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Canada is one of the most desirable destinations for visitors and immigrants from around the world. It is a country of vast geography, multi-cultural population, abundant natural resources in a clean environment and accessible and generous publicly funded health and social services.

The allure of Canada has recently become even stronger, as countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States attempt to reform their immigration laws, resulting not only in uncertainty but also in new regulations limiting migrant’s access to those countries.

The UK is currently introducing a points based system, which is set to make life harder for potential migrants, and has taken nurses and 38 other occupations off the official shortage list.

Senior Care Workers, already hit by internal policy changes to the Work Permit system, are worried about what effect the points system will have on future renewals or applications for indefinite leave (permanent residency).

The main temporary visa category for professionals seeking U.S. employment receives many more applications each year than there are visas available. As a result, H1-B visa applications for temporary professional employment are allocated based on a lottery. It is hard to believe that this would be the case but it is.

For those seeking permanent residency visas in the U.S. based on employment, processing times range from 2-7 years. Seven years to process a visa application where an U.S. employer has certified that they have need of that worker now. Unbelievable but true.

Likewise immigration reforms in the UK have made it more difficult for non European Union residents working legally in the UK on temporary visas to obtain permanent residency status. Low skilled workers living outside of the UK simply can’t obtain a Work Permit to work in the UK.

With potential immigrants, Canada really stands out in two very positive ways:

Firstly, immigration opportunities available for skilled and unskilled workers alike.

Further, temporary and permanent residency applications can be processed in a reasonable time frame.  In fact, some immigrants arrive quickly on a temporary work permit and subsequently apply for permanent status once they are established in Canada.

It is no secret that Canada’s economy is among the strongest in the world. Driven in large part by increasing international demands for its natural resources, employers in many sectors of the Canadian economy are finding a shortage of workers.

Canada has never set annual limits on the number of immigration applications that can be submitted. Current immigration law requires the Canadian government to process every immigration application it receives. In fact, Canada with a total population of about 33 million, accepts around 250,000 immigrants each year.

Are you considering your Canadian immigration options? Watch this space for upcoming articles that will address the main immigration options family and employment based applications.

The life that immigrants can achieve in Canada is the envy of many around the world. Your dreams of Canada could become a reality sooner than you think.

For more information on Canadian job vacancies for nurses and fast food counter staff see:

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Ron Hoppe is a leading independent US and Canadian recruitment specialist currently working with Bison UK on several projects to recruit nursing and food counter staff.

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16 Responses to “Canada Immigration Opportunities”
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  1. Kay-Ann Blackstock says :

    Please, I am a Jamaican single mother of 3 who would like some assistance to work abroad so I can take care of my sons. Whether temporary or permanent. I am an experienced Customer Care Agent.

  2. Elite Bulu says :

    Hello, I just graduated from Caritas University in Nigeria where I bagged a B. Eng in electrical and electronics engineering, and now I will like to work in Canada. I have worked in a transformer repair company for eight months and I am fairly skilled in electronic system design. I speak french and english fluently. Please how do I apply for a job to immigrate to Canada. Thanks.

  3. Md. Tarek Hossain says :

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I have completed BSS(a three-year-120credits) & MSS( a one-year-40 credits) in anthropology from Shahjalal University of Science & Technology,(SUST) Sylhet, Bangladesh. Now, I am doing a job as a project Coordinator in Urban Components of Sanitation, Hygiene Education & Water Supply GOB- UNICEF Project in an NGO .I want to get a job in social development sector as well as Master or MPhil/ PhD degree in anthropology or urban anthropology or urban related any study in Canada. Would you help me in this regard?
    Looking forward to get reply from you.
    Md. Tarek Hossain

  4. wat is hb1 visa and how to apply it

  5. There are a number of schemes in Canada, which also accepts people on Immigrant Visas.

  6. Elvira Calma says :

    Hello there !I’m presently working in Wales as a care assistant in care home.Previously,I worked in Hongkong as a live in care giver for a total of 8 years{5 years in child care and 3 years in elderly care}.Since its hard to get a working permit in UK, I’m deciding to find a job in Canada.If there are employers who are interested to hire me,well,I can guarantee you that you won’t have any regrets if you accept my application .Thanks a lots and God bless you all.

