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“Go home” Immigration Minister tells destitute asylum seekers | Immigration Matters

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The UK Border Agency has issued an uncompromising response to a report by the Asylum Support Partnership on destitute asylum seekers, published this week. 

Border and Immigration Minister Phil Woolas said: 

‘If someone has no right to be here they must return home. I do not believe the taxpayer should be funding those with no grounds to stay in the United Kingdom. 

‘Our policies ensure that no person who has sought protection need be destitute whilst they have a valid reason to be here – everyone is entitled to apply for support at every stage of the process. 

‘Our asylum process is fair and humane, with oversight by the independent courts, decisions made quicker than ever, and those in genuine need of protection offered refuge.’ 

Earlier this month thousands of people marched on Parliament in the Strangers into Citizens Migrant Rally.

According to research carried out by the leading think tank ‘ippr’, finding and deporting 700,000 undocumented immigrants would cost over £5 billion and take up to 20 years.

Strangers into Citizens argue that legalizing those same people and turning them into taxpayers and useful members of society will benefit the UK to the tune of over £4 billion.

The Borders, Citizenship and Immigration Bill, expected to become law later this year, will deny thousands of legal workers the chance to settle in the UK. 

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9 Responses to ““Go home” Immigration Minister tells destitute asylum seekers”
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  1. You should consult the IAS which provides free advice to asylum seekers.

  2. Seth chege says :

    Hi i,m a failed assylum seeker my case has been rejected by the home office i am a Kenyan national is there a programme whereby i can be transfered to apply for Assylum in Canada ?

  3. See for more info on visa appeals.

    See also: NVQ student visa situation improves since British Ambassador apology, as some embassies are withdrawing refusals on cases going to appeal.

  4. jayanthy says :

    i am the mother of a student male nurse who applied for visa to NVQ4 visa in Chennai. My son was refused visa mentioning that his salary and experience document was not genuine through the phone enquiry and said he should not submit application till 2019 and gave right to appeal. I appealed mentioning the documents were genuine and i submitted all the necessary document like salary bill identity card and letter from the director of the hospital and founder of the hospital and registration of the hospital. how long will it take to get my result for appeal

  5. You can transfer but the institution must be on the UKBA sponsors register for Tier 4 students. A college cannot cancel a visa, but should inform the Home Office if a student leaves.

  6. You should seek advice from a registered immigration adviser, or try the IAS.

  7. marinette ann barrido says :

    hi!im a bit worried because my partner is an assylum here and we got one child and were planning to get married this year.i dont know what to do now.

  8. robertr bayne says :

    Dear Sir or Ma’am,
    I would like to point out, that a case of Asylum seeker been here for 12 years, living by charity from E.G. Salvation Army as he was not allowed to work his refused right to stay was refused many times but in the end you people gave in and he got his Visa to stay.(as reprted and seen on tv).And also if people come here legally and break the Law E.G. drugs,prostitution,violence,they should be sent back to their country and their family too, its about time you put that into Law, you are so slow to correct things but people like myself who married legally have to pay such large amounts of money for wife’s Visa and Citizenship.

  9. anthony says :

    what about the legacy files and that you have been here for 20 years with a British mother(pensioner)

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