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A leaked secret memo reveals Home Office officials changed guidelines in order to grant indefinite leave to remain (ILR) to 40,000 people because it is going to be too difficult to remove them, the Daily Telegraph reports.

They are among the backlog of 450,000 historic ‘legacy’ asylum cases which ministers have pledged to clear by 2011, even though many of the individuals would have eventually been removed.

It is alleged that some of the claimants have been in the country for as little as four years and will be allowed to stay because of the delays in processing claims.

Migrants on working visas must wait five years before being granted indefinite leave or residency. They also face stringent checks and must pass a Life in the UK test.

Many Senior Carers have been refused ILR because they have a gap in their work history – a gap caused by the UK Border Agency’s change in policy on Senior Carer Work Permits and subsequent transitional arrangements, which eventually led to a further change in the rules allowing the workers to renew their permits and visas. Thousands were caught out by earlier changes in the qualification period required for ILR from 4 to 5 years.

The memo also reveals ten of thousands of migrants who should have left the UK as long as a decade ago could still be here because the Home Office has no idea where they are – which sounds like a contradiction.

Some go as far back as the mid-1990s and means, if their circumstances have not changed, they are now illegal immigrants.

Chris Grayling, the shadow home secretary, said: “If we bend the rules to give people the right to stay, it gives all the wrong messages around the world about our immigration system.

“This looks like double standards from ministers, talking tough in public while quietly changing the system behind the scenes for political convenience.”

Chris Huhne, the Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman, added: “The Government is prepared to quietly relax the rules in the interests of political expediency but still brag about its record on deportations.”

In 2006, John Reid, the then Home Secretary, announced there were up to 450,000 historic asylum files that had not been dealt with, some dating back to the 1990s and pledged to clear them by 2011.

The memo, from Matthew Coats, the head of immigration for UK Border Agency, is headed “Restricted – Policy. Completion of the legacy exercise” and reveals ministers now want the backlog cleared by December 2010.

He discusses how to deal with a cohort of 40,000 of the cases “which could not be granted indefinite leave to remain under he current parameters of the operational guidance… but which we will almost certainly not be able to conclude through removal”.

He says the main problem is difficulties in enforcing removals to certain countries and shows that Phil Woolas, the immigration minister, asked whether the cohort should be granted indefinite leave or some form of temporary leave.

Mr Coats is “loathe to recommend” what would have constituted a specific amnesty for the group, similar to one given to some families in 2004, or country-specific exceptional leave because of the “high profile” of such an approach.

Instead he suggests changing guidance on current immigration rules that effectively reduces the time individuals have to have been in the UK for them to have a strong case for indefinite leave – from 10-12 years to 6-8 years or even four to six in cases of difficult removal.

He says: “We do not believe the rule itself needs amendment. We do, however, need to make some amendments to the underpinning operational guidance to give caseworkers the necessary latitude to deal with this cohort.”

The memo was sent to Phil Woolas, the immigration minister, and Alan Johnson, the Home Secretary, in July and hundreds have already been cleared to stay after it was signed off by Mr Woolas.

Immigration staff are also frantically working through another 40,000 historic files of migrants and visitors who were told before 2003 that they no longer had a right to stay in the country.

They are made up of individuals who were here on work permits, temporary leave to remain, student visas and visitor visas who were all turned down for extensions to their stay.

But no record has been made as to whether they ever left the country. Some may have left of their own accord and some may have applied under different visa routes and been granted stay but it still raises the prospect that tens of thousands of them could now be here unlawfully.

Damian Green, the shadow immigration minister, said: “This new discovery will only make the delays worse.”

Mr Huhne added: “Needle in the haystack operations like this are the direct consequence of decades of mismanagement of our borders.”

Mr Woolas said: “There is no amnesty.

“Our guidelines were updated to provide case workers with a simple framework to judge cases, and to avoid long drawn out court battles.

“No lawbreaker will be allowed to say, and each case is still decided on its individual merits.”

Mr Woolas insists that tThe UK Border Agency continues to ramp up performance and is concluding several thousand cases a month. 

‘Less than 40% of cases are being granted and I am confident that we will clear all of these cases by 2011.’ 

