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Fake job offers and internet scams – update | Immigration Matters

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This week Immigration Matters repeated our warning to beware of fake job offers and scams being emailed to thousands of desperate job hunters hoping to work abroad.

Since the article was published we have received a large number of emails from victims of scams and recent attempted frauds.

Examples of recent reader comments:

I am a recent new victim of the fake job offer in Taiwan. After realizing myself as a victim I researched related fraud crime on the internet, and discover that the criminals have also committed other related crime in the same case such as ‘ID thief’, ‘advance fee’…etc. The bank Western Union is crucial in the crime, that I just learned that with only Western Union’s receipt copy, the criminals can pick up the money with fake ID. Western Union has changed the way we use the banks, people should be warned of the way Western Union let their customers pick up the money with only receipt copy with fake ID. I would like to participate in the BBC documentary with my story if it helps to raise awareness and stop further crime.

Can you please help me to verify? I am offered a job of a nanny by Brigadier Anthony Howards residing in 61 Tudor Close, Brixton Hills, SW2 1HT London UK. He said i have to make payment of half of the visa procurement to Travel Document System with address 31 New Cavendish Street, London W1G, 8JR, UK. Please help me verify, before i make any payment. Thank you very much.

For further information check the article – Beware of fake job offers and internet scams

6 ways to spot a fake job offer 

Here are six useful tips from Cynthia Barker, Manager of London based immigration firm Bison UK. Cynthia, who has helped thousands of workers and students come to the UK, said there are a number of questions you should first ask yourself when looking at employment offers. 

  1. Is the recruitment method unusual or suspicious?
    Companies do not hire workers by sending unsolicited emails and in countries like the Philippines recruitment of workers is regulated by government agencies such as the POEA. Genuine employers will usually interview candidates or use a reputable agency. 
  2. Has the job been advertised through legitimate media in the UK?
    Jobs advertised to foreign or non EU workers are normally be advertised on the official Job Centre Plus website and in some cases in the press. If not, the employer will be unable to obtain permission to employ the worker under Tier 2 of the Points Based System. See Remember, anyone can set up a website, so you need to look further than an internet based advertisement. 
  3. Is the Job of the official Shortage Occupation list?
    If the job is not a shortage occupation the chances of obtaining a certificate of sponsorship is greatly reduced. 
  4. Does the post qualify under Tier 2?
    The job role must be at or above NVQ Level 3, otherwise the employer will not be allowed to employ you and you will not get a visa to enter the UK. See Working in the UK. For instance, a Waiter or Cleaner will be considered at below NVQ Level 3 and will not qualify under Tier 2. 
  5. Does the employment letter contain a UK landline and address?
    Most of the letters we see do not have landline telephone numbers (e.g. with the prefix 0208 or 01707) and many have PO Box addresses or addresses which simply do not exist. A few minutes on the internet on sites like Royal Mail Postcode Finder or Google Maps should reveal all you need to know. 
  6. Have you been asked to send money?
    UK employers and UK agencies are not allowed to charge placement fees, even though this practice may be acceptable in many countries which supply staff to the UK. If you are asked to send money for any reason this is the first sign that you are being sucked into a scam or confidence trick. 

What else can you do to avoid being conned? 

  • Research the company – use websites such as Companies House and
  • Look at the company website – check if job vacancies are advertised
  • Call or email the head office or HR department direct and inform them of the offer.
  • Check the email address – most fraudsters use free Yahoo or Hotmail account rather than an in-house ‘.com’ or ‘’ domain.
  • Ask a friend or relative (if you have one in the UK) to call or visit the employer.
  • Contact your Embassy in London or your local labour department.
  • Set up a spam filter – a good spam filter will usually spot the emails as spam and save you time and money. 

Finally, use your judgement and common sense – if something seems too good to be true it probably is. 

Have you received a fake job offer? The BBC are making a special documentary about these scams and would like to hear your story.

You can comment on this story below. 

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9 Responses to “Fake job offers and internet scams – update”
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  1. banici gabriela says :

    My husband was looking for a massage therapist job, and after receiving the contract that looks to be from Royal Garden Hotel, I had the inspiration to call at Royal Garden Hotel with call me back position, to find out that the contract didn’t came from them.
    After that I applied for care assistant at Fronterra Recruitment and I was surprise that they asked 210 L. The contract did,t have a manager name on it, and I am still confuse.

  2. Just use your common sense – does it LOOK genuine to you? Contact your embassy to verify or do it yourself, otherwise it will cost you fees to instruct someone.

