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Asylum seeker claims he was assaulted during deportation from UK | Immigration Matters

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An asylum seeker has alleged that he was seriously assaulted by private security staff on a plane at Heathrow Airport during an aborted deportation, the BBC reports today.

Marius Betondi claims he was beaten up during bungled deportation

Marius Betondi, 27, from Cameroon, claimed he suffered serious injuries to his eye and face during an attempt to remove him from Britain last month.

The police and the UK Border Agency have both launched investigations into the incident.

The BBC said ‘immigration sources’ deny the assault allegations, saying the injuries were “self-inflicted”.

Concerns have been raised in the past about the force used during the removal of immigrants. In 2010, a man while being deported died.

Some people being held in detention strongly resist attempts by security staff to remove them by putting up a last minute fight before boarding a plane. It can take up to eight security staff to restrain a person resisting a removal order.

Many deportations and removals now take place on expensive private charter flights with dozens of security staff flying around the world accompanying detainees to their destination.

Mr Betondi arrived in Britain in March 2012 and applied for asylum on the grounds that he faced persecution in Cameroon because of his sexuality – he says he has been gay since the age of 16.

His asylum claim was rejected by the UKBA who not believe him. The BBC did not publish details of any subsequent appeal to the First Tier or Upper Tier Tribunals.

Betondi claims there have been four failed attempts to remove him from the UK, the latest taking place on 18 January.

He said he was handcuffed and lifted on to a plane by five security guards causing “severe pain” at which point he started crying.

“When I started screaming out they started punching me, punching my face,” he said.

Mr Betondi claimed his nose and face started bleeding and at one point he thought he was going to suffocate as staff allegedly forced him under a seat on the aircraft.

“I did not resist them at any point because they were powerful and I was handcuffed. I was powerless and couldn’t do anything,” he told the BBC.

But immigration sources said Mr Betondi had caused the injuries himself.

They said he had been placed in handcuffs because of his previous behaviour and became “highly disruptive” while boarding the flight and when on board.

The sources claim he “headbutted” the seat in front of him and spat blood at escorts and passengers. The removal was aborted.

Photographs of Mr Betondi’s injuries appear to show bruising to his face, nose and around an eye, which also seems to be bloodshot.

Mr Betondi claimed he was told by doctors at Northwick Park Hospital in north-west London he had fractured his nose and some of the bones around his eye and urgently needed reconstructive surgery.

Friends say he was suffering from short-term memory loss and blurred vision.

A doctor from the charity Medical Justice, which campaigns for better healthcare provision for immigration detainees, examined him and said his injuries were “not trivial, but significant”.

Speaking of forced removals, a UKBA spokesman said : “Where we and the courts find that an individual has no right to be in the UK we expect them to leave. Where they refuse we will enforce their removal.”

The agency said detainee complaints were taken “very seriously” and would be thoroughly investigated.

Escort staff on flights out of the UK work for a company called Tascor, which describes itself as the “largest private sector provider of secure immigration detainee escorting”.

Tascor used to be known as Reliance Secure Task Management, which took over responsibility for removals from G4S in 2011.

Tascor declined to discuss the case but said: “Although we can’t comment on individuals, Tascor focuses on delivering a professional service to its clients while ensuring its methods of operations are compliant with the relevant statutory regulations, as well as agreed client guidelines and industry best practice.

“Any complaints received about employees are investigated thoroughly and are subject to an independent oversight and, in serious cases, investigation conducted by the UK Border Agency. If employees have not met our standards, we will undertake appropriate disciplinary procedures.”

Scotland Yard said inquiries were continuing and there had been no arrests so far.

In March 2010, an independent review, commissioned by the Home Office, criticised the way immigration, escort and security staff used handcuffs to restrain asylum seekers and said private sector security firms had “inadequately” managed the use of force.

Seven months later, Jimmy Mubenga died after collapsing while being restrained by guards on a flight preparing to leave Heathrow for Angola.

Last year the Home Affairs Committee also raised concerns about the immigration removal process, saying private security guards had used inappropriate force. Source: BBC.

The number of people being picked up and detained is rising since private firm Capita took over the contract to find and remove 150,000 UK visa overstayers.

If you have overstayed your visa, but think you may have a human rights claim to remain in the UK, you should take advice on how to regularise or legalise your stay in the UK, before you get arrested and removed.

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