On the non-asylum backlog, he added:

“This is not a new backlog. The majority of these cases are from prior to 2003, and we believe many of these individuals will either have gone home, been removed following enforcement activity or been granted leave through a different route.”

Source: Daily Telegraph

The UK has an estimated 500,000 – 750,000 illegal workers, and leading think tank, ippr, says it would take 20 years and £5 billion to remove them.

The London School of Economics said in a recently published a report that granting amnesty to long-term illegal immigrants in the UK, could add up to £3bn to the economy. The LSE report added that an amnesty would not lead to a rise in migration but would raise spending on welfare services and housing. 

But in the current climate, where a recent ‘Yougov’ poll revealed that immigration is the second most important issue to voter, a full scale amnesty is unlikely. 

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54 Responses to “‘Amnesty’ for thousands of asylum seekers”
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  1. akilesh2002@hotmail.com'


  2. trevorchanetsa@yahoo.co.uk'
    trevorchanetsa@yahoo.co.uk'telvin says :

    Can someone help my passport has been expired and I’m a asylum seeker I reporting still to Homeoffice

  3. euukimmigration@gmail.com'

    Try Bison UK Immigration Advisers – 0208 905 1822.

  4. tekgautam97@yahoo.com'
    tekgautam97@yahoo.com'tek prasad gautam says :

    have been here for 10 years case someone help me out pleaseee my home office ref no-G1059426/2

  5. euukimmigration@gmail.com'

    You should seek advice from a qualified immigration adviser who can look at possible human rights grounds. You are not far off the 14 year concession.

  6. omotayoademiluyi@hotmail.com'
    omotayoademiluyi@hotmail.com'mr leke says :

    i came to uk in 1998,i appplied for asylum in d same year,but i was rufused in 2001, since den i remain in uk.then i have my 2 kids,age of 5years which they ware born in this country.can any one tell me if any chance for me and my farmily to get ILR if we apply for legacy

  7. zazayhayat@hotmail.com'

    hi every one my name is hayatullah zazay i have been living in uk nearly 6 years i had discrationary leave remaine in uk for 3 years and it has been expied in 2008 and i applaid for extention i working and paying tax. the home office ask me for picture twice but i haven,t heard from home office yet and the home office said we will cinclud all legacy cases 2011 end of july can one give me some information wat gona happend after july i a worrid please

  8. sarah2@yahoo.co.uk'
    sarah2@yahoo.co.uk'sarah duncan says :

    It is a real irony of life, to think that some people who have this stay are solely dependent on the system, collecting free money forever, while some others who are intelligent, hard working and want to make a good living for themselves, dont want to depend on the system are not granted the stay. i know some people that havr really suffered in this country. They are stucked here cant do nothing, cant go nowhere , or even get to see their loved ones, i think these ones should be considered. The govt should look inti this, how could someone be here for ten years, and have built a family life here be sent away just like that, or denied.

  9. mmaiga1000@gmail.com'

    hi homeoffice the decition you are taking was not write sometimes why am saying is some of us are still attending their appoitment but still they dont have a stay but those who abuse the systerm they got the stay?

  10. shan.allana@itn.co.uk'

    Hi there,

    My name is Shan, I am a TV producer for ITV NEWS. My telephone no. is 07866 546 312.

    Today, we are looking to speak to people ANONYMOUSLY – WE PROMISE NOT TO IDENTIFY THE PERSON SPEAKING…about the hardships involved in waiting for an asylum decision, the years of waiting and uncertaintly…what that feels like and if after a while, anyone has given up waiting for the Home Office and decided to work instead.

    Please can someone text me or call me. I can call you straight back. We really want to speak to people to explain how hard it is and why sometimes, it is easier to decide to go to work instead of waiting for a decision. All the interviews – we will NOT IDENTIFY the person. Please do not worry.
    Get in touch. Shan, 07866 546 312.

  11. msd99taba@yahoo.com'

    hi dear
    i came to uk from iran when i was 16 and i go t short time vise to be 18 i went to court at 18 they refuse mr me on 2008 and after 5 years and 8 month in legacy system they refuse my application and ask me to leave the country but i havent got any passport and i donr know do they able to return me to iran? , and im in shock really i dont now what gona hapeens to me, can u guide me plz thanks

  12. Cmcintosh1980@hotmail.co.uk'

    Hi,i am a asylum seeker I have indefinite leave in the uk been here eight years and been studying for the life in the uk test for two years and every time I take the practice test I fail so just want to know if I have to do the test.

