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Deportations to Zimbabwe to resume | Immigration Matters

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Following a written ministerial statement yesterday by the Minister for Immigration, the UK Border Agency has announced that they will be resuming ‘enforced returns’ of failed asylum seekers to Zimbabwe.

Enforced returns to Zimbabwe were suspended in September 2006 because the unstable political situation in the country meant that their safety could not be guaranteed.

But the agency now says that since the formation of the Inclusive Government in 2009, the country is now considered stable enough to receive returnees.

This means that all Zimbabweans living in the UK illegally now face enforced removal.

Damian Green, the Minister for Immigration, said: 

‘We have today announced the resumption of enforced returns to Zimbabwe for failed asylum seekers judged by the independent courts to have no right to remain in the UK.

‘This decision reflects the improved stability in Zimbabwe since 2009 and the UK court’s view that not all Zimbabweans are in need of international protection.

‘Those facing return will join the hundreds who have returned voluntarily, responding to calls by Zimbabwean Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai to return home and help rebuild their country.

‘The British government takes its international responsibilities seriously and will always grant protection to those in genuine need, and continue to monitor events in Zimbabwe.’

The UK Border Agency said it has helped hundreds of Zimbabweans to return home voluntarily since 2006. These packages will continue to be made available. 

The announce ment does not bode well for the family of the X-Factor contestant Gamu, who are appealling against a refusal.

Rejected X Factor contestant Gamu Nhengu claimed last weekend that she will face the firing squad if she is forced to return to her native Zimbabwe.

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4 Responses to “Deportations to Zimbabwe to resume”
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  1. Allan Reynolds says :

    I am very happy to know that the UKBA is now going to send people back to Zimbabwe.I am sure the British government made this decison after careful deliberation etc.
    I wonder how many people from Zimbabwe are here in the UK that could be sent home? How many have travelled through various EU countries and only wanted to come to the UK due to generous handouts at tax payers expense?How many jobs are lost British workers?
    I for one hope that all the Zimbabwe people here on limited leave are sent home.
    No doubt many will fight at tax payers expense against removal using excuses that the kids now adapted to school etc?
    The reality is that the Zimbabwe people concerned don`t wish to face reality of their countries poverty etc.
    Zimbabwe can change for the better if the people of this country want it to happen…No doubt many have had free education courtesy of the UK tax payer and can now use this for the better in Zimbabwe such as being a nurse etc.
    I am sure there are many Zimbabwe people that have abused the generosity of the UK government and deserve to be sent back home.The UK government has been good to the Zimbabwe people already here and they should remember this when sent home…Time is up.

  2. dr masimba mavaza says :

    the removals to zimbabwe is a very bad decision. when on the other hand the EU is piling sanctions against zimbabwe, and UK in particlar is saying the humanitarian situation is bad, then behind the scenes we return the oppressed or the so called victims into the jaws of the oppressor is but horrible. the ground the UK is making for the returnees will in no doubt engage Article 3 of the ECHR in that they will be exposed to poverty and suffering of a horrific proportions. because of the sanctions there will be no employment and who knows what will follow.

  3. Thais is a welcome development that the country is nwo considered to be safe and that those who thought that their life was under threat in Zimbabwe are now seen as safe. It is also important to note that Uk will continue to monitor the situation in terms of people’s safety.
    However the worrying bit is that perceptions are not very objective as they are a function of whoever has the perception and their mind set. It will be good if the British council in Harare could say that all are free from all possible harassment by the authorities.
    For those who abussed the system I am sure they are angry and would go wild to any who speak objectively. Yes there was political violance,yes people where killed and all,yes villages where destroyed in the name of politics, but how many from those villages are in England? Most of them could not afford busfare from the village let alone air ticket to Uk. Those who spoke and opposed Zanu,yes they could be under threat,but people loke Gamu and her mother are not in any sort of threat from politicians.They are open to abuse by those who think they can make a dollar out of it.
    Let those who have failed to prove their cases go back and those whose cases hold water stay.lets expose those who lie and want to tanish the image of Zimbabwe and exploit Uk.They are letting down genuine cases and making a mockery of the whole situation.

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