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Greek authorities round up 6,000 illegal immigrants in a weekend | Immigration Matters

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Officers in Greece are rounding up thousands of suspected illegal immigrants in a Gestapo-style deportation hunt to crack down what one government official compared to a ‘prehistoric invasion’, the Mail reports.

Greece has long been Europe’s main entry point for illegal immigrants from Asia and Africa seeking a better life in the West, but now the country’s severe economic problems and high unemployment have spurred the government to address the issue.

Police said today that 6,000 people were detained over the weekend in Athens in a massive operation incongruously named after the ancient Greek god of hospitality, Zeus Xenios.

The uncontrolled influx, which coincided with a recent spike in crime, has contributed to the sharp rise of an extreme-right political party which uses aggressive rhetoric against immigrants.

Once beyond the pale of Greek politics, the extreme right Golden Dawn gained nearly 7 per cent of the vote in parliamentary elections six weeks ago. Mainstream parties also pledged to check immigrant numbers.

Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias said today that the rounding-up of illegal immigrants would continue, arguing that their unchecked entry has brought Greece ‘to the brink of collapse’.

‘The country is being lost,’ he told Skai TV. ‘What is happening now is (Greece’s) greatest invasion ever. Since the Dorian invasion some 3,000 years ago, the country has never received such a flow of immigration.’

Ancient tradition linked the invasion of Greek-speaking Dorian tribes with the end of the heroic Mycenaean age, although historians believe that the Mycenaean palatial civilisation was brought down by financial and social unrest.

Dendias said arrested immigrants will be temporarily held at police academy buildings in northern Greece, which are closed for the summer, and at a detention center outside Athens. He claimed that by the end of the year Greece will be able to detain up to 10,000 people.

‘Whoever is arrested will be held and then deported,’ he said. 

The Greek office of the U.N. High Commission for refugees said that while Greece has the right to carry out checks on immigrants, it should ensure that vulnerable groups do not suffer.

‘People who truly need protection must be able to request it,’ said Petros Mastakas, associate protection officer at the UNHCR office in Athens. 

He added: ‘It is very difficult, practically impossible, for asylum seekers to apply for protected status, and we are concerned that among those arrested there may be people who want protection but were unable to submit their requests because access to the relevant authorities is practically impossible.’ Source: Daily Mail.

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  1. Angie Poilimeri says :

    Send them all out!!!! my son completed a BSC in England and the Greeks won’t recognise his qualification!!!!!By the way he has both Greek & UK citezenship. I have Greek citizenship through marriage. Is it not a shame that the Greek government are turning their youth away?????????????????
    The only people left in Greece will be the old folks because the government is sending the kids away with their policies. Wake up government, you want the new generation!!! Give them something to live for!!And to stay for!!!!

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