  13. thousandmail@gmail.com'
    thousandmail@gmail.com'Nadeem Ahmed Khan says :

    Hello UK I m living in London since 1995 illegal with no no sufficient documents please some one let me know can i get any status in UK on Long terms policy of 14years or Legacy etc please help me as my fiancée is waiting for since many years to see me. Please help me.

  14. shazad_malik786@hotmail.com'
    shazad_malik786@hotmail.com'shazad malik says :

    hiya,my name is shazad malik i have been in this country from 2006,and i had a dicsionary leave to remain for three years now i have send my visa for extention could you plz tell me ma i have any chance for indifinite stay ………plz thanks

  15. ash11@hotmail.co.uk'

    have been here for 12 years case someone help me out pleaseeeeeeeeeeee

  16. evionali@hotmail.com'

    hy iam faizaali iwas came in this country11 june2007 but thy keep my case and refused me in 2010 now iwant to put fresh claim again.pls home office give me status here.i would be grate ful to u.

  17. sajidmlk@yahoo.com'
    sajidmlk@yahoo.com'shazad malik says :

    hi my name is shazad malik from afghanistan i came to uk in 2006 and had a dicstionary leave to remain 3 year. Which was expire in april 2010.and im waiting to hear about my asylum case disicion.i just want to know that when home office will be conclude my disiction.is that true that the home ofice wil be conclude all the asylum cases by june 2011.plz replay me im woried.

  18. bangura.alhaji@ymail.com'
    bangura.alhaji@ymail.com'Alhaji Bangura says :

    i been in uk for eight years waiting for my papers but unfortinately home wrote me letter telling me i am married to someone whom i never meet.so i dont know what is happing.

  19. hundaluk1@gmail.com'
    hundaluk1@gmail.com'hundal says :


    i hope uk govt. do better about the illegal immigration. uk is always no. one world leader .so uk makes the respect human right.today 25 country in EU they get all rights in uk.but all EU have not skill and they not in the fever uk economy.but many people live there illigal but they are skill person and fever in the uk economy.uk need fist better progress and i want its a big helpas human rights amunity. illigal person send money back home but than the get ILR THEY INVEST ALL THE MONEY THERE AND FEW MONEY COME BACKTHERE HOME COUNTRY.ANOTHE THING IS THAT UK AS A LEADER PUT A SEAL ON HUMAN RIGHTS.BECAUSE THOUSAND PEOPEL LIVING THERE FACE MANY PROBLAMS.BUT THEY WORKE HARD.

  20. xjbulabula@hotmail.com'
    xjbulabula@hotmail.com'no like chinese take away? says :

    hello there,
    My name is Jade Zhao, 8 years ago,I travelled more than 6000 miles from China came here for good life(I like this number 8)sorry! carry on, I found there are many good ‘jobs’ in here, for example, pick shells nearby shores,guess what? it is free and you can enjoy brilliant views and sunset when you picking up those fresh shells,sometimes,you can make a jokes with your female pickers.After picking,you can sit and relax your soured back with your partner, that’s really romantic. But bad news came in, a few years ago, several my colleges got drunk because of they didn’t have many experiences with those rough tides,and forget dress in life jackets, I was nearly escaped from that incident and police chasing mailly,phew……,that was really close. Well, I am thinking there must be other opportunities in here, Pirate DVD/CD etc., ennnn, this is good, when my family and relatives in China asked me what I do in UK, I will proudly told them I am working in ‘media centre’ do some technology distribution things,£1/4packs,people like these.But I found this job was boring too,the worse thing was I got a caught on street, I really had no idea, how the hell they knew it, ok, no problem! I still remember someone told me:
    Look!if you got a caught you just seek asylum on scene,right! that’s really good business, see!I met my wife in detention centre, and we have good life and a lovely 2 babies(another one is still on the way,sorry!)I guess if i can make a appeal some one can suggest triple-seat pram for me,for my return, I will sell them £1/6packs DVD films, GOOD QUALITY!
    Life is tough and good as well, it depends on how you kill your extra time, for me, the best places are Ladbrokes,Williamhills,ennn, that’s it, my question is when the hell I will get my ILR? and open my chinese takeaway,I heard people in this country like takeaway,that’s it! cheers.
    see you Ladbrokes then.

