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Biggest Israel immigration increase comes from UK | Immigration Matters

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Aliyah from the UK increased by 34 per cent, the largest increase in new immigrants to Israel in 2009, the Jewish Chronicle reports.

The Jewish Agency for Israel has announced a global increase of 17 per cent, after more than 16,200 new olim made their home in Israel.

The largest number of the new immigrants was 3,767 from the US and Canada with, but 835 British citizens also made aliyah, the largest increase in emigration volume.

Jewish Agency chairman Natan Sharansky said: “Every new immigrant strengthens the country and is a strategic asset to Israel.”

Michael Jankelowitz, foreign spokesman for the Jewish Agency, said: “I think British Jews have a really strong Jewish consciousness, and I think we’re making a concerted effort in Britain to encourage people to take the plunge and move to Israel.

He added: “Interestingly, I think what we’re seeing in the figures is that most immigrants are coming from the free world, from democratic countries.

“They are not running away from anything. They are choosing to come because they prefer to live in Israel. That’s very encouraging.”

Source: Jewish Chronicle

It is estimated that up to 5 million Britons are living abroad and hundreds of thousands leave or emigrate each year.

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3 Responses to “Biggest Israel immigration increase comes from UK”
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  1. daniel says :

    “They are not running away from anything ” They are running away from proislamic Britain government.!!!

  2. orchidee says :

    What’s new for familys with kids if they spent more than 6 years in the UK, and the Kids are born here and are 6+y/old.
    If the family supported her self 100% + done voluntary work 18months ….

  3. farida says :

    Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year
    We arrived from Algeria in 2003 me and my husband, at that time i was already 03 months pregnant, we needed to apply for asylum but didn’t find the right help to do it, solliciters adviced us to wait for the 07 years concession, because Algeria was in the white list….
    We are 02 translators we did 4 years university in Algeria, I also worked for A news paper….
    We managed to work, my last job i stayed in for 02 years, until i needed to stop, applyed for asylum and i am waiting for an answer.
    My kids are 6+ and 4+ years old. I did 18 months voluntary work in a charity shop. We supported our self the last 6years and 7 months, and i am desperate for a legale advice.
    I will submit any clarification or documentation if needed.
    Thank you so much

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