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Borders, Citizenship and Immigration Bill will make it harder to settle in the UK | Immigration Matters

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This month, the Borders, Citizenship and Immigration Bill quietly completed its passage through the House of Lords, despite the fact that when this Bill becomes law thousands of people could be denied the chance to settle in the UK. 

The UK Border Agency describes the Bill as a “shake up” of the route to Citizenship making “newcomers earn the right to stay here”. 

Border and Immigration Minister Phil Woolas said:

“We are clear that newcomers should speak English, work hard, and earn the right to stay here – and only get British citizenship once they have proved their commitment to the country.

“Migration only works if it brings benefits, and these measures will ensure that only those migrants that make a positive impact on their local community will be able to stay in the UK.” 

Measures in the new “Path to Citizenship” include: 

  • a new naturalisation process for foreign nationals to become British Citizens
  • extending the Citizenship process from 5 to 8 years
  • introducing the concept of ‘Earned Citizenship and
  • introducing a ‘probationary citizenship’ replacing Indefinite Leave to Remain
  • restricting Citizenship to certain skilled categories
  • border controls between the Common Travel Area – UK and Ireland

The Bill is expected to become law later this year and will have far reaching effects on Filipino Work Permit holders, for instance, senior carers and nurses, hoping to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) or British Citizenship. 

Many of the older generation Filipinos, some of whom have lived in the UK for more than 30 years, have never applied for Citizenship (after obtaining ILR), mainly because they did not want to give up their Philippine passports.

The good news is that you no longer have to surrender your passport to become British, as the Philippine Government now allows dual Nationality. 

My advice is to apply for Indefinite leave to Remain (residency) or British Citizenship as soon as you meet the qualifying criteria. 

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Cynthia Barker is an Immigration Adviser and Co Author of the book: How 2 Come to the UK to Live Work Study or Visit. Cynthia writes a regular immigration column for Planet Philippines and Europhil Journal.

68 Responses to “Borders, Citizenship and Immigration Bill will make it harder to settle in the UK”
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  1. Ramesh Tiwari says :

    My family member is a British citizen now after renouncing her earlier citizenship of Nepal. She had BNO passport before getting British citizenship in Hongkong.She wants to settle in UK now. Does she need settlement visa to settle in UK or she needs settlement visa for her spouse and child ?I would be obliged for your kind suggestions.

  2. I am on tier 1 general dependant and it’s due for an extension in October 2011, I have received 6 points and a fine £250 in November 2009.
    Will I be affected by this for my extension and for my ILR ? Can any one please guide me on this. Thank you

  3. f ahemd says :

    hi my name is ahmed i have student visa.i am in here 4 years. i cant back my countray i dont have that secaution.i need proper advice what i can do.

  4. f ahemd says :

    hi i am in i have student visa now my sutation is like this that i cantr bace mu countary. what i can do

  5. nasrine says :

    i came in the uk on spoue visa in 2006 and its expired 3 days when i apply extention and now in septembe 2010 to 2012a resident perm it when can I
    apply for ilr

  6. i have hsmp visa under judicial review thats new bill effect on me my ilr due on sep 2011 please give me a answer i will be wait thanks


    FYI the UK Embassy in the Philippines will not stop accepting student visa application at their Makati VFS office even if they cannot handle the workload RESPONSIBLY because they are after the fees of these applicants!


  8. confidential says :

    we are just wondering, why is it that the UK embassy failed to give 10 points (PBS for Tier 4) during our second application when in fact, having the same account and nothing has been changed to the amount and account transaction, we were given 10points in our first application? is this the UKBA’s way of denying us without just reason? our funds is real. it is not borrowed. we got 30 points for the school. if this is just UKBA’s way of denying student visa applicants, well, their attention has to be called because this is waste of time and money (P11,600 embassy fee). WHAT AN FUNNY WAY OF MAKING MONEY FROM THE APPLICANTS!

  9. eduardo j lopez jr. says :

    hello mr kelly,
    i have been granted a student visa to come to the UK recently after along wait due to an appeal,i am still here in KSA,my class starts next year january 20 2010,i need to travel to London before that date,my problem is that presently my school licensee is suspended,a friend of mine here in Saudi Arabia told me UKBA immigration is on look out for schools suspended under TIER 4,i am worried that i might be questioned and not allowed to step out of the airport when i reach the UK airport..please advise me..

  10. Marlon de guzman says :

    my friend is applying for ILR, her papers is already in home office, she has a son who was born here, and he’s son is receiving a child benefit and child tax credit, all she knows his son is entitled to have it bcoz he was born here, do you think it will affect her application?What is your advicr Mr. Kelly? Thank you..

  11. Hi i have been in this country from September 2005 do i qualify to be a British citizen 2010 September next year?

  12. Hi i have been in this country sinse September 2005 do i qualify to be a British citizen 2010?

  13. […] Borders, Citizenship and Immigration Bill will make it harder to settle in the UK […]

  14. […] Borders, Citizenship and Immigration Bill will make it harder to settle in the UK […]

  15. Francois says :

    Dear Mr Kelly

    I have been a work permit holder since April 2006. My first year in the UK started in March 2005 as a working holiday visa holder and I have been in permanent employment since April 2005.Would my first year count towards the 5 years in employment requirement for ILR?


  16. If on a Work Permit you need 5 years

  17. Ameena Angot says :

    Hi! Is it possible for me to apply for ILR now? I’ve been here in uk since feb 2005.

  18. We have helped people from many countries and the NVQ programme and work permits are open to all nationalities.

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