  21. Tk_qasim786@hotmail.co.uk'
    Tk_qasim786@hotmail.co.uk'Qasim Khavari says :

    Good day!
    Dear sir/madam
    Hi my name is Qasim Khvari 18 years old and i came from Afghanistan, I came to UK in 2006 and had an Discretionary Leave to Remain and it has been expire last 17/November 2009 I applied for extinction and still I haven’t heard anything from them.in this days I think to much about this even more than my study. Can any one will be able to sent me some information so that could help!!! I am so worried!!!!! thanks.

  22. youssef2010@live.co.uk'
    youssef2010@live.co.uk'youssef says :

    all of u englich pl r animals u all sek pl no hospitaliti u mada fackars i feck all ur mama posess

  23. tjay_devil@yahoo.com'

    hi i have been in uk sence 1998 and about few days a go they ask my photos i just send them but ist good or bad plse some 1 tell me my case is backlog case my writing is not really good sorry about that

  24. tjay_devil@yahoo.com'

    hi i have this contry sence 1998 i was 16years old that time today im i did apply for legacy case longer go and they they mine is backlog case its takes longer about few days go they ask my photos ist bad news or good im worried sick i have been here too long i feel like this my contry too today im nearly 29[few months short] plse

  25. kiako78@hotmail.com'

    Good day!

    Dear sir/madam

    My name is Anabela Kiako and 23 years old. Since arriving UK from Angola 7 years ago, I have achieved the Introductory Hospitality Travel and Tourism, the BTEC First Dipolma in Travel and Tourism, the BTEC National Certificate in Travel and Tourism, and as part of the course I have also passed the NCFE Level 2 Certificate for Airline Cabin Crew, GCSE English languages, and Adult Numeracy Level 1.

    I have been working in the UK for the past 5 years and I’m also giving my contribuation to the society. Certainly, I have made significant improvement in Englige speaking and writing, which has helped me to communicate effectively with other. Also, I never been envolved on crime, no criminal record and I’m helping the society.

    I am currently studying English languages Level 2 and Mathematecs Level 2 at Directlearning, and Currying out volunteer work at the YWCA with young women with personal problems cause by drugs, drinks, sex abuse and multicultural isues. Please, I would like the UK Board Agency to consider my case.

    Thank you for your assistance in this matter, your office is dealing with the matter of my status.

    Your faithfully.

    Anabela Kiako

  26. nandu7@hotmail.com'
    nandu7@hotmail.com'nandu gurung says :

    dear sir-madem iam here from 28 dec 1998 years in this country and i paid nationalinsurance and tax inthis country like 4year ipaid tax after refused my case ihave not job no food no house even idid not take any nass support what can ihave to do and i go every month policestation for sign now iam here 12 yeare in this country and can i leave in this country please iam waiting my decision and my ref nu is-G1004939 HELP ME PLEASE THANK U YOUR REGARDING -NANDU GURUNG

  27. yarquah@yahoo.com'
    yarquah@yahoo.com'Emmanuel says :

