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Home Office announce new rules for migrants | Immigration Matters

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The Home Office has announced proposed new rules for migrants following Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s ‘immigration speech’ on Thursday.

Migrants entering the United Kingdom will require ‘permission’ to stay under new draft proposals published in Parliament this week.

Under measures in the draft Immigration Bill, the five current application categories available to migrants will be replaced by one clear concept – ‘permission’ to be in the United Kingdom.

With this new approach, migrants will either be granted permission or refused, making the rules easier for applicants and staff. Any migrant in the UK must gain permission or face removal for breaking the law.

The proposals are the next step in the Government efforts to tighten up Britain’s border controls.

The Home Office has recently introduced of e-Borders, to check individuals in and out of the country, and is rolling out the last stages of points-based system.

In order to bring together the essential changes that have already taken place, the government is proposing a new ‘simplification’ bill to bring forward a new legal framework to simplify and consolidate 40 years of immigration laws. This will make the system more transparent than ever before.

Border and Immigration Minister Phil Woolas said:

‘This government has implemented the biggest overhaul of the immigration system for a generation, and it is important that UK laws reflect these changes.

‘I believe that Parliament should be in primary control of immigration – this bill will ensure that Parliament and not case law determines policy.

‘The draft Immigration Bill we have published today will enable us to work more efficiently and is the next step in bringing together the strong measures we have put in place to control our borders and making them simpler to use and enforce.’

The new, temporary, time-limited, permission will be given for a particular purpose to visit, work or study and is subject to conditions such as access to work or public funds. Permanent residents will be given permission without any time limit or conditions attached.

The draft bill also proposes a new streamlined power of ‘expulsion’ replacing the current powers of deportation and removal. Individuals who are issued with an expulsion order will be required to leave the UK and will not be able to re-enter while the order is in force.

A tough new menu of conditions is proposed for those on immigration bail, including restrictions on residence, work or study; access to public funds; and reporting and electronic monitoring.

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  3. devendra says :

    hi there
    hi can i work more than 20 hours if i dont want to extend studend visa in future ? im now on student visa but now i wan to extend partener visa so can i work more than 20 hours thx for ur time

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    I would like to inquire if my depository Bank in our locality, Rural Bank be considered for my show money as Student Visa. Thanking your appropriate and immediate response hereon.

    Merry Christmas….


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  7. abraham joseph says :

    dear immigration officer

    according to prime minister gordon brown’s speech on thursday,new rules have been applied.if i have to apply on december first week,how many days bank account statement i have to show in the visa office.

    thanking you yours sincerely


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