  7. Antonio Sarmiento says :

    Hi, Good day to all .
    Im recently working in IBM company as tech/assembler for almost 5 years. Before im teaching at De la Salle University in Engineering department for 5 years.I also worked in Saudi Arabia at Jeddah Port Authority as Electronic Engineer, installing and maintaining Port Fire alarm protection and other electronic and electrical equipment and other facilities.Now I am here at the USA doing construction,and interior design but because of the economic crisis, everything is very tough,.I really wanted to migrate and work in Canada if i can find a company that will hire me .

  8. marian says :

    Hi, i am a registered nurse in the Philippines.I have voluntered work in our rural health unit for a year after i passed my exams yet i am also an ielts passer w/ an overall score of 7.Currently i am here in Hong Kong working as domestic helper but i took care of two old person, one is a paralyse person.However, I really wanted to know if i can be qualify to work in canada or usa as nurse .Thanks. I am looking forward in hearing from you soon.

  9. peggy anne b. orencia says :

    hi,i’m 37y.o.,married with 3kids,10y.o,7y.o.,6y.o.,i used to work in corporate world(sales(real estate),administrative asst,customer srvcs supervisor in BMW car dealer.but during my college days i already working and going to the same time.i worked at mc donald’s,pizza hut philippines,triple-v express(well known fastfood here).my husband is a mercahant marine graduate and on board right now,licensed master.we would like to apply in canada,wish u can help us,tnx

  10. Can you give me some information,on how to apply for an immigrant in Canada? And what documents necessary to submit? And where to get the application? I am a school teacher for 6 years and wanted to migrate for greener pasture if given a chance. I hope you can provide me answers to these. Thank you so much.

  11. I’m recently working in the public school as a special education teacher. I’ve been teaching in this field for 20 years now. I already graduated in my master’s degree specializing Special Education. I am also a speech trainer for the hearing impaired students and also a dance choreographer for the special children specifically the hearing impaired students. I am willing to work in the USA or Canada. Wish you can help me.

  12. Good Day!
    I’ve been connected in the public school as secondary mathematics teacher for 21 years i am also a computer literate presently i am teaching mathematics and computer subjects i have six (6) children & 5 of them are still studying I decided to work abroad because i want my children to finish their studies & i have also an experience of clerical jobs I am very much willing to work abroad. Please help me.

  13. Mercedita M. Miranda says :

    I have been working fulltime as Administrative Assistant in a prestigious university; parttime Publications Assistant in a private organization and parttime Collecting OFficer in a foundation. I am very much interested for an overseas job especifically in Canada.

    I have three children who are studying and i want them to finish their studies. with the meager salary in the Philippines, this made me the drive to go abroad.

    Hope you can help me.

  14. Have you tried registering with the job centre or checking the Job Centre Plus website? There are hundreds of thousands of jobs listed.

  15. dexter briones says :

    Gud day !
    i’m a college grad (BS Computer Science)
    My previous employment were as follows:
    service crew
    GREENWICH FOOD CORP (5 months)
    Jollibee Food Corp (5 months)
    Richmond Food Corp(franchised jollibee 5 months)
    Production operator
    Sohbi Kohgei (Phils.), Inc. (8 years)
    I’m currently jobless by this time.I’m seeking a job, and hoping that could find a job as soon as posble.

  16. jenny lou adduru says :


    Do i have the opportunity to work in US or in Canada? I am registered nurse from Philippines, I worked as a Clinical Instructor at the same time as School Nurse in only a year in Philippines.but Now, I am currently employed here in Israel as a private LIVE-IN ADULT CARER, and have already 2 years employed on my current job. I am very willing to cooperate what will be a good advice for me. Waiting for your reply.Godbless.


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