    I came here in Sept 2003 to study (MBA), but got invoved in an accident and injured my 2 knees the following June and have had 2 seperate operations. I also have a pain on my spine. My last review proved I am suffering from ostheoarthritis in my 2 knees; I have not been able to work the past 4 years. I have not depended on the government for anything as stipulated in my passport ie recourse to public funds.
    The pain I am going through affected my concentration and therefore my studies and so couldn’t follow my studies within time because of the strong pain killers I live on and still living on every day.
    My time on the programme of 5 years elapsed because I have been in and out of hospitals so the university withdrew me, though I was made to submit why I have not been able to complete my studies.
    My GP wrote to the university but according to them,it didn’t get to them.
    I appealed against the decision but all my letters to the university was never responded to, so instead of wasting my time and money in chasing them, I decided to opt for another programme and am almost through.
    This time,I wanted to study MBA Oil & Gas but was rather offered LLM Energy Law & Policy.
    My condition hasnt changed. I still go through pain but manage to attend my lectures wearing pain patch and heavy dose of pain killers. I swallow about 20 tablets and capsules daily just to keep me going.
    I have written all my exams within a year,ie 9 of them.
    I have been down with severe right hip pain since December 24, 2009 because I was not regular on my medications so that I could follow my lectures, because it gives me a lot of drowsiness. I can hardly sit upright so have to lie in bed, and am still lying in bed even as am emailing you. I am now left with just 2 research papers and my dissertation to graduate, but the Home office has persistently refused since December 31, 2008 to extend my visa and also have no right of appeal.
    I was asked to leave on 21 July 2009 with no right of appeal, but I was promised a legal aid by Fresh Talent Policy Team here in Scotland if I can get them to revoke the no right of appeal decision. I was advised to let my MP petition on my behalf.
    They didn’t reply to me until 26 April 2010 asking me to leave and reapply if I want to come back and finish with my studies.
    I petitioned the Prime Minister, but His secretary just wrote back asking me to continue to deal with the Home office because the office of the PM does not invlove itself in immigration matters.
    Though I attached my up to date medical report, they wouldn’t bulge. They still have my passport with them.
    What advice do you give me? Is there any way out?
    \thank you.

  28. haroonbilal1@googlemail.com'

    dear friends
    i hope every one will get very soon posivite decision .
    i am also waiting for nearly seven years but i am still not able to understand whats home office looking for.
    i had more than three time interview with home office to just clearify about my nationality ,i am from pakistan. All of you those who waiting for outcome best of luck and Allah help you

  29. dorash71@live.co.uk'
    dorash71@live.co.uk'alex dorash says :

    dear peter newlove. make newlove, not war. you don’t know, what you’re talking about. …peace.

  30. debstarcrazy@hotmail.com'
    debstarcrazy@hotmail.com'Debbie Smith says :

    The very fact that you use a phrase like ’round them up’ shows how ignorant you are about this situation. People who uproot themselves and move to another country only do this if they are strongly motivated to do so by terrible circumstances in their home countries. These are generally not hardened criminals but desperate people wanting to be able to feed their families. What the Lib Dem policy is saying is let’s allow people who are settled here after coming in illegally 10 or more years ago come out of the shadows, do some community service as a penance for this and work legitimately, thus paying taxes and contributing to the system rather than having to take up the patchy and poorly paid illegal work provided by gang masters. On our own doorsteps there are immigrants being treated like slaves because they have no rights as illegals and it is not within their power to get out of their situation. The Lib Dems are trying to give them the right to start again and get free from the criminals. In actual fact, anyone who has been here illegally anyway for 14 years under the present system can apply for citizenship, due to a law passed by Labour in 2003. Neither the Tories or Labour are proposing to change this.

  31. oyinjomiloju@yahoo.co.uk'

    why will it not work? If proper plan is put in place to control further occurence.If we plan to deport, it will cost more than estimated and taxes paid by some them will cease from coming . That means loosing in two ways.
    Some that are saying round them up and deport them are on benefit who have nothing to offer -PARASITE:They are on benefit ,their children claiming single mother allawance and if possible will claim single father.

  32. newlovepeter@yahoo.co.uk'
    newlovepeter@yahoo.co.uk'peter newlove says :

    the immigration department tried to give over 100 illegals amnesty, are we run by idiots who change laws tp suit themselves.
    ILLEGAL means just that so stop soft soaping all and trying to look good, round them up and deport, or you dont deserve to be in power.
    assylum seekers are not that anymore as there countries are doing better than ours so send them back and show the world we have backbone, or carry on as you are and in 5 years this country will lose a lot of good british, who are the ones to help build it up again.
    time MPs realised the public put them there to do what they promiced, not do what they like, no wonder people are sick of the big 3, time for a change and new ideas.