  3. aimie perlas says :

    hi i am aimie perlas, please help me verify this employer who named nicole amber atkins, she is a lawyer at the U.K government, i was applying for the position of a nanny,she ask me to pay 400 pounds for the application of my visa and she refer me to mhay villanueva, but i don’t do any moves yet, please help me verify this thank you

  4. Vanessa – use your common sense!!!!

  5. vanessa calimutan says :

    Im vanessa calimutan,working here at Taiwan as care taker,nw applying to Ms Nicole Amber Athkins a lawyer in uk..she hired me as baby sitter..first she ask to gve 700 pounds for placement fee for visa processing which i gave already en she sed my visa was already issued but cannot release until i dnt gve another900 pounds for BLC and medical something en she sed Mhay Villanueva shes d one who process my visa..but i sed to her dat i will not gve 900 pounds until she dnt gve a copy of my visa en cntract..en nw she send..nw im so confuse if it is real or not hope u will help me to this soon as possible before i do some action..plzz help me to verify if my dat contract r really aporoved by immigration en not fake coz i already gve 700 pounds for visa

  6. vinay tyagi says :

    I Mr. Jonathan Frank, the human resource division manager of Sprint Oil Corporation Ltd, hereby, on
    behalf of the above named company; I enter into agreement with all of our workers.
    Below information is the
    agreement we have with you. We are hereby urging our workers to abide by the rules and ethics guiding this
    You are being informed to go on with us after reading and accept our terms and conditions. But those,
    whom the terms are not accepted, should quit with all pleasure. We are here to render a helping hand to Job seekers
    with good academic qualifications and to earn a better salary for good living and in return a better output from you.
    1. The workers should have a good and sound academic qualification certificate.
    2. The worker should have a good work experience (at least six months), skills and should be competent in his/her
    field of work.
    3. The applicant should be fluent in English speaking to the comprehension of everyone for appropriate
    4. His/her should have moral act, polite characters, and respects, obedient, love to his/her follow senior workers and
    other company clients.
    5. The candidate should be free all the time and focus towards his duty and should not be distracted by anything else.
    6. The company is eligible and capable to pay workers the monthly salary amount to the sum of GBP 5,280 Great
    British pounds for a start and could be extended depending on the workers ability and skills that is the Remuneration
    the company affords workers as wages. (Highly experienced expert rates’ salary will be discussed pre-resumption of
    duty, not here)
    7. The company’s monthly salary promotions depend on the workers general work input and output and its influence
    to the growth of the company.
    8. The company is responsible in rendering help of any kind, making sure that the candidate is availed of every aid in
    his/her struggle on moving to his/her job location. We are giving every assurance that our Indian coordinator in the
    British Consulate will process the entire document on our behalf, but the applicant will be responsible for the
    processing fees and not the company. This could show how serious and capable the applicant is.
    9. The company is responsible to offer the following Certificates such as, work permit, resident permit, and Order
    relevant documents that may deem necessary to the applicant. Invitation Letter, Accommodation and Flight Ticket
    is free of charge this will be done through company Schedules.
    10. The candidate should bear all the cost of expenses that may arise during the time of obtaining his/her Visa/work
    permit document from British Council in his/her Country. The Company is not responsible for the expenses.
    Address: 20 Lavington Street London, United Kingdom
    Tel: +44-8719749643/+44-8719749537
    11. During you stay with us all assignments entrusted to you shall be carried out from time to time effectively and
    sincerely with the best of your ability and capability.
    12. During that same period you shall be liable to be transferred from one establishment, department, division or any
    sister concern of the company at the discretion of the Management.
    13. You are to keep and render a faithful account of all the properties and business secrets of the company entrusted
    to you in the course of your training , and shall not disclose the secret of the company to anybody at any time during
    your stay with us even after your may have left the services of the company.
    14. During the course of your work with us , you shall not in any way accept any other employment , whether
    part-time or full time , either for remuneration or otherwise .On no account shall that occur otherwise attracts a risk
    of sack with a refund of last six months salary as the penalty.
    The applicant has right to resign anytime provided a one month prior notice is given to the Management of the
    company, while the company is entitle to terminate any unsatisfactory production from the staff but will not fail to
    notify the applicant one month beforehand
    – Free medical/dental care in United Kingdom for employee and family.
    – Excellent educational assistance benefits with family status employment.
    – Paid airfares allowing full flexibility with holiday travel.
    – Personal effects shipment and excess baggage allowances.
    – Full access to some of the finest and social recreational facilities in United Kingdom.
    -Life Insurance and Paid vacation.
    – Official vehicle/Maximum security in work environment and housing community.
    Kindly go through the contents and return the scanned copy of this letter after dully signed by you as taken in your
    acceptance of the terms and conditions stated herein.
    We warmly welcome you with open arms and wish you all the very best in your new assignment
    Yours Sincerely
    For Sprint Oil Corporation Ltd Applicant Name………………….……
    Mr. Jonathan Frank
    Human Resource Division Manager Sign……………………………………
    Address:20 Lavington Street London, United Kingdom
    Tel: +44-8719749643/+44-871974953

    anybody can help me about this offer truthness

  7. I also experience this kind of fraud email and saying that they are looking for aupair. The Family named Mr. Lans Baker with the email address They have sent me an employment contract and when I searched it in the internet it’s just the same content. I am just wondering why do people are using it just to seek money? I want to work in UK but in a normal and legal way. I hope that others out there do not let other people will fool you. And I hope you can help me to find a good job in UK. I am 22 years old from Philippines. A graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English.

    Chellyn Mar

  8. […] Fake job offers and internet scams – update | Immigration Matters […]

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