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Elderly woman assaulted in care home by work permit holding Senior Carer | Immigration Matters

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The Care Quality Commission is being criticised for failing to take sufficient action after undercover filming showed an 80-year-old woman being slapped by a migrant care worker.

The BBC broadcast Jane Worroll secretly filmed footage of her mother being abused in her room at Ash Court, London.

She recorded care worker Jonathan Aquino slapping her mother six times.

Aquino was convicted of assault. The CQC said the home still “ensures people who use the service are protected from abuse or the risk of abuse”.

Prior to the assault, the CQC had rated the home as “excellent” .

Alarm clock spy camera

Ms Worroll placed a secret camera hidden in an alarm clock in her mother’s bedroom, after suspecting she was being mistreated.

Maria Worroll suffers from Alzheimers and arthritis, and requires around-the-clock care.

Six weeks after her mother moved into Ash Court, Ms Worroll noticed bruises on her arms and legs.

She secretly filmed her bedroom on 17 and 21 June 2011.

The footage, acquired by BBC Panorama, shows care workers feeding Maria Worroll too quickly, manually rolling her over and hauling her roughly into bed – an action that should have been performed using a hoist.

Ms Worroll also filmed one care worker, Jonathan Aquino, slapping her mother six times.

She was deeply upset by the footage. She told Panorama: “[My mother] is just so vulnerable; she can’t get up, she can’t call for help. [The assault] is just totally sadistic.”

All five of the main carers Ms Worroll filmed were sacked. Jonathan Aquino was arrested and sentenced to 18 months in prison in April 2012.

The CQC visited the home twice following the assault to assess the quality of care. It concluded: “Ash Court ensures that people who use the service are protected from abuse, or the risk of abuse, and their rights are respected and upheld.”

Ms Worroll said she felt let down by the inquiry. She told the BBC: “When I read [the report] it was just another slap around the face. I just felt like they’d basically given [Ash Court] a clean bill of health again, bar two minor adjustments.

“It makes me worry for other people who are potentially about to put a relative into a care home.”

Judy Downey, head of the Relatives & Residents Association, a charity that supports care home residents and their families, also criticised the CQC report.

She said: “It doesn’t say that a member of staff has been charged. It is not an honest document, it isn’t a helpful document.

“This is really an area where the CQC can do so much if it uses its powers. They can actually cancel the provider’s registration if they’re shown not to be fit. We would suggest that that provider was very clearly shown not to be fit.”

The CQC told Panorama in a statement that its report into Ash Court made clear a “serious incident” had taken place. It visited again recently, and said that it was “confident” it had “acted swiftly and correctly in light of the evidence” available.

A spokeswoman from the Alzheimer’s Society said: “Any case of abuse against a person with dementia is absolutely appalling. The most vulnerable people in our society should be treated with respect and dignity.

“Our care system in the UK is broken and underfunded. In this context, it is not surprising that there is sometimes inadequate support and abuse.

“We need to have a debate on how to ensure appropriate care is in place for people with conditions such as dementia. We also need a regulatory system in place focused on supporting care homes to actively improve standards.”

Panorama: Undercover Elderly Care is on BBC One, Monday 23 April at 20:30 BST. Watch online afterwards (UK only) at the above link. Source: BBC.

The Filipino care worker is now serving 18 months in prison and could be deported at the end of his sentence.

Carers from the Philippines have an excellent reputation in the UK, so it is a great shames that these workers have let themselves and their country down.

Other care workers filmed complained about staff shortages and low rates of offered in the care home.

Very few Filipinos are joining the UK workforce these days due to a clampdown on non-EU work permits and Tier 4 students. Large numbers are now choose to migrate to Canada or take up nursing in Australia.

Employers looking for staff in the care industry, are increasingly turning to EU workers from Central and Eastern Europe.

However, not all EU members have the same rights to work in the UK and getting it wrong could result in a hefty fine for the employer.

Employers are often unaware of the distinct difference between ‘A8’ nationals (Polish, Latvian, Slovakian, Czechs, Hungarians, Slovenians Lithuanians and Estonians), who joined the EU in 2004 and more recent members from Bulgaria and Romania. Although both groups have the same rights to freely enter the UK, they do not enjoy the same rights to work, or free movement of labour.

Even Bulgarians and Romanians arriving in the UK are often totally unaware of the restrictions on working – or that they will need a permit or registration card (e.g. yellow card) in order to work.

Although they are EU members, when it comes to employment Bulgarian and Romanian citizens do not have the same rights as other Europeans, for instance from Poland, Slovakia or other A8 Accession countries.

Bulgarians and Romanians coming to the UK on Yellow Card registration permits can work and study full time on vocational courses such as NVQ or QCF courses in Health and Social Care

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  1. Don’t worry, you won’t be seeing him soon. He will probably be able to stay in the UK after his jail sentence, because he has a wife and child, which means he has human rights to remain here.

  2. I would like to petition the UK government to increase the jail time of this disgusting person Jonathan Aquino. We don’t need him here in the Philippines for causing us dishonor and tarnished the reputation of our prized, hardworking caregivers. We wish him to rot in UK jail.

  3. The pictures were taken from the BBC website and have also been featured on BBC’s Panorama on national TV. The family would have given permission for this. Without the film, taken by her daughter, the scandal would bever have been exposed.

  4. Juan de la cruz says :

    we are ashamed of you Jonathan Aquino. you should be jailed in the Philippines too. You destroy the good name of the Filipino healthcare workers.

  5. i had a tennant from kenya who was a care worker tried to assault me the police were informed but action was taken her agency was informed

  6. Is it allowed or fair to click pictures of care clients n upload them on social networking sites?

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