Our appeal process is designed so that many appeals should be and are determined on the documentary evidence without a need for representation.

‘I made clear when I launched the Asylum Improvement Project today, the Government is committed to improving the immigration system so we target our resources more effectively – including in court.

‘As part of this, we must focus our resources on defending the right cases in court. This is why we represent in over 90% of asylum, bail, deportations and high harm cases and why Team Managers carefully scrutinise and identify suitable cases to proceed without representation.’

Source: Home Office

Weekly Immigration News Round up 1 August 2010

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2 Responses to “Home Office response to media reports on immigration hearings”
Read them below or add one

  1. terea jaiteh says :

    i sent for my husband and got refused cause i was only working 16 hours and getting family tax cred and child tax credits im now working 34 hours plus and still getting the same benifits although i am paying my own rent now but is it enough they also said jobs are hard to find in the uk so i have a few interview lined up but is it enough

  2. issifu abulai says :

    Grounds of appeal

    The basis upon which i decided to appeal against the decision of the entry clearance officer place on the following point
    i. The clearance officer took the decision base on his own judgement without assessing the entire documents i presented
    ii. The clearance officer used a very short time to process my application because it took him only two days to complete my application instead of five days as stated on the receipts.
    Therefore from the above points i have stated i decided to appeal against the the refusal of my application on the following grounds

    1. The entry clearance officer indicated that the army recruitment process can take six months or longer, and that the army office have contacted the high commission that the applications can takes as long as twelve months. i completely disagree with the officer, because am aware that the invitation letter given to me by the British army clearly indicates that applications that are successful can take six months or longer but is only dependent upon the availability of training places, however it goes on to says that applicants may be required to extension your visa to remain eligible, therefore from the above statement from the U.k army am qualify to join the army and if there are lack of training places training places, it is not illegal to extend your visa for that purpose. cousin Nicholas nketia diawuo is from Ghana and be precisely from Sampa our home town , he has nerderlandre citizenship , he also has a permanent resident in the U.k. , i clearly understand that he did not mention his relationship to me in the invitation letter , because he thought all that was important was the willingness of accommodating me as stated in the eligibility criteria of the U.k , however i clearly stated in the visa application forms that Nicholas Nketia Diawuo is my fathers brothers son (his father Dominic diawuo and my father Laurence Langa are from the same father )
    Therefore i disagree with officer because irrespective of the relationship with Nicholas Nketia Diawuo was capable and prepared to accommodate me for the U.k army training from his documents presented to the commission, because i presented his valid tenancy agreement and an invitation letter in which his family support as well as bank statement and utility bills.
    3.The clearance officer indicated that on Mr. ND Nketia banks statement there were poor balances such as £1.49, £8.10 and £26.50 which means he cannot accommodate me for the training, which i totally disagree because on the application forms my uncle Mark Mensah Gazebo (sponsor )
    Indicated clearly on his sponsorship letter that he stand in full support and sponsorship for my ticketing, up keeping and any other expenses, and my cousin N.D Nketia will accommodate. me, however N.D N kentia works at smiths News in the U.k and receive wages every week and therefore he can accommodate me on the basis that i have travel to Europe before and i have seen white people who have zero balances in their accounts and yet are able to travel all over the world and invite their friends and girl friends
    4. My. uncle Mark MENSAH Gazebo and my father Laurence Langa clearly indicated in their letters that they operates sole proprietorships business which means that they are own and manage by them and therefore all monetary transactions are made solely by them and that they have access to the accounts as an when it matters , this has resulted in adding their names such as Langa printing pree,and Gazebo Trading Enterprise and therefore the statements cannot be distinct from being their personal ,also my uncle and my father are trustworthy people and i see no reason why they will give money to pay for the medical bills for the army application forms , police report, visa fee and will not do so when it matters most. For that matter i disagree with the of
    5.the clearance officer indicated that i am not genuinely seeking entry in to the U.k army but sonthing else which i totally disagree because i have issued with with an invitation letter to come to the U.k for the enlistment ,signed by the commander of recruitments ,also my career objective is to an army one day and therefore the decision to join the army is life long process as it sated long time ago when i have to filled application forms , present medical reports before i was finally issued with invitation letter by the army .

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