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Britain’s visa rules have “not been relaxed” and applicants can apply direct for a UK visa, said UK Border Agency South Asia and Gulf Regional Director Chris Dix, according to a report in the Daily Times today.

In response to a news item “Travel agents tempt students seeking UK visas”, he said the rules had been toughened on October 1 with the introduction of the maintenance rules, requiring funds to be held for 28 days.

“All applications are subjected to thorough document checks – including bank statements and education certificates. In addition, applicants must pass tough checks that we have introduced around the world for anyone applying for a visa to enter the UK – [in which] we check biometric data (fingerprint scans and photographs) against the UK police and immigration databases,” Dix said.

He said guidance was available for those applying for a UK visa. “We have taken every step to ensure that the student visa rules are clear, with advice on the application process available on our websites (; It is important that the applicants do not follow the misleading advice of some agents.”

Choose agents carefully

He said if applicants wanted additional advice, they should choose an agent carefully.

“Agents should charge a reasonable fee. They cannot guarantee that someone can get a visa – they have no influence over the visa decision. Applicants should not allow agents to submit false information or forged documents on their behalf – they will be refused, and they will be banned from travelling to the UK for 10 years,” he said.

Dix said the UK welcomed genuine international students who wanted to make the most of an unparalleled quality education system in the UK.

“The UK Border Agency is working hard to reduce processing times for visa applications and is committed to providing an efficient visa operation for all customers in Pakistan.” he said. Source: Daily Times

Immigration Matters Comment 

Reputable bona fide educational and visa agents can provide a valuable service for both educational establishments and students. 

Mr Dix is correct in advising students to choose an agent wisely. Anyone applying for a visa to the UK has always had the option of dealing directly with the British Embassy, however, the forms and rules can be daunting so many seek advice locally. 

Visa and immigration consultants are regulated in the UK by the OISC, but this does not cover advice given by overseas agents. 

Prospective UK students who would like to appoint an agent in their own country should ensure that the agent: 

  • officially represents the educational establishment 
  • are a legally registered business or company 
  • works from an office premises (this could be from home) 
  • has a successful track record in arranging visas 
  • charge reasonable fees applicable to the local market 
  • provides written terms and fee schedule

NEVER send money to a visa consultant or agent you have not checked out or met.

NEVER allow an agent to submit false documents on your behalf (you will not be able to hide behind this excuse) as such action will lead to a refusal and a ban from applying to the UK.

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19 Responses to “Choose visa agents carefully say UK Border Agency”
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  1. Forget it – see article!

    The Royal Court of Justice do not deal with employment contracts!!

  2. delia alejo says :

    A certain john walter messaged me in if i want to work in uk london as nanny for his 2 children.we have an exchange of messages for about a month.He offered me a salary of 1,200pound/week and add!l monthly allowance of 400pounds/mo.He even emailed me a Contract Certificate coming from The Royal Court of Justice with address Strand,|London WC2A 2LL.Liberty Travel Agency sent me a verification form.I signed it and sent it was signed bY LTA MANAGER Charles Wall.He even emailed me a letter that Mr. Walter contacted them to process my documents. It was a 50-50 sharing of expenses amounting to850pounds 425pounds each with the conditons that all my expenses with be refunded upon arrivel in london by my employer.and all payments will
    be sent thru western union.The expenses will cover visa and working permit processing and plane tickets.Thereis also that for yellow card and travel allowance to be presented upon boarding the plane.and the last should be for the processing being a first time to enter uk.Is this a ligitimate processing of documents? I!mfrom the|Philippines tnx

  3. To MR Gerardo C Buensalida, First of all there are no UK nanny job post that would hire direct from outside the european union (i.e Philippines) its just not possible with the current UK immigration laws.period.Second the “Home Office” numbers given are of mobile phone numbers and is not legitimate…but the most important as to any other dealings with job offers from abroad..anything that involve any western union transactions is a hoax and should not be entertained.