  33. […] Labour has ruled out an amnesty, but has introduced a number of ‘concessions’ in the past, which are effectively an amnesty by another name, such as the recent ‘legacy cases’ scheme for asylum seekers. […]

  34. gul_agha@hotmail.co.uk'

    yh my name is sher khan i am from afg the home office decide they clear all assylum seekers case by the time of 2011 and they give up 2 40000 assylum indifinate so 4.50000 they will clear it in dec 2010 so just pray to god wha gna happend

  35. osomanah@hotmail.com'

    i came in this country in 1994 lived here as a dependent of my student husband. My two children were born in 1999 and 2001. we left the country in 2002 and came back as student again in 2003 when my visas was refused in 2005.I am with sollicitor and made appeal since then. Is there any possibilities that my children can get their right to stay in this country. i did go to my country and try to gain a life there but because of our age and discrimination we could get a proper job to survive. My children are 10 and 8 years now. i am paying tax for so many years. Our health have deteriorated with careassistant jobs. i always looked and care for british people since 16 years and they have appreciated my kind attitude although i don’t have a citizen myself. My children’s identity are here with their freinds and families as well as soceity.Please can anyone help us?

  36. jameiltareen@yahoo.com'

    hi my name is khan and i came from afg i came to uk in 2006 and had an discrationary leave to remine and it has been expair last october 2009 i aplayed extantion. can any one will be able to sent me some importand inpormation i am so warid? thanks.

  37. jameiltareen@yahoo.com'

    hi can any one be able to give some inpormation?

  38. amro.sf@hotmail.co.uk'
    amro.sf@hotmail.co.uk'sirwan fatah mohammed says :

    hi my name sirwan fatah mohammed ma from iraq sadya i live in england 8 years ago but i have nothing heard from tha homeffiv i come in england from 2001 my home offic rf/*****

  39. onepashto@yahoo.co.uk'

    Hi my name is fahim
    I`m from AFG i`ve been living in UK more then 7 years.
    I`m living in NASS house. I get weekly £42 from Nass by post Office.My case is now on legacy.
    May i ask to Immigration for my indefinte stay in uk plz raply me soon i`m to much worried.
    thanks .

  40. ggass@ymail.com'
    ggass@ymail.com'Gassman says :

    Hello, i have been in the uk as an asylum seeker for 5 years. i report to an immigration centre monthly and i also live on section4. i wonder if i am qualify for ILR? please reply me.
    thank you

  41. gassman22@hotmail.co.uk'
    gassman22@hotmail.co.uk'Gassman says :

    human rights is universal

  42. […] Matters recently reported that there is backlog of 450,000 historic ‘legacy’ asylum cases which former Home Secretary John Reid pledged to clear by […]

  43. victoria.dipus@yahoo.com.ph'
    victoria.dipus@yahoo.com.ph'Maria victoria Dipus says :

    good day…i just want to apply a student visa in your agency .im in the Philippines.what will i do.

  44. matet1970@yahoo.com'
    matet1970@yahoo.com'marites salavante says :

    hello, good day, i’ve arrive last sep 24. i’m student visa for 3 years. my visa expire 2012 then my passport expire may 2010. i should i do. thanks

  45. euukimmigration@gmail.com'

    You do not qualify for ILR under the immigration rules despite paying taxes.

  46. valuca@hotmail.co.uk'

    hi am an illegal immigrant arrived into uk in 2003 been working here illegal for the whole time I have bee here and I pay taxes and insurance is there any chance to benefited from indefinite stay , and what should I do thanks

  47. amro.sf@hotmail.co.uk'
    amro.sf@hotmail.co.uk'sirwan fatah mohameed says :

    hi my name sirwan fatah mohammed ma from iraq sadya i live in england 8 years ago but i have nothing heard from tha homeffiv i come in england from 2001 my home offic rf/ m1119209 home address 2palm street middlesbrough ts1 3ee date fofberth 01 01 1974

  48. economist_khan@yahoo.com'
    economist_khan@yahoo.com'Hidayat Ullah says :

    I am having Teir 1 General Migrant Visa ,so just wanted to know that in the next two years extention,do I need to get improve my education as well or not because before it was granted on Equivalent British Becholer Degree and now for Tier 1 Visa education has been upgrated to Equivalent British Master Degree rather than Becholer.

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  51. helen_648@hotmail.com'

    just want to know psw count for the 10years or not?

  52. euukimmigration@gmail.com'

    In general it is usually advisable to apply for ILR as soon as you qualify.

    See: Transitional arrangements for earned citizenship announced by Border Agency


  53. cynthia.viloria@yahoo.com'
    cynthia.viloria@yahoo.com'cynthia vilora says :

    hello, I just want to know if i still have a chance for indifinite leave to remain by 2012? Im just worried about the new law!

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