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Britain needs immigration say’s Vince Cable’s wife | Immigration Matters

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The wife of a high profile Government Minister, Business Secretary Vince Cable, has written an open letter defending the UK’s stance on immigration. 

Rachel Cable was responding to a provocative article in last week’s Mail on Sunday by Peter Hitchens, who argued that British society was undergoing an irreversible transformation.

The ever angry columnist commented on recent census data to highlight the decline of the UK’s manufacturing industry, London’s increasing detachment from the rest of the country, the decline of Christianity and marriage and the cultural changes wrought by immigration. 

Hitchens appears to have missed the fact that Polish and Filipino migrants have increased the Christian population and made the Catholic church the most popular religion.   

Mrs Cable, writing to the Mail under her maiden name of Rachel Smith, takes issue with Hitchens for speaking of the impact on society of population growth driven by immigration, and the fact that British Muslims have larger families than British Christians.

‘Most of these newcomers are either students or migrants with skills Britain needs,’ she writes. ‘And there are still 12 times more Christians [in the UK] than Muslims.’

But it is in response to the columnist’s claim that London was ‘rapidly becoming a separate nation, as different from England as Scotland or Wales’, partly driven by an influx of rich foreigners, that Mrs Cable broached one of the most divisive policy debates within the Coalition: wealth taxes.

Responding to Mr Hitchens’s assertion that the capital now plays host to ‘extremes of wealth and poverty not known since Edwardian times’, Mrs Cable says: ‘I deplore the widening gap between rich and poor too. One remedy would be to tax them more efficiently. Have you heard of the Mansion Tax? I know a certain politician who advocates it.’

Liberal Vince Cable has unsuccessfully tried to persuade his Tory Coalition partners to implement a tax on houses worth more than £2 million.

Mr Hitchens also noted the ‘accelerating disappearance of marriage’, which he called ‘a fortress of private life and individuality’. Source: Mail on Sunday.

Vince Cable has previously stated that he favours a more open immigration policy and prior to the last election (before jumping into bed with the Conservatives) his Liberal party supported an amnesty for illegal immigrants bringing millions of undocumented workers into the tax system.

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10 Responses to “Britain needs immigration say’s Vince Cable’s wife”
Read them below or add one

  1. L.Mearing says :

    Rachel Smith, who does not use her husband’s name of cable, wants more immigration. Where will the hospitals, schools, houses be built for this increase. On the flood plains perhaps where people are suffering trauma with yearly flooding. Will she first do something about our homeless already here, feeding from soup kitchens, not even able to buy their children toys for Christmas, on the housing list for ever because they cannot get social housing, all because we give our money away. Perhaps she should consider the desparately poor and needy in this country and work to give them a decent life before she brings more people in.

  2. ann brown says :

    Mrs Rachel Cabl, should go and work with the homeless and have a look at the social care for children stats she will see half of the cost for this is is caused by uncontrolled Immigrantions. The have contributed to but have taken MORE then what has been contributed.

  3. […] Britain needs immigration say’s Vince Cable’s wife […]

  4. LOL Geoff these immigrants who provide you with living are going to be less than the poor immigrants and asylum seekers or people like you who live on benefits. England can’t afford people like you Geoff, just like it can’t afford poor gypsies from Romania and Bulgaria who seek financial help in the country and those are meant to increase rapidly in 2014.

    Good year to you too Geoff and hope you get a job!

    ~”Idle hands are the Devil’s workshop”~

  5. […] Britain needs immigration say’s Vince Cable’s wife […]

  6. […] Immigration Matters would agree with the Herald, but add that the rest of the UK also needs talented graduates who have the potential to earn far larger salaries than £18,600 and pay hundreds of thousands of pounds in tax and NI over their working lives. As Vince Cable’s wife said last week: Britain needs immigration. […]

  7. Geoff, the flaw in your plan is that the Conservative Government are stepping up measures to get lazy useless people off their arses and out to work. Living on benefits should not be a ‘lifestyle’ choice!

  8. Geoff Townley says :

    I fully agree that immigration can be a good thing for the UK and I would like to thank all immigrants who pay tax, this is due to me being unemployed, please don’t tell the Jobcentre, but I really don’t want a job, I’ve got an acceptable lifestyle, the benefit system is quite good, but I would support an increase greater than 1%, I do some “work” but I don’t accept cash as as payment, I prefer to receive goods, such as the new iPhone 5 that I’m hoping to get this year.
    So providing these immigrants are prepared to pay taxes to support me I say the more the merrier.
    I wish them all a prosperous New Year.

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