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Dependant Visa income requirements to double in UK crackdown on family migration | Immigration Matters

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Home Secretary’s plans, revealed in a leaked letter, are to double income threshold required to sponsor a non-EU family member  to £25,700 a year, the Mail reports.

Several Sunday newspapers have reported that the UK Home Secretary is planning a major immigration crackdown targeting ‘tens of thousands of people’ who ‘abuse the family visa system’ to enable spouses, partners or dependants to settle in the UK.

In a ‘leaked’ letter Home Secretary Theresa May outlines plans to impose a new minimum income of £25,700 a year for anyone looking relocate a family member from outside the European Union.

This figure is nearly double the current threshold of £13,700.

If children are brought in, the income needed would also shoot up – to £37,000 for one, £49,000 for two or £62,600 for three.

In her letter to Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, dated March 14, Mrs May also calls for a minimum probationary period of five years (up from two) before any such applications can be made, according to The Sunday Telegraph.

The new proposals, she says, would ‘reduce the burdens on the taxpayer, promote integration and tackle abuse’. She wants them to come into force from June.

It is hoped the move would cut the number of immigrants by 15,000 a year, something which would greatly help David Cameron’s efforts to reduce numbers entering the UK from 250,000 a year to ‘tens of thousands’ by 2015.

Mrs May says that proposals to clamp down on those using the ‘family route’ gained ‘broad public support’ in the Coalition’s consultation last year.

But they are unlikely to impress Mr Clegg and his Liberal Democrat colleagues, who take a far softer line on immigration.

A major pledge in their 2010 General Election manifesto was an amnesty for all illegal immigrants already in Britain. Source: Daily Mail.

Whilst this report is not official policy, the contents of leaked letters have a habit of ending up in the Immigration Rules.

The coalition have changed the Immigration Rules in order to slash the number of migrants from outside the European Union who can come here to work, and have introduced sweeping changes to the Tier 4 student visa system, Tier 2 working visas and have extended employment restrictions for Bulgarians and Romanians until end of 2013.

Immigration Minister Damian Green has also recently announced plans to restrict settlement and UK naturalisation of migrant workers to only the brightest and best.

On Thursday 15 March 2012, the UK Border Agency (UKBA) announced that a written ministerial statement has been laid in Parliament outlining a number of important changes to the Immigration Rules, which will affect thousands of migrant workers on Tier 2, Domestic Workers and international students on Tier 4 visas.

The planned changes will not affect EU members, such as Polish, Bulgarian and Romanian citizens bringing family members under EEA Rules.

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6 Responses to “Dependant Visa income requirements to double in UK crackdown on family migration”
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  1. Generally, I wouldn’t blame the UK government for effectig such anti-non-EU citizens policies, neither would I blame the leaders (of NON -EU countries) who have not provided enabling environments for their citizens. Everyone is doing what they think is best. However, makers of these stringent laws against the non-EU citizens need be a little more careful so their ‘good’ policies dont appear racist in nature. The UK currently has huge debt and spends a lot on welfare. One of the reasons taxes have gone high to make up for these. The question is, is it the non -EU citizens that are being fed by these welfare? I still wish to know how sensible it is for a non-EU students to come here, spending thousands of pounds (equivalent of millions of currency in their home country) and yet be denied an opportunity to gain some experience before going back to their countries (the post-study work shouldn’t have been scraped). Infact the new law (entreprenuerial route), is supposed come into play after the 2 years post study work, so that the student would have gained sufficient UK work and business experience and laws which would help me set up very viable business. I ask these questions here, is it logicaly posibble for a student who has gone through a year of intense study to have gained sufficient UK business laws and environment that will make him suitable enough to set up an economically viable business? Where is the student supposed to have access to such funds? The post-study work has been very instrumental and has helped quite a high number of students get high and reliable paying jobs back home in their countries. The chances of the students leaving happily, after the 2 years is quite very high as employers are always willing to employ workers with some foreign work experience.In agreement with Randy, non-EU dont get such benefits and as such do not ordinarily constitute any burden on the govenerment purse, rather they work hard to make a living and coountribute directly to GDP and tax revenue, which the government needs so much to combat recession and repayment of public debt. What the government needs is robust tax base (many companies and people working to increase tax revenue) and not high ax rates which are disincentives to work and produtivity. Government should create a more viable and globally competitve business environment for companies, increase job availability, bring people in into the tax folds and grow the economy.

  2. I will be one who will leave this rotten country after paying my tax and working non stop for 33 years. I am britishand the lady i want to marry is not. Of course if i lived in london 26000 is not an uncommon wage. Where i live its rare. Most people live on under20000 usually far under this.

  3. […] Dependant Visa income requirements to double in UK crackdown on family migration […]

  4. […] Dependant Visa income requirements to double in UK crackdown on family migration […]

  5. Randy Thornton says :

    Why Damnian Green is always after the Non EU workers and their families, the truth is EU member who settle here in UK are the one who abused the system of benefits and falsely claimed it not the Non EU workers who paid taxes and work hard for their money.I have known a lot of them who come here and produced children as much as they can and claim benefits. What a shamed they blamed us for their crazy system whom they made. A lot of crap and a bunch of rubbish.

  6. […] Dependant Visa income requirements to double in UK crackdown on family migration […]

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