  4. Gerardo C. Buensalida says :

    I am from Philippines. An employer has offered me a job in UK as Nanny. He will shoulder all the expenses and I will assume the 455 Pounds payment for the working permit. I accepted his offer and he immediately send (thru e-mail)to me the Work Agreement Form signed by him (First Party)and Barrister Kenneth Click (Attorney-at-law). I signed it (Second Party)and send it back to Mr. Grahame. After this, he referred me to an Agent named Mr. William Dickson with an address and contact numbers indicated as:

    Home Office Address
    Lunar House
    40 Wellesley Road
    Croydon CR9 2BY
    Tel: +44(0)768 764 7402
    Fax: +44(0)7005-931-157

    To continue, Mr. Dickson send to me these following information:



    I have your mail and your host has contacted us you are coming UK for work as nanny and also your host has advice us to provide you with relevant information on how to get your travel documents to aid your entrance into UK.
    The fees below is to be paid by your host

    1) Flight Ticket and Processing fee-(£1,845 to be paid by your host)
    Various Ministerial Registration paid by your employer is:
    (a) Commerce and Industry – £45
    (b) Foreign Affairs – £55
    (2) DER expatriates quota approval Charge in relevant categories – £35
    (a) Immigration Travel Application Form Fee – £210

    Total of £2,190.00

    The above fees are the only fees the newly UNITED KINGDOM immigration law allows your host to pay for you. The only payment you must pay according to your host Instructions. You will provide your working permit application register fee only while your host will pay all the above fees. We will work on your papers according on the instruction given by your host. Also kindly provide us below requirements both the documents and payment. Processions take 19 working days.

    (1) The working permits application register fee- £455

    The payment must be made through western union money transfer or money gram in our accountant name,

    Receivers Name: Mrs. Garrett Doyle
    Receivers Address: 40 Wellesley Road Croydon CR9 2BY
    Send Amount: £455

    Scan and send the receipt of payment as attachment and send to us. (Note that the receipt must bear your name and address).

    (2) Scanned copy of your A Valid Passport. (Take care with the magnetic strip, it must not be damaged, or corrupted)

    (3) Scanned copy of your birth certificate.

    (4) Scanned copy of your One Recent color passport sized unframed photograph taken on a light background 45mm x 35mm.

    (5) The name of nearest international airport you wish to travel from.

    (6) Scanned copy of work agreement signed by two party

    Once we confirm all the requirements and payment, we will send you working visa application forms(VAF2) as soon as send you the complete requirements both the documents and payment receipt for the working permits application register fee which it will be £455.And you must Completed working visa application forms (VAF2) Settlement Form properly completed, signed and dated.

    We hope to hear from you soon. We are at your disposal for any further enquiries you may have

    Mr. William Dickson


    Thank you very much.


  5. vivian l. panes says :

    If an overseas worker can not get a working permit in UK as nanny, how about care giver? Please answer.

  6. Peter Edward says :

    Dear Sir
    My only advise to Ramses Antolin is that he should be careful with how he goes about some of these things.He should equally be mindful of the fact that some fake people may decide to use the name that is existing.I say this because Mr john Hollbent has worked for me.He is a good agent.He is a type that you can trust with your work.However i still advise that employees should be cautious.Thank you.

  7. John Lewis says :

    I suggest that people who write on this page should always put their contact details because most of them are trying to present a bad image of the Uk Visa Border Agency.Most of the Uk Visa border Agency mentioned here and their contacts are functional.For instance, i brought my employee to Uk through Mr John Hollbent.I think he (Mr John Hollbent) is real unless if somebody is using his name illegally.People should stop discreditting our country and our Agencies.

  8. You will not get such a work permit. Check the UK Border Agency website and check if the ’employer’ is a registered Tier 2 Sponsor – a must if a Tier 2 working visa is to be considered.
    The address given is the Home Office address, but they do not advertise jobs or collect Euro’s (we do not use Euro’s here!) from migrant workers abroad. Try contacting them at that address by phone or letter.
    The email address looks bogus and the whole thing looks like a scam.
    Use your common sense and judgment – does it look genuine to you?

  9. Janice Agnes says :

    Mr.Charles Philip offer me a job to london as caregiver of his 2 daughter.He said, the visa and ticket should be shoulder by him.And my part, i have to pay my working permit amounting to 310Euro to be send to the other party named Mr.Robertus Harings.In line with this i just want to make sure if it is true or not before a gave money.Attach here are some information of the referred agent.

