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Home Office Immigration and asylum statistics released | Immigration Matters

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Quarterly statistics covering immigration and asylum were published by the Home Office this week showing a fall in asylum applications.

These statistics include asylum applications, total removals for those illegally in the UK and migration from Eastern Europe for the period October to December of 2009.

Figures show that applications for asylum have dropped in the fourth quarter of 2009 to 4,765 – a 30 percent reduction compared to the same quarter in 2008 and the lowest level since quarter two 1992.

Decisions on asylum cases have also risen 36 per cent compared to the same quarter in 2008 with the grant rate for asylum falling to 13 per cent.

Applications from Eastern Europeans to work in the UK under the worker registration scheme fell to 28,495 in Q4 2009, compared to 30,600 in Q4 2008 and 52,765 in Q4 2007.

The total number of removals and voluntary departures from the UK has decreased slightly from 67,980 in 2008 to 64,750 in 2009 – reflecting the fall in asylum intake.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) published earlier today also show that immigration from the A8 accession countries has fallen and that long term immigration to the UK remains stable at 518,000 in the year to June 2009 compared to 531,000 in the year to June 2008.

Border and Immigration Minister Phil Woolas said:

‘Asylum applications for the last three months of 2009 were the lowest since the early 1990’s. Net migration is down, and the new UK Border Agency is increasingly successful.

‘Our border has never been stronger, as shown by the fall in the number of asylum applications.

‘Our new flexible points based system also gives us greater control over those coming to work or study from outside Europe, ensuring that only those that Britain need can come.

‘We are making the UK a more hostile place for illegal immigrants by issuing foreign nationals with ID cards, checking those who apply for visas against watch lists and fining those who employ illegal workers.’

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6 Responses to “Home Office Immigration and asylum statistics released”
Read them below or add one

  1. A MOORE says :

    Esther Angel wrote:

    “The system in this country has failed many “genuine” asylum seekers”

    1. If there are “genuine” asylum seekers there must also be “bogus” asylum seekers.

    2. The fact that all persons have a right to apply for asylum does in no way imply that all applications are motivated by genuine reasons.

    3. The number of recognised asylum seekers ought to be decided by the indigenous population, not by third parties (e.g. political organisations) representing vested interests.

  2. Mbava Yemunhu says :

    Dr Mavaza its funny how you could pass a comment like that when you actually encourage your clients to seek asylum because its easier for you to abuse these very same asylum seekers charging them extortionate amounts scaring them with deportation if they report you .People like you are the ones who need to be sent back to were you came from ,You are a disgrace to this country ,wnder why you left your country?.

  3. […] Home Office Immigration and asylum statistics released […]

  4. Thank you for your comment, but we should point out that the article (Home Office Immigration and asylum statistics released) was reporting on Government statistics and did not use the term ‘bogus asylum seekers’.

  5. To Dr Masimba Mavaza above: please do take note of the fact that there is no such thing as a “bogus asylum seeker”.
    It’s everyone’s human right to apply for asylum in another country.
    Besides the system in this country has failed many “genuine” asylum seekers and deported them only for them to be arrested, tortured and/or killed, very often within 24 hours upon return to their respective “safe” countries.
    The rules do not benefit those in genuine need or danger, it is a green card for the government to turn away as many people as possible, irregardless of their well being or safety.
    Under the New Model Asylum system, most asylum seekers end up in detention for months or even years. A lot of them are vulnerable, most of them have not committed a crime – unless asking for asylum counts as such these days! I’m sure the BNP would like to make it a crime.
    A lot of detainees experience verbal or physical abuse during their incarceration (for these detention centres aren’t anything other than glorified prisons).
    As a fellow human being – do you think it’s right to treat anyone like that?


    The fall in numbers of asylum seekers shows that the system has become tighter and bogus asylum seekers will not be able to abuse the hand that feeds them. It is a pity that many people have sought asylum at the expense of the genuine asylum seekers. this shows that our borders are becoming increasingly stronger.

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