    Contact person:Mr.Robertus Harings.

    Office Address
    Lunar House
    40 Wellesley Road
    Croydon CR9 2BY
    Tel:+44(0)207 760 5195
    Fax:+44(0)207 727 2884

  10. To answer your question, you cannot get a work permit in the UK as a Nanny – check the UK Border Agency website for details.

    You need to use your own judgment and common sense here.

    The email is a gmail account, the number is a mobile and the ‘agent’ wants you to send money for a so called work permit without even meeting you. Does it look genuine to you?

    Visa agents and immigration advisers must be registered with the OISC – check their website for a list of registered advisers and firms.

  11. ramses antolin says :

    an emoloyer email me and proposing a work as a nanny to london he directed me to UK BOARDER VISA AGENT name
    Mr. John Hollbent He said that my employer has provide all fees that i will be needing except the working permit cost 320GBP. i just want to verify if the agent is TRue. He is requiring me to send money via western union to his office address,
    Office Address:
    SE1 4YB
    Tel: +44 (0) 7901321922
    Fax: +44 (0) 2075538135
    please kindly give me advice if this is true as soon as possible… thank you very much…

  12. wilmar says :

    hello sir, its correct that the employer can process directly in uk tru uk border agent all the doccuments needed for visa application? and its is correct that the uk border agent can collect money for working permit payments tru western union adress to thier staff officer?

  13. jabran says :

    hi sir i m a pakistani and i m a chirstan and the muslims dont like a chirstans plz sir do some thing for my visa me and my family very distreb for the muslims

  14. agapito arcilla says :

    In my case, I applied student visa and got denied because the school I am going to is not a registered sponsor eventhough I have checked it on the rooster. I choose to study at ******* International College. But according to the Refusal Letter sent to me by the embassy, it is not a registered sponsor.My suggestion is, the embassy or the ECO should notify the applicant at once upon submitting the application papers because they have all the access and information. They must have a list ready once face to face with the applicant on the day of submission of the application papers to prevent this from happening.

  15. i have an experience of cheat form an agent in india,
    On 2005 i have given my passport and certificate copies and signed a application for canadian work permit. after 3 months the agent retuned my passport saying that the processes was not done due some rule changes. i thought he is saying the truth and ihad taken back the passport. after 2 years i married to a nurse working in uk. on 2009 i had applied for an depentent visa to uk,in a week my all documents has been returned to me saying i have been banned for appling to uk for 10years till 2019. i got the refusal letter from deputy high commission along with my documents. after reading that refusal letter i am totally shocked as per the letter i came to understand that i had already applied for 2 visiting visas to uk and the same has been refused due to false documentations. but i don’t see any refusal stamping on my passport or i never got any refusal letters from british high commission or from my agent this is my experience from a fake agent now i am on move for an appeal for proving my innocence in this case

  16. yvan pagulayan says :

    I was refused because the Entry Clearance Officer questioned the validity of my Visa Letter specifically stating ” Hours of Study per week computed 405/36 weeks + 11.25 hrs per week”. In my understanding the Visa Letter was issued by a licensed training provider with a study course delivery approved by the OCS.

    My question is – Is it not the fault of the training provider not me as a student visa applicant? Why did the ECO refused my application considering that they should have just called the attention of the Training provider to do the necessary adjustment in their curriculum as prescribed by law?

    The refusal cost me my Visa Fee and not to mention the loss time due to adjustment on my schedule.

  17. It is not the duty of the British Embassy to regulate visa consultants in hundreds of countries. Your own government should be registering and regulating agents, consultants and immigration advisers to protect their citizens – not the British government. The UKBA has also made it easier for applicants to process their own visa. The requirements and fees for the points based system are transparent and published for all to see.

  18. hi
    it is true to select the correct agents and pay the fees acoording to colleges and universities rates/fees.but it is the duty of concern embbessy to register the agents on there behalf and train them and run shorts courses. i hope this suggestion will work better for both the ends

    major(r)m tariq azhar
